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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Make a wish......

Here are a couple of cards I made for this month's Papercraft Inspirations magazine, on sale now in the UK, next month in the USA. The theme was birthday/make a wish, so I had to come up with four different cards on the theme. For the first one, I used a real candle................

and this next one had rolled up rectangles of paper with cotton 'wicks' to look like candles.......

Things on my to-do list yesterday fourteen, things crossed off my to-do list yesterday one. The Christmas cards have started rolling in, and so far all of them are from people I had totally forgotten about. Oh dear. So my one productive act was mass producing a few cards

Out and about, I saw a Santa in a rather grubby looking Santa suit, sneaking a crafty cigarette behind a wall. 'Ho ho ho' I said cheerily as I passed, 'I hate bloody Christmas' he replied grumpily. Right, a bit of a problem on the job satisfaction front there then
See you tomorrow


  1. A smoking santa who hates christmas....lol

  2. Oh my, Santa needs replacing! No wonder he's grumpy, all the little wee ones probably hold their little noses and wave their hands in his face saying,"Your stinky, Santa!" He needs to press his suit and hand it off to the next generation on Santa's list!

    Ho ho ho,

  3. Yuk to your santa Enfy's, why on earth do they take these jobs on and who on earth would hire someone like that!! Love your gorgeous cards, very fresh looking in the gorgeous papers.

  4. I guess we all have a few 'unhappy with the job' days. Poor Santa...I hope he's has better days. Amd aren't you a good girl... 14 things crossed off your list!
    I love those cards En! The one made on a circle is just fab! TFS
    Hugs, Jess

  5. What unusual cards. I really like the style you used Enfys. That Santa will be out on his rear and our of a job before Christmas.

  6. What a gorgeous cards Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Love these cards Enfys; very original and modern designs. Fab!

    Santa was having a bad day them, lol!

  8. Did you ever notice, no matter how old someone is if Santa comes in and says Ho ho ho, they will always smile. Too bad it's not true of that Santa.
    I am almost finished with the Christmas cards, just have to add a little bling and address the envelopes.

  9. Wow..Enfy's..was going to comment to you on my own Christmas frantic shopping craziness because I know you would totally understand! Your are so funny & truthful in your comments!! But I read your smoking Santa comment. Just want to say that I smoke (unfortunately) and that I've been trying different avenues to quit!! I know it is truly a disgusting habit that I want to rid myself of!

    And I know full well the "smell" that surrounds smoking. We (my husband & I) have not smoked in our house for over 15 years!!

    But I have to say that I would never, never dress as a Santa, and ever let ANYBODY catch me smoking in that outfit!!! Doesn't make me any better, just have my separate standards!

    My husband and I are embarrased about our habit and avoid involving anyone around us!!

    Anyway...sorry for the ranting!! Your cards are truly the best images and the best coloring I've seen...keep up the great work!!



I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x