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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valentine Cricut Cards.....

So I showed you Max's Valentine card, here are the cards I made for the other grandchildren - this first one is for Kiki, I used Home Accents for the 'love' cut, and cut it twice, once in pink gemstone core-dinations cardstock, and once in white.....

I embossed the white heart with a heart embossing folder, and realized later that I had glued it with the de-bossed side upwards. Hey ho, it didn't matter....

This next one is for five year old Milo, who is a bit fixated on superheroes at the moment. It's a print and cut from the Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge - I added a M for Milo to his vest, and added some glitter to the belt, mask and boots. Now I know that this makes him look a bit camp,  as if he is on his way to a Village People revival gig, and is about to throw his hands up in the air and start singing YMCA, but he needed a bit of bling!

and this one is for Monty, who I took to Disneyland Paris last year, so it seemed the right cut to use......

It is bitterly cold here, and we keep getting snow showers, but it's that wet snow that doesn't stick, so it's not exactly 'snowmaggedon' here, but I am watching out for the first real snowfall, and waiting for the country to grind to a halt, paralysed by an inch of snow - happens every year, how merrily the rest of the world must laugh at our predicament, but it's quite reassuring to know that our weather forecasters aren't the only guys to get it a tiny bit wrong - even I was on the edge of my seat this week waiting for the storm of the century to hit New York, (and of course delighted that it didn't).......but seeing the scientist guys a bit red faced and apologetic is strangely satisfying, and rather welcome, at least we know now that we aren't the only ones with forecasters who seem to make it up as they go along. 

It's a job I quite fancy doing, standing in front of a camera, making those sweeping hand gestures across a map of the world, smiling prettily and cheerfully when I tell you that there is going to be torrential wind and rain and your roof may blow off, then after five minutes of breaking bad news to the nation, I could flash my best Julia Roberts imitation smile and say goodbye....then go and do nice things like shopping and sitting in Starbucks for an hour or two. I would just have to hide, wear dark glasses like a film star in case I'm recognized, when everyone else comes in looking like drowned rats because I had told them it was going to be a lovely dry day......

All day dreams of course, I am about a hundred and fifty years too old for the job - have you noticed, wherever you are in the world, the weather people always have immaculate shiny hair and extra white shiny teeth, and have only recently endured the ordeal of puberty. They never look as if they've been caught in a torrential downpour either, come to think of it - perhaps they know something they aren't telling us...

See you tomorrow x


  1. Great job on these cards!
    As for getting the forecast wrong, they all do it. Here in the Buffalo, NY area they will tell us how we are getting a big storm and then we get nothing. And coming to a halt for an inch of snow? Well it doesn't happen here, but it does in a lot of places around the US too. Get a few flakes in the air and places begin to panic. Here a foot of snow or two and we think nothing of it. It's all in what you're used to. So when you get those days when everything is halted, do some crafting!

  2. Fabulous Valentine cards, Enfys. I love that you've drawn from the interests and personalities of your grandchildren to make a special personalized card just for each one.

    As to the idea of you being a television Weather Forcaster ... I'd so love to see that. I just know you would do a brilliant job of it ... or at least make it so humorous that we wouldn't mind that a hurricane or flood or tornado is about to hit us so hard, it will change our world forever. I am going to guess that by now you've seen the video floating around FB, about the Forcaster in Arizona. There was some sort of error made to the temperatures on his weather map. The forcaster didn't miss a beat and merely said ... "I am not authorized to give an evacution notice ... and I'm not your Dad ... however, if I were you, I'd get out of there! (the temps were showing up insanely high, some well over two thousand degrees) And the entire time, this very attractive young man, kept a straight weather forecaster-type face, and closed it all by flashing his pearly whites in a friendly smile. Gotta love it!

  3. Your Grandchildren are going to love their cards! You did a great job personalizing each one to make them special! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi En, cute cards! YMCA... funny. But I think Milo will love his M on his super hero shirt. Lol They will love them. The snow storm did come to the northeast. Don's family, in the Boston area got snow up above their window ledges! And higher in some places. His daughter, in central Mass, didn't get as much. But the cape was pretty bad to. NYC skated, but u never know what is yet to come. It's even cold here! (SC). No snow, of course, thank heavens. Moving this weekend, so you may not hear from me for awhile. Till we get our wi-fi ironed out. Hugs, Jess

  5. Love your Valentine`s cards your Grandchildren are going to love them. I hope your other half makes you a nice one too. As I sit here we are getting our first snow fall in Norwich and my Dog is trying to catch it lol Keep warm tina xx

  6. Your cards are fabulous and will be loved!

  7. I love your Valentine cards and your reference to YMCA. You gave me a good laugh!
    I am so glad to be living in Georgia, the weather has been chilly, but no snow or ice.

  8. These are great cards Enfys. I agree about the forecasting and this time I really hope they do get it wrong. Snow just paralyses the south, we're just not used to it! My fab dies and folders arrived today, thanks SO much they are brilliant, you are so generous. Keep warm, hugs xx

  9. Love all the cards. We too are getting small snow showers but nothing sticking. My lovely CD arrived - thanks for the card candy.

  10. Love your Valentine cards Enfys as will your Grandbabies. We are suppose to get some accumulating snow this weekend. We will see though as we also have had some skip on by us. :)

  11. Fabulous cards Enfys.
    We had 'wet snow' in the centre of London Thursday afternoon but now we just have the 'wet' - temps are really chilly so I hope we don't end up with ice everywhere.
    Toni xx

  12. Your grandkids are going to love these Enfys. I need to make one for our wee Sean. We came to a halt over here yesterday. One days snow and the schools are closed, traffic grinds to a skidding halt but luckily it washed away overnight lol. In the land of television we are old once we reach 22!

  13. Your v-day cards are so cute!


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