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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Messing about with ink...

Last week I took an online stencil class - the tutors included Jennifer McGuire and Shari Carroll, two of my favourite 'big name' crafters. I have loads of stencils, most of them lying unloved and unused in a drawer, so I thought that I may learn something.....

I found it truly inspiring, all sorts of ideas on masking, layering stencils and the type of inks/paints/embossing pastes you can use, and more importantly, how to use them

I really plan to play around this coming week, but couldn't resist a little dabble before we left home on Wednesday. I used a new Memory Box sunburst stencil and a Clarity cloud die. The inks are distress spiced marmalade, wild honey and scattered straw, and broken china.

I used a spellbinder circle to mask a sun shaped area, then changed my mind and just turned the inky circle over and stamped it with a sentiment. Then I sprayed the whole card with a mini mister filled with water and a scoop of white perfect pearls. It gives a very soft, muted look to the whole card

Our last day of babysitting today, the boys have been great, with a couple of memorable exceptions - Milo fell out of his brand new cabin bed last night - he was a bit shocked, but unhurt, - I was a nervous wreck! Then yesterday morning it was time to get ready for the school run and I was desperately trying to get him to get washed and dressed. After many, many, many tries, I got stern, and put my 'I'm not joking' face and voice on. He looked at me sorrowfully, shook his head and said 'you have really disappointed me this morning Ma'......I wonder how many times that little monkey has had that said to him!

Have a great Saturday, I'll be back tomorrow with a Sunday giveaway x


  1. Love these new memory box stencils. Your card is great

  2. Well "Ma" you haven't disappointed us at all. This card is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it and your little guys with us.

  3. Lovely card Enfys - great how the spritzing has softened the whole thing. Such a lovely effect.

    Toni xx

  4. Love that sunburst stencil and the colours. I think it must be the perfect pearls that give the distress inks such a lovely golden sheen. I, too, had fun during this class. So far, I've posted two cards on my blog, for day 1 and day 2, but I'm hoping I get to play some more this weekend. Milo does sound like a cheeky monkey LOL.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful card and stencil work.Love the colours.
    Hugs Sue x

  6. Beautiful and so creative Enfys x

  7. Oh, but you never disappoint us! Love your card and technique!

  8. Oh En...what wonderful stories you share! Cute little ones. How did you keep from smiling when he said that? lol Love the card. I only have a couple stencils, and I never use them! Maybe I'll find them and give them a go after I see what you do. I said maybe...lol Big hugs, Jess

  9. Oh what a lovely card this is Enfys. I can see why you were inspired to use try different techniques with inks and stencils ... it gives the cards such a wonderful unique (one of a kind) look.

    I love reading the adventures you have with your grandchildren. It brings back fond memories I have had with my own grandsons. They can be such rascals at times, but I love all five of them to pieces. =)

  10. Really a nice look to the stencil card and your grandkids are great! I wish ours were just as little yet-have to wait for great-grandchildrn. Thanks for the ideas.
    Nancy in Ohio/Florida

  11. Another lovely card. Great idea to use the inky circle. We had to do the school day morning at our house Friday as well. the little one was up and ready in no time. The older one (he's 9) was still in the bed after 3 trips to his room. Laying there in the bed looking out of one half open eye saying "I am up".

  12. Luv the techniques that you learn and to share with us is a bonus!!
    O MY GOSH!!! this is to much..lol
    it's a good thing you were told "after" the show you have "disappointed" funny funny, how do you keep a straight face I would have fallen on the floor dying with laughter..you have a real gem there "MA"

  13. Super cute card. I was just looking at some stencils by Crafters Workshop yesterday. I'll be looking forward to your other creations.

  14. A lovely card Enfys. Loving the stencil. Children never fail to disappoint do they.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x