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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Snowflakes and glitter.......

Now that I've remembered that I have a Cameo, I have been playing around with it this week.......

Pretty standard stuff, just cutting designs purchased from the Silhouette store and given a few added touches. I added quite a bit of glitter to this card, and some extra punched snowflakes....

 Then I moved on to a little gift bag to hold a necklace - I cut it from Coredinations gemstone cardstock which has a pleasing pearly sheen, but next time I would probably use a good quality paper - the cardstock was a bit difficult to fold..... 

The first of the Christmas round-robin letters has arrived - those printed sheets that some people put in with their Christmas cards with a round up of all their family news for the year. I have mentioned these before, sorry if you send them out, but for some reason I find them profoundly irritating. Well, I know the reason, it's because they are so relentlessly cheerful and everyone in the family is a high achiever and nothing ever goes wrong. I don't know about you, but in my experience, life ain't like that. 

It would be so great to have a letter, which as well as the great news of fabulous new jobs, genius exam results, also said stuff like:

 'little Joey started school, he is getting on very well apart from the biting and scratching, but the star chart is beginning to work now, they only sent him home twice last week.......'
David failed his driving test twice, we are hoping he will pass next year. We are having the garage door and the garden wall repaired when he has got the hang of steering the car onto the drive in a straight line.....
Aunt Flossie has gone into a residential home, we found clearing out her house hard work. We were hoping to unearth the long lost Ming vase, last seen in her attic, but all we found was a hundred and twenty empty marmalade jars, forty five balls of army green wool and a broken guitar. 

Okay, okay, so my imagination is running away with me now, but you get my gist. I may write a letter myself, in this vein, next year and send it out with my cards....

See you tomorrow x


  1. Beautiful card and gift bag! I love the addition of glitter--makes it really look like glistening snow. I totally agree with you about the holiday letters, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your commentary! After receiving one of these letters at the end of an especially difficult year, my husband and I had a good laugh imagining what our letter would say (if we were brutally honest).

  2. I love the card and your excellent take on the letters!

  3. I'm laughing out loud at your Christmas letter ideas! I've just been writing ours and it's such a struggle to make it sound a little bit different.

  4. Follow your blog but don't often comment but just has to today! I so agree with you about the "everything's brilliant" letters cos like you, my family don't come into that category! Love your projects, as always. Hugs x

  5. Your comments about the round robin letter made me laugh Enfys. I certainly would love to receive one like yours, down to earth real life, ha ha. Enjoy your day. Sue x

  6. Love the cards Enfys.

    Please continue to let your imagination run...I did so giggle at those comments.

    Toni xx

  7. Sooooo funny. I too am irritated by those Christmas letters, except for one that I look forward to every year. It's from dear friends and very humorous (is that how you spell it?) and describes all the things that went wrong during the year.
    Loved the card by the way.

  8. I'm totally with you, Enfys. We have an aunt who sends one of these every year. It came Monday. My hubby is out of town so I left it for him to open. I may not even read it. My recipients consider it major if I remember to sign the card. (much less write one of these crazy letters)Your version is much more fun.

  9. Love these cards Enfys ... you say they are pretty basic ... I say they are lovely, EACH ONE. The cut outs are so perfectly cut and such pretty designs too.

    I know what you mean about the round robin letters. However, my letters have more of a touch of reality in them. They are written in a humorous poetic verse, such as ... And Rusty is fine, our persnikety kitty, who didn't catch the burgler we had, what a pitty. (Yes, that year our home was buglarized 3 times ... and poor ole Rusty was so afraid of his own shadow, that he was absolutely no help at all!) Or verses that reflected on the 5 hurricanes we had and the nasty damage they inflected on our property. Or the state of the economy hitting home with the Company my DH worked for closing, leaving him without employment for over 6 months. But all ends well, as we some how manage to land on our feet and are still smiling. All written with a touch of humor, of course.

    People seem to get a chuckle out of them. So I guess you are right, people seem to appreciate hearing both the good and the bad. Perhaps I should send you one as well ... you will laugh yourself to tears!


  10. If we did a letter, it would say "We made it one more year?"
    Donna K U

  11. Maybe in your round up you could list your various crafting injuries! Ha, ha. Then they would really appreciate that handmade card you sent them.

  12. Ha!Ha! I can just imagine how funny one of your letters would be! Sweet gift bag & card. Pat x

  13. I really liked your card. Your rendition of a form letter was very fun. It made me wonder how mine turned out but I've already mailed the cards and I'm afraid to re- look at it. :)
    Anna N.

  14. I think any letter you write would be entertaining. You just have a great style. I agree, sometimes it's just a shopping list of happy happy happy. But then again who wants to hear someone else's doom and gloom. I did these for a few years but never one to go with fashion they have died a death. Your take on moving grandma hit a bell cos we are and we probably will find all those jars. My sister rang with happy news at being able to recycle a whole stack of sunday magazines from 5 years ago!! These little triumphs bring daily joy....

  15. Cute card and gift bag. I always groan when I get a year in review letter. Until one comes from my cousin Pat. She puts everything in. And does it with your brand of humor. They always leave me chuckling. I haven't heard from any yet this year, but I can only hope my Cuz sends hers soon. I need a good chuckle.
    Hugs, Jess


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