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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chocolate heaven...

 One of the joys of winter for me is hot chocolate.............

and of course, my addiction fondness for coffee has been well documented on here. So I was looking at these chocolate spoons that they sell in the coffee shops. You dunk them into your chocolate or coffee and let the warm melted chocolate melt slowly into the drink. Heaven. What isn't so heavenly is the price, so I bought some plastic spoons, dark, milk and white chocolate and set about melting and dipping.....

I popped a sliver of marshmallow onto each spoon.....

and packaged them up in cello wrap with a red velvet bow - well, those that I am prepared to give away, my little stash is safely tucked away in the fridge.....

It set me thinking, what else do I love about winter? Christmas of course, snow falling and the beauty of a snowy landscape. Robins hopping about the garden, and those pesky squirrels are safely tucked up in their nests for the winter. Those dark evenings, when it seems perfectly okay to curl up with a book in front of the fire at 4 p.m. I like winter clothes too, much better than summer gear - you can cover up a multitude of sins in the winter! What do you enjoy?

So no card today, just chocolate, well all my creative energy went into my spoons. See you tomorrow x


  1. Just when I was ready to snuggle down for the night...I'm heading for the kitchen to make a hot chocolate...you are a bad influence but I do love you xxx

  2. ooooooh!! that looks soooo de-lish!!
    need to go look for chocolate...

  3. Chocolate creativity is a perfectly acceptable alternative to a card - how could you give any of those away.

    I haven't really started on the hot chocolate yet - I tried one of the Orange Mochas from Starbucks and was rather disappointed but I have stocked up on lots of lovely Hot choc varieties from Whittards so I think I'm all set for the Winter.

    Toni xx

  4. What a fabulous idea! I know asda sell similar ones, but unless they're on offer are far too pricey. Your option is so much better! x

  5. They look yummy Enfys but I'm not tempted as I don't like hot chocolate - I'm a boring tea person. Mind you I suppose you don't HAVE to dunk them, just eat them off the spoon..... mmmmm! food for thought. Pat x

  6. Yum!!! They look so good. They are just a different kind of card. The kind that warms your soul from the inside out.

  7. Aww, now I got to go and get a hot chocolate. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing. Love the spoons. Great gift idea

  8. Your spoons look yummy. Great idea to make them yourself. I have a cup of hot chocolate every night after dinner in the winter. With marshmellows!

  9. l have to agree Enfys and your chocolate looks so lovely great idea's with the spoons too x

  10. They look heavenly. What a great gift for just about anyone! Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Great job on your chocolate spoons ... and what a sweet gift idea! Although I am not a huge chocolate lover, I do love a hot chocolate in the winter.

    I totally love winter ... Christmas is my favorite holiday of all, everyone and everything seems so full of Christmas joy, even the Christmas music lifts my spirits.

    Snow is so beautiful and a glorious winter treat. It's one of the things I miss the most during the holidays now that I am living in Florida. There is something so quiet and pure and peaceful about newly fallen snow. LOVE IT!

  12. Wow, these are lovely Enfys. A great idea to make your own as these are rather expensive in the shops.

  13. I love those spoons too, so tasty! What do I like about winter, well to be honest, not much. I do love Christmas, but I don't like the snow or the cold one little bit.

  14. Yummy spoons idea! If I weren't already a chocoholic, your post would have made me one! lol
    TFS Hugs, Jess

  15. Wow those look so yummy. I've discovered sea salt on caramels this year. Ohhh so sinfully good.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x