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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Paper Floristry

A reminder that Julie Hickey of Craftwork Cards is doing three shows on Create and Craft TV today, be sure to catch one of them....

Here is a card I made for the last show when the Paper Floristry kits were introduced as the Pick of the Day

It's a big card - 8 x 8, they always look better on the TV. I used all flowers and papers from the Blush Rose collection, such pretty colours.... 

Liquid pearls added a bit of a sparkle....

I am being so laid back this Christmas, for the first time ever, it's just Mike and me here on Christmas day, we see the family on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. At first I hated the thought, now I am feeling quite smug as I see a lot of people running around the shops like  headless chickens, with long lists in their hands, worried looks on their faces and pushing around enough food to feed a small country for a month. I fancy fillet steak and lobster. Sounds good to me, it will be the first time for years that I haven't had to peer anxiously into the oven to see if that massive turkey is overcooked/undercooked. I always manage to forget something as well, so a few days after Christmas I always discover the sprouts or cranberry sauce lurking in a dark corner somewhere. What's on your menu? 

See you tomorrow 


  1. a very pretty card......like you, my first Christmas on my own but going to Grandson for Christmas lunch..... no presents to wrap, no mad shopping and cleaning lol not even got the tree from the loft

  2. What a beautiful card that is Enfys. I love the color and paper patterns, and flowers are stunning! I like the larger size too.

    I generally make my cards larger than most card crafters (8.5 x 5.5 inches) rather than the standard A-2 size. For me, the larger size works best because I write verses to put on the inside and I don't want to use tiny print, plus I have more room to decorate the face so I don't have to cut my elements so small. They do require extra postage to mail, but for me, it's worth it.

    As to what is on our Holiday menu ... although it will be just Keith and me on Christmas, I still go all out and make an enormous meal with all the trimmings. This generally means that we are still eating it for several days after (plus I freeze some of the leftovers as well). In order to prevent getting tired of eating the same thing each holiday meal, I change up the main courses a bit. We have Turkey at Thanksgiving, Prime Rib on Christmas Day and Ham on New Year's Day. They are massive meals, more than Keith and I can eat, so if any guests show up unexpectedly ... no problem, there will be plenty! =)

  3. Your card is GORGEOUS!!!! luv the big flowers...would luv a youtube on how you do them.... for us we will celebrate Christmas on Sunday before..which is hubby's B-Day too. We do Italian dinner since we burn out so easy on turkey and ham that is done on Thanksgiving. hubby and I will also have a very quiet day on Christmas too (no mess at my house..since son & dil are hosting Christmas at their house this year) Have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas

  4. What a lovely card!
    I don't even know yet where I'm having Christmas dinner. The last few years have been at my nephews, but I haven't heard yet. I may be having a nice ham here at my house. We'll see, either way it will be a lovely day.

  5. Lovely cards Enfys.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting my prize to me - the stamps were sitting safely on the mat when I got home yesterday evening - THANK YOU.

    I'll be at my Mum's for Christmas so there wont be any turkey (she doesn't like it) but there will be a selection of meats - she is keeping it a surprise this year.

    Toni xx

  6. Fabulous card Enfys - I love the flowers. My three daughters and me take it in turns to do Christmas Lunch & Boxing Dsy tea for the whole family and I have a year off this year!! I'll enjoy it all the more without the stress to cope with. Roll on turkey and Christmas pud! Pat x

  7. Sounds like a relaxing Christmas ! I thought we might do the same but some friends don't have any family . . so there goes our quiet Christmas ! :) The card is very pretty ! I never tried a card that size. Thanks for sharing !
    Ann N.

  8. You make the most beautiful cards I've ever seen. Your brain must be filled with unusual ideas just waiting to pop out on paper.
    My granddaughter and husband are going to be here Christmas day from California so I'm having my small family here and making lasagna for dinner. Not going overboard since this is the first Christmas without my husband. I'm just trying to stay busy and not let the tears come. My whole family is a little sad this year.

  9. Not sure. Someone else is doing the dinner. Probably pinekj√łtt, that's salted smoked lamb ribs. Norwegian speciality. No really, it's delicious.

  10. l have to agree with above sounds really relaxing enjoy!! Wow this is another of your gorgeous makes Enfys so beautifully presented xx

  11. I'm taking it easy this Christmas as well. We ladies need a rest from all the yearly cooking. Turkey is on the menu at my daughter's house. All I bring is the wine. Easy-Peasy.

  12. A gorgeous card Enfys. Love the colours and the gorgeous flowers. My hubby cooks our christmas dinner and we shall be having turkey and all the trimmings. I just love it. A quiet day for us but going to visit my sister and her family on boxing day so that will be more hectic.

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