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Friday, 2 December 2011

Something Hidden for Polkadoodles

 It is my turn to set the challenge on Polkadoodles this week, and I chose

A card or project for a child with a hidden or secret element


I have no idea, it seemed like a good idea at the time, until I started to think about it and realised that I didn't have the faintest idea what I was going to do

 Inspiration came when I started to make the Kaisercraft advent box for Max. Lots of hidden stuff here, right? I used the same basic design as the one I made for Kiki, but this time I used the little boys from the Magical Winter CD from Polkadoodles, printed, coloured with Promarkers and cut out, then mounted to the scene with springs or foam pads. The trees were cut from the Jolly Holidays cartridge with my Cricut expression, as was the sentiment. The advent boxes are available from Sir Stampalot in the UK, and Ritz camera in the USA

Little white pompoms made cute little snowballs........

and I added a lot of glitter all over........

This little chap building a snowman was just perfect for the scene.....

as was this little guy with the giant candy cane.......

and finally a real little guy with the finished product. ('hurry up Ma, this is really heavy') Conversation between my son and Max yesterday

Max: "do you and mummy get a Christmas present?"

Ed: "yes, possibly. What do you think mummy wants?"

Max: "a necklace and bracelet…..... and a ring"
Ed: "that sounds expensive. What about something cheaper?"
Max: "um. ur. how about some shampoo?"

Sounds a plan Max, that should do it....

Do go over to the challenge blog to see what the wonderful design team made of my challenge - lots of inspiring stuff on there, and of course, we would love it if you joined in

Random musing for today - do teenage girls have a special built-in thermal gene that allows them to wander about in sub-zero temperatures wearing only skimpy tops and micro mini skirts with bare legs? When does this gene mutate into one where you are only warm with about ten layers and boots?

Second random musing, following on from the first.....how come someone who was brought up in a cold and draughty manse perched on the side of a Welsh mountain, with ice on the inside of the windows in the winter, now needs central heating turned up to tropical levels to be happy - you'd think I would have become acclimatized  in childhood wouldn't you?

Third random musing following on from the second....... in no particular order, my list of favourite things in the world must include cashmere, thermal anythings, ugg boots for warmth not appearance, hot water bottles and hot baths

Just off to get another sweater (did you guess that it is quite cold here today!)  


  1. Lovely advent box! That scene in the middle is so cute! Hugs, Hanneke

  2. Very sweet project! And very sweet grandson, too....

  3. Such a wonderful advent box En! Your grand babies are so lucky to have such a crafty Grandma xoxox

  4. Love this Advent calendar, Enfys, I am dying to have a go at one of these. Max is quite a character, isn't he?! I am probably the only person I know who is looking forward to having hot flushes!

  5. Lovely Advent box! Max is adorable! I often wonder the same thing...I see people who where a jacket and gloves and shorts???? I guess their legs don't get cold... I too need lots of warmth to make me feel cozy and comfy. Funny how that happens huh.
    Hugs, Jess

  6. What a fab advent - the scene is soooooooooooo sweet.

    Toni xx

  7. Wow what a statement for that challenge Enfys, its absolutely gorgeous!! All that talk has made me cold, don't think I ever was able to stick the cold, even as a teenager lol.

  8. This is really stunning En. It's amazing. This year my boy is to young - bit next year....I will copy it :-)
    Doreen xx

  9. love the ideas you come up with on your projects. Advent box is adorable.

  10. I bet you're dreaming of Florida about now! Oh, youu grandson looks so adorable. His comment is perfect. My daughter always wanted to buy me a fur coat so I could be a movie star!

  11. It sure was cold here in Gloucestershire to had a heavy frost, I bet your grandchildren love their advent calendars they certainly look happy with that one. hugs Shirleyxxx

  12. I'm almost laughing too much to type this - the one about the teenage girls got me going as it's like my now 20 year old who is still wearing shorts in this weather!
    Fabulous and awesome creation which must have taken ages but looks just amazing.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  13. That Advent box is just awesome! I am just amazed that you got them done before the month began. I've wondered the same thing about teenage girls myself. I think their high hormone levels must provide the extra heat that we "mature" ladies must get from outside sources. Now I want to go hug an Ugg! LOL

  14. Love this advent 'calander' Very cute. Shampoo sounds like a nice idea LOL!
    I have always lived in the Buffalo, NY area and it gets pretty chilly here in the winter, but as I get older I like the cold less and less. My feet just don't seem to warm up in the winter. So I totally understand where you are coming from.

  15. I had to laugh, Enfys! After seeing Max and the darling advent calendar ~ reading about the girls with barely a thread on is hysterical!

    Last winter, in one of the major upscale department stores, were two young girls (young-13,14!) and two boys (not much older) in of all departments, the lingerie department.

    My husband and I were behind them and as the young ladies (I'm using this term very loosely) picked up one pair of panties at a time, ooing and ahhing them, the boys behind them giggling. I couldn't help myself, I turned to my husband and said "Gosh Honey look at that, no wonder these panties are on sale, they forgot to sew the backs of them on!" The mini skirts with crop tops left and we saw them next in the jewelery department! By the way - we had hats, big coats, and boots on - they, like you were saying, were wearing their hormones!


  16. A great Advent calendar Envys. That cheeser tells me he loves it too.
    Have a smashing weekend
    Anne x

  17. Great Advent project Enfys. Love Max's comment about the shampoo - gotta love 'em.... Hope you are keeping well... Hugs x

  18. Max is adorable and so funny. Great work on that box! As for the temp vs clothing...that's def. related to age/marital status/hormone levels. Not nec. in that order! It is amazing isn't it.

  19. Great project En - I certainly like one of these never mind the children....lol Loved seeing your big Polkadoodles spread in the Papercrafting mag! Cheers Claire x

  20. just an amazing advent box ~ beautifully made!!
    vanessa xx

  21. Love the advent box. My boys are too old for those - have to save the idea for when and if the Lord blesses with grandchildren.

    As far as the thermal musings.... I agree totally! I totally want warmth over fashion any day! Ever since I hit "mental" pause, I am hating the cold. It is like in gets into my bones and does not want to leave. (We live in South Dakota in the US.) I grew up in Pennnsylvania but the winters in SD are MUCH worse.

    Thanks for sharing.


  22. Your post made me laugh about setting the challenge but not knowing what you were doing,I loved this challenge although mine is not very Christmassy.
    Your advent is brilliant so many characters and a great keepsake for your family
    Hugs louise xx

  23. Love the Advent box and Max is adorable holding it! Lets just hope he isn't in charge of choosing your gift, lol!

  24. Max's box turned out great! I'm not sure if he's so happy being photographed though ;- ) Don't let your son break him. He's right, mom needs something nice. I'm sure she would be thrilled with costume jewelry he picked out.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x