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Friday, 25 February 2011

Stashbox Stamp day for Polkadoodles

It was my turn to set the challenge over on Polkadoodles today. We had decided that once a month we are going to have a stashbox stamp challenge - basically, we can use any stamp we like with our Polkadoodles papers and embellishments. To this I added the requirement:
2 ribbons and a charm
So if you love challenges, please please join in
On to the card, I used papers from the Sugar Birdies CD (the flowers were punched from a plain taupe paper printed from the CD as well). The sentiment label is from the Sundae of Seasons CD, and the stamp? You will not have seen this one before, it was a brand new one at CHA, and will very shortly be available from Scrappy-go-Lucky. Isn't she just gorgeous, peeping out of her flowerpot?

My expert fashion advice was called upon today. This is always happening to me - I am browsing the clothes in M & S and someone comes up and begs my advice. This is not because I looked a picture of elegance and good taste, I had dashed out in my housework jeans and an old sweater for some food, but the clothes beckoned irresistibly and I couldn't resist a little browse.
Now what do you say when a sweet grandma accosts you, holding up a garment that nobody over the age of 21 should wear and says 'do you think this would look nice on me?'
Yes, I am well aware that I am, myself, a sweet grandma, but the difference is that I have a cast iron rule when it comes to dress - if you can remember that particular fashion from the first time around, then you are too old to wear it now. Works a treat. It has saved me from buying jumpsuits, mini skirts and harem pants this past season. I hear that the 70's are hot fashion this summer. Well, since I looked hideous in bell bottomed psychedelic prints as a slip of a thing in the 70's, I am not deluded enough to think that I will look any better in them this time around.
You see, it makes sense, and yet these people keep coming up to me and asking me if ridiculous things will suit them. What can you say? I should probably get my mantra, as outlined for you above, printed out, and stand on street corners handing it out to folk as they enter the shop. I could become a one-woman crusade.......
Edited to say that I told her not to buy it - I was very tactful, I didn't say 'don't get it because you are too old and would look ridiculous' although I was tempted. I thought of saying 'it's not really your colour' but then she would have dived towards the shocking pink version. So I said 'well good for you if you are able to show your arms, I would LOVE to wear that, but stopped wearing sleeveless about five years ago' big sigh........ 'oh I don't do sleeveless either she said' waving the scanty top in the air 'I was going to cover it up with a cardigan' 'mmmm, that would spoil the line totally, don't you think?' She agreed, and put it back reluctantly. Last seen making a beeline for the black mini skirt with the big silver buckle on the waist. Some you win...............
See you tomorrow


  1. LOL. That is funny En. You always look stylish and elegant. I bet you looked great in your housework jeans too. So what did you say to her?
    Aren't these stamps the cutest? can't wait to have them all in stock for everyone!

  2. Hi Enfys
    aww gorgeous card, super cute image, pretty papers & embelies, luv how you have done the ribbon, have great weekend, sue,x

  3. Great card! I like the cute image and the "bow" with charm. Looks great!

  4. and what did you tell her En?!
    You cant leave us wondering if you shattered this lady's illusion or not! lol!

    I like your mantra! And I think we all need to buy what makes us feel good, no point in wearing something and then feeling self conscious about it for the rest of the day!

    Very beautiful card too by the way!

    Keryn x

  5. Lovely card cute image. I share your views about fashion the second time around but was VERY tempted by harem pants - for comfort! Please tell what you said to her.

  6. What a cute card! I also would like to know what you said to her.

  7. This card is adorable! Love everything about it!! Anita

  8. Very sweet card!
    But you didn't tell us what you told that little grandma lady! Did you tell her to buy it for her grand daughter or is she walking around thinking she looks 16 yrs old?

  9. Great card!! Love yur shading techniques!

  10. Hi Enfys, The little cutie on your card is precious. I'm always looking for stamps to color. Love the figured ones you find. I fully agree with your iron clad rule for clothes. Being grannys, I think we remember to much sometimes. There are clothes I wore in the 70's that I wouldn't care for anyone seeing!

  11. Enfys this is so adorable and I love the new blog x

  12. gorgeous card Enfys, and loved your fashion story! hugs debx

  13. You know, I love your artistic cards each day but your stories on life really brighten my day. I was truly in the depths and your funny story about the lady choosing clothes brought out a real giggle in me. Bless you - keep up your humor and spirit!

  14. You definitely do tact so well! Great card Enfys - love that image - too sweet! Cheers Claire x

  15. Hi Enfys what a little sweetheart, love that image and youre gorgeous card. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  16. Enfys, I get so caught up in reading your "story of the day" that I have to scroll back up to see what it was that got me over here in the first place! LOL! What a cute, cute card! Thinking of maybe playing along. Do we have to use Polkadoodles background paper?

  17. I have often said, upon seeing how some women are dressed, Did she look in the mirror this morning? But I too have the occasional lapse. Like the other day as I through my coat over my dk brown jogging pants, a red corduroy shirt, black socks and white sneakers. And made the comment to my sweetie,"No I didn't look in the mirror this morning... Hey I'm trying to set a fashon trend!"
    Thanks for sharing En! Have a great day, Hugs Jess

  18. oooooooooooo you are good!!!! and i'm sure you looked like the classy lady who would give me great advide type which is why she approached you anyway.

    sooooooooooooooo good to see you sunshine. i see your work is STILL gorgeous and fun. thanks for stopping by. i'll be back soon.

    hugs :)

  19. Beautiful sweet card Enfys. Love that stamp will have to look out for it.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I really enjoyed doing this one once I got going!!

  20. a black mini skirt with a big silver buckle, huh? lol
    you made me laugh hard, i can picture everything :)

  21. Super cute i love that sweet image.
    Trish (-:


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