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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

More Christmas cards........

I am finally getting to grips with the Christmas cards - these all use exactly the same design, well, it was working for me, so why not. The die cut oval is by Nellie Snellen, all the stamps are by Lili of the Valley, papers and sentiments by Craftwork Cards

I coloured them very lightly

I changed the colours to pink on this one......

and this one hardly needed any colouring at all, I just coloured the shadows with ice grey 1

The annual hysteria is mounting - the papers and magazines are all full of advice on how to cook the perfect turkey. I don't understand this - it's only like a chicken but bigger, chuck it in the oven and cook it for a bit longer, works for me every time. Then there are the articles on how to dress the perfect house......these articles are illustrated with happy people in red sweaters, sitting around a roaring log fire, surrounded by priceless antiques, with a perfect tree in the corner, hung with baubles that have been chosen to perfectly match the colour of the curtains....... I won't even start on the articles about wrapping the perfect gift, lovingly tied with huge bows and handmade tags.

 My reality is that one day this week, we will climb up to the attic to unearth the Christmas tree, which was shoved rather haphazardly into it's box last January, when I was sick of the sight of the thing. (I gave up having a real tree when I found I was vacuuming pine needles from the carpet in July). Then we will have the annual trauma of untangling the fairy lights, which were treated with the same contempt as the tree back in January - an action I will bitterly regret when I have spent three fruitless hours trying to make them work. Wrapping the presents is a marathon, and usually ends with the last few being wrapped in some leftover birthday wrap, and hoping nobody notices.....then I will be ready to put on my red sweater and smile prettily for the camera


  1. LOL The magazines make it look so easy and perfect. It is a nightmare to decorate for Christmas. For the last 2 weekends we have wanted to put up our tree only to be too lazy to drag the bin in from the garage. I am afraid we will get it up a couple days before Christmas only to take it down the day after. Oh and wrapping gifts. I hate almost as much a dyeing Easter eggs. I have resorted to putting everything in gift bags. Easy peasy!! Open the bag, drop in the gift, stuff in some tissue paper and voila. Done!
    BTW You cards are beautiful. :)

  2. you do make me laugh, Enfys! Of course it's easy in the magazines, the "dressers" come in and set it up, the actors show up, makeup and hair and costume make them look good! Not so easy for the rest of us...Great looking cards...even if the wrapping isn't perfect and the tree isn't up.

  3. These Christmas cared are really very cute and sweet. Cards are no doubt popular among kinds

  4. The cards are wonderful, Enfys. The coloring is lovely as always ;- )

  5. I love your cards, especially the colouring, and I enjoy your posts very much!!!

  6. what delightful cards, love all the whit as it shows off the delightful images

  7. Lovely cards En! And I too am going to drag out the tree...well he will...and then I'll decorate it. He'll tote boxes and then leave me to it. Not my favorite thing. It's so much more fun when you can share the experience. Even my mother, at 91, will point to a spot and grunt. But will not get up and help!(And she's quite capable, just lazy)I hope your experience is more fun than mine! Hugs girl!

  8. you just described most everyone's Christmas nightmare..so funny!!!
    I guess I'm not sending out Christmas cards this year, because I only made one a couple weeks ago, and haven't gotten back to them since!!

    Your angels are absolutely beautiful. I'd love to get hold of that stamp!!


  9. I just love your humor Enfys!
    Your Christmas cards turned out
    beautiful, great job! Thanks for making me smile! :D

  10. What a beautiful cards Enfys..

    Hugs Riet.xx

  11. Love the cards and have fun doing the Christmas light tango!

  12. Beautiful cards Enfys.

    My tree is sitting in it's box in the spare bedroom and if it is lucky it might get brought downstairs and set up in the lounge...then again, if time continues to run away from me it might just be the wicker cone tree again this year LOL

    Toni xx

  13. Oh you are so right about all of the Nightmare Before Christmas! We got the outside decorations up last Sunday while freezing our tooshes off. Now you need a GPS to walk through the downstairs floor since it's covered in boxes and boxes of decorations. This year I'm only keeping what I put up and the rest is being donated. Even my kids don't want the stuff! Bah humbug!

  14. Don't even get the magazines any longer! I laughed so hard I made a bee line to the bath room, Enfys!

    I usually put my tree up in October, down the first week in February. I love the season, the reason, the cards and the love.

    Gave up on the real tree 20 years ago for the same reason - really - pine needles were out of the carpet just before I brought a new one in (didn't leave up as long with a real one, of course!) Now, I got smart with the lights about 5 years ago and put them on one section at a time to my perfection, making sure they could be unplugged and left on for seasons to come. Then, after having two years of needing our son to come help get the darned thing up for us, I thought, "why not just lay it on it's side, roll it in bubble wrap - unwrap the same way and voila! Worked like a charm! Took us about 5 minutes to unfold the branches a bit and time to put on the ornaments!

    I love your cards, Enfys! Just beautiful!


  15. Enfys, your cards are lovely! You made me laugh out loud at your Christmas reality. Mine is just like yours. Each year I SWEAR this is the year I put things away in an organized manner, but the reality is that everything is shoved into boxes with the promise again of "next year".

  16. Haha, loved reading your post! I agree that you should just do your own thing and have Christmas the way you want it. It will probably never be like in the magazines, and that's fine with me! Love the cards you made, so clean and simple but still really pretty. Hugs, Hanneke

  17. Hi En,
    Couldn't agree more about the mags, but your post was good for a laugh and I needed one today. I'm working on the same stamped images, borrowed the stamp from Bev last week. Love how yours came out, very sweet. Merry Christmas.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x