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Monday, 3 February 2014

Get Well....Stencils again.....

 Here's a cute little get well card that I made with a stencilled background. The stamp is a new one from Woodware, I added glossy accents to the balloon......

The background panel was made with various Tim Holtz stencils and distress inks. I made a bit of a mess of parts of it, so I just chopped the panel into a shape that looked good on the card, and backed it with cardstock. The metal dots are from Jo-Ann. I think it makes a bright and cheery get well card, what do you think? 

Some gorgeous flowers as a thank you for looking after the boys - much appreciated, but looking after them was a joy

I have a hospital appointment today to have a 24 hour cardiac monitor fitted - a routine follow up after my ablation last year. It means I will be wired up for 24 hours, with all sorts of leads and I reckon it is almost inevitable that something falls off or becomes unplugged. Last time I had it done, I stupidly wore a sweater that was impossible to take off without taking off the monitor, so I had to sleep in it! That won't be repeated today, I learn from my mistakes....

See you tomorrow x


  1. Take care and let us know what you find out. I have posted some cards and would like for you to visit when you have time. I love comments. I get lots of looks and few comments. Take care sweet lady. Under another weather watch. I want "SPRING" so bad..

  2. A bright cheery card and such beautiful flowers.
    Hope all goes well with the test.

    Toni xx

  3. Love your creation, like the shape you came up with for your background!

    Good luck, I'm sure everything will go fine!

  4. Great cheery card Enfys - who wouldn't feel better after receiving a card like that? Hope your test goes well. Pat x

  5. Hi, Enfys,
    Cute card, Gorgeous flowers.
    I hope the results of your heart are fine.

  6. Good luck Enfys with the results. It id a pain in the neck with all those leads, but worth it in the end. I hooked up many a patient when I was working and I alwaiys felt empathy toward them/ But, it is only wt hours of inconvenience.

    Dianne Bell - Sewpro02@aol.com

  7. Lovely card. Wishing that all goes well at the hospital.

  8. That's a great card. I'm glad that you're playing around with stencils, because I have a few that have yet to see any action. Good luck with the testing.

  9. The stencil process is great. What a way to get paper that maybe goes with other pieces you might have. Hope your tests go good. I agree that clothing designers really don't think about you having health care procedures done while wearing their creations. I know of several instances that I have had to almost undress some of the patients I need to draw blood from.

  10. Hope your heart monitor comes out okay for you. Love the flowers. Card would be a great for someone who loves teddies. Cute.

  11. Good Luck - hope everything goes well

    Chris x

  12. Cute little card. Beautiful flowers! I don't know where I was last year??? I don't remember you having a problem. Must have been when our computer went down. Because I never miss your posts. Take care and I hope everything goes well. Will say a prayer. Big squishy hugs, Jess

  13. I think your card is gorgeous. That's very funny about the jumper. You always make me laugh. I'm sure you will have stories to tell about being plugged in tomorrow. Hope it all goes well.

  14. Cute card..luv the background..I forgot I have those stencils must pull them out..
    wear a front button big shirt...works all the time

  15. A really bright and cheerful card. Would certainly cheer me up. Hope the test goes okay.

  16. Beautiful card and stunning flowers hope all goes well Enfys xx

  17. I hope your procedure is all okay and the results are positive. I love your get well card. It is so cheery. I really like the way you changed up the background.

  18. Darling card. Wishing you well with the monitoring.
    Hugs, CyndiU


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x