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Monday, 5 January 2015


So in the spirit of keeping New Year resolutions, I decided I couldn't live for a moment longer without a label maker - this of course means that I instantly broke another resolution not to spend money on unnecessary stuff.....

So I bought this label maker from Amazon, bargain, it was only £12.....

then I saw the cost of the replacement cartridges - more than the machine cost! But, always with an eye on a bargain, I quickly tracked down some compatible cartridges, just as good as the real thing, but half the price....

and you know what? I really like it. The labels are self adhesive and laminated, so now all my new inkpads are labelled.....

and so are my distress inks.....

I do tend to get a bit carried away with new toys though, so Mike is walking around with a wary look on his face whenever he sees me with label maker in hand - I'm pretty sure the poor guy thinks I will make a 'husband' label and attach it to his forehead....ridiculous, of course I won't, I'll put it on his sweater.....

There is a limit to what you can label though, I am moving on to stamps next I think and I am about to have a huge purge of pattern papers as well, I have boxes and boxes of them and will never use most of them. It's all quite exhausting being so organized...

While I haven't had much time apart from labelling duties to do anything crafty, I did throw a dinner party....... 

and suddenly realized that after four years of not drinking any alcohol at all (it had a very adverse effect on my heart) that, after my ablation my heart is now fine and I could have a glass or two. What I overlooked was that after such a long period of drought, it would go right to my head. Oops!

So that was another new year day wasted, just getting over that! Maybe the start of the year isn't going exactly as planned, but I'm enjoying it...see you tomorrow x


  1. I could use one of those label makers. I was reorganizing at the studio I run with a couple friends yesterday and need a way to mark my distress ink pads. I won't give in and buy one though, I might have to take a silver sharpie in and write the names on the side.
    You are right about the organizing being exhausting! We had a 12 hour crop and most of my time was spent organizing. At least everything is now in a place where I can see it and will use it.
    Now on to my craft room at home!
    Don't forget to have some fun!

  2. Organising is exhausting; isn't it. Your ink pads are looking good with their 'names' clearly showing.
    I must dig out my dymo machine (it's buried somewhere in my craft room LOL).
    Have fun with your labelling.
    Toni xx

  3. Our electricals are all dying on us. We've had to get the following within just a few weeks: new kettle, toaster, tin opener and iron and now we need to get another cooker as ours has stopped working. We also need to pay someone to flush out our boiler as we're not covered for this in our contract, or it won't be working for much longer. Surprised it's working now. LOL! Well, we've had worse Xmases and New Years. We've been early spring cleaning and have found all sorts of things that we've lost. I've already spring cleaned my craft stash and some has found new homes no doubt via some charity shops and also to my nephew's girlfriend (I was naughty and got her into paper crafting). I've started getting more organised with storage boxes. Already looking better.

  4. I also labelled all my ink pads but I put a spot of the ink colour on the label as well for easy identification and that works well for me :)

  5. Your labeling project is terrific. I don't have nearly as many, so I haven't labeled my ink pads. I do love having things in good order, though. I am sure you will find happy homes for all of the items you no longer want in your space!

  6. I love my label maker also. Makes it so much easier to use those ink pads when the label marks the color.

  7. You are so organized! Mine is still a work in progress, LOL!

  8. I labelled my ink pads with adhesive labels that I wrote on. All my distress inks are stored alphabetically as I know the exact colour that relates to the names. Bit sad eh?? Perhaps you need a label with DANGER in large letters to stick on the wine bottles! Pat x

  9. My organization starts on Feb 1st, when we move into our own apartment. I am so excited... but I know it will be a lot of work. I'm looking forward to having more than a corner in the office! We have been here with our friend Shawn, way longer than we all anticipated. (Because of Don's getting ill)
    I'm thinking the p-touch will be perfect. I'll compare it with the others I find. Thanks for being an enabler. Hugs, Jess

  10. What is the name of the compatible labels you found, Enfys? I love my label maker too! ;- )

  11. Lol I have missed your banter Enfys. Great job with the labelling, I can just imagine your poor hubby's face lol. I can't take the drink now either, really now worth it when you feel so bad the next day, and the next lol.

  12. Maryellen WebberMonday, January 05, 2015

    You have been one busy lady. Great job on labeling all those ink pads. I don't own a label maker but can see it being very useful. Looks like you had an enjoyable dinner party.

  13. I'll drink to your labeling project, ROFL......whoops - maybe you already did that.... ;-)

  14. There'd one thing about organizing.....it always leads to something....i get distracted and another project gets started and now I have 3 unfinished projects...going back to the 1st one and re-organizing it again...???? I'll just leave my room as is...;lol but your doing a fabulous job!!!....well at least you had the wine after you had label your ink pads....cheers!!

  15. Good food, good wine and time with friends and family is never wasted. I finally got my distress ink pads labelled and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. Maybe if I ever get around to tidying up I will wonder why I didn't do that sooner as well LOL. Hugz


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Enfys x