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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Loralie again

I heard the other day that Loralie have made some ladies stamps, I believe they are cling mounted rubber and stamp beautifully. I have about ten yards of fabric to use up before I invest in any, and this sassy little lady is on the Gone Shopping fabric. See my tutorial on using fabric on cards if you haven't already.........
The sentiment is a MFT stamp, papers DCWV. Border punch MS

So I had a call on my phone from the bank, which I missed. As I had made a rather large purchase the previous evening on a US site, I assumed they were checking this, and called Mike at home. Now bear in mind that we have a joint account. Yes, the bank had called, no they wouldn't talk to him, it had to be me. 'But it's OUR money' he said helplessly...............nope, it had to be me. Eventually they caught me 'hi' I said 'I assume you want to know about the dollar transaction..............'
No, they wanted to tell me that I had a new number to call for personal banking (is there any other sort?)
'Oh, okay, while you are on, I will just tell you the dates that I am going to be out of the country'.
'Thank you' she said in a sombre voice 'but I must tell you that even with this information on our screens, your transactions may still be subject to scrutiny.'
Well I doubt it somehow sweetie, if you can't check how I come to be spending $$$ in the US when I am talking to you from Costa coffee .........
It's all down to data protection or something, and I am sure it drives the people who work for banks/electricity/water companies just as crazy as the rest of us. A friend of ours is driven insane by it, and when someone calls and insists on talking to the account holder i.e his wife, he noisily clatters the phone down, and then picks it up 'hello' he squeaks in a high falsetto 'yes, this is me' and of course, being his wife he can answer all the security questions that are thrown at him. Trouble is, he's getting rather good at it and now fancies himself as an actor, adding little chatty feminine type snippets to the conversation. 'Must go now dear' he squeaks 'just going to get my legs waxed'


  1. Hi Enfys, I love your card youve created a stunning card with the materials youve used.
    And that sounds right with the bank, they always seem to be causing trouble one way or another. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  2. Such a fun card. I love your stories and I am in fits imagining your husband pretending to be you on the phone. Keep em coming.

  3. Hi Enfys,i have my old provider back so i can blog again yehhhh .Lovely card and i like the colours.
    bye bye,Lean.

  4. Love the card! That stamp is awesome!! Your story is just toooo
    funny! :)

  5. Still laughing here! You are one great story teller lol. Love the card, is she only available in america.

  6. Oh Enfys.. you are such a delight. love the card...

  7. Absolutely rolling around giggling with the image of your DH doing his En impersonation!

    We must have been separated at birth. I just finished cutting this beauty out (along with 12 of her sister shoppers) to take to a crop on Saturday. I get the already cut ones and iron them onto card then trim them up. Love the ladies.

    You've really done this one proud!

  8. Enfys...i had a good laugh here :) Thanks. the card is just stunning...love everything about it. everything :)

  9. oh love this hun its a great image,love the materials you have used too hugs cheryl xxxxx

  10. Super card Enfys, great colours!

    What a hoot having your 'gender bending' friend talking to the bank! I did laugh!

    Keryn x

  11. This card is just fabulous!!!! I love it! I have to start doing these beautiful cards.... You inspire me so that I have been spending a lot more time in creating my cards and it does make a huge difference! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  12. There is an award for you on my blog--please stop by and pick it up! Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Sheila aka GrammaP

  13. LOL...that's hilarious. I wonder if I can pretend to be my hubby?

  14. i have blog candy too.

    i guess i have to bribe for followers, lol. i am so new to blogging and cardmaking, etc...i still do not know how to keep my giveaways on top.

    hi enfys, i hope you will stop over at my first time ever blog.

    any tips for building my blog would be appreciated.


  15. The card is simply awesome, the colors are beautiful.

  16. I still haven't done anything with the fabric like this.....one day! Don't you hate thos credit card people sometimes. Last time we were in Europe, my hubby had called to inform them that we would be there and using our card. While we were there, we had a problem charging something anyway. We had to use the pay phone to call the toll free #, got put on hold and then were told that there was nothing they could do about the hold. When we got home there were several calls on our home phone asking about purchases. DUH!!!! We were in Europe, how could we answer the phone??? Sometimes I don't think these people stop to think!

  17. The "I have to talk to the account holder" irritates me. Especially after you've told them to make the entry in their system, that your hubby/wife can make decissions on the account too. Ah well, so goes life!
    I love the card. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love this En! I met Loralie at CHA and bought quite a few of her stamps (which I'm sorry to say I haven't used yet). Bought a bunch of her material previously too (because of you!) Aren't you the enabler!? Love the story of your friend with the falsetto. Calls like that can be sooo annoying! xxD

  19. LOVE your card & especially those colors ~AWESOME!!! I just LOVE EVERYTHING you make:)

  20. Oh, how I do love your cards...but, the stories just keep me laughing and that I'm so grateful for. The friend's husband really should take some acting lessons. By the way, ummm, shouldn't you be packing? Thanks, Pam

  21. Enfys, you story is as cute as your card. Hope this is the right place to post this-http://kimscricutcreations.blogspot.com/2010/04/sucker-bouquet.html. Just wanted you to see my version of one of your cards...TFL! Keep the mojo flowing!

  22. hehehe to the card and hehehe tot he story


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Enfys x