Monday, 19 April 2010

Happy Dad's Day Card

I bought the Cricut cartridge Designers Calender just because it was going for a ridiculous low price in an online sale. I had no idea if I would ever use it, but hey, a bargain is a bargain.
So I was quite delighted yesterday as I browsed through the handbook to find all sorts of really cute cuts, including this collar and tie. I don't often use words and sayings from the Cricut, prefering to stamp or computer generate them, but I love the font on this one. The base card is 6 x 6, the collar and tie was cut at 6 1/4", and the sentiment at 3"
All papers are by K & Co, I added some faux stitching and a couple of little buttons on the collar. The 'happy' that I turned into a label is a Papermania sticker.

I shaded around the tie with a copic pen - grey 02 - to give it a bit of depth
One thing has struck me since we returned, as it does each time, is how beautifully the little dogs are groomed over here - or at least they are where we live. You see no end of cute little white fluffy dogs bouncing around, some even have little ribbons in their hair. It reminds me of our little westie, Kirsty, who was a dearly loved family pet for 17 years. Not that Kirsty was white and fluffy, far from it, she was always rather scruffy looking, and peered out at you with black button eyes from behind a raggedy fringe. We did have her groomed obviously, but it was a bit of an occasion - I had enough on my plate taking three children for haircuts. So one hot summers day, my daughter and I were lounging around in the garden. Kirsty was panting happily by our side. 'I must take her to be clipped' I said idly, taking another sip of my lemonade. 'We could do it mum' said Alex, 'there can't be much to it, and I'll bathe her afterwards'.
So we got the scissors and started snipping. I will draw a veil over what happened next, lets just say that we couldn't take her for a walk for weeks, she looked such a mess (luckily we had a huge garden at that time for her to run around in). Pink skin in big patches on a little dog's back - not a good look. The more we tried to repair our mistakes, the worse she looked. A westie is supposed to have a 'skirt' - a 3" fringe of fur on the belly, well Kirsty had a skirt, the only problem is one side was a maxi, and the other a mini. We still howl with laughter when we remember the event. When Kirstie died, we had her cremated, and I bought a Italian terracotta pot, and put her ashes beneath a camellia - a beautiful white camellia with very raggedy edges and a yellow raggedy ring in the centre - nothing could be more perfect for our scruffy little pet.


Maryellen W said...

What a great card! I believe that
Americans on a whole do pamper there pets to the extreme. Have you
seen dogs being walked in strollers
yet? Yes, it's true dog strollers
(prams). :D

Cec said...

Great Father's Day card! The colours are super and look very executive-like. Love your dog clipping story - poor little guy.

shari said...

Envis, What a cute card for Dad. I love the storie of your Kirstie. I can relate to the haircut. Shari (cricutrookie)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you just crack me up - every time! and awe me with your gorgeous creations!

Marion said...

Hi En, Hope you are settling back in to routine now that you are back in the states. This is a lovely card. I had no interest in this cart but I may have another look. Only thing is here in the UK they are all so expensive as you know. Love the story about your Westie.

anja said...

wauw a great card you made.
gr anja

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh poor little Kirsty.....but you did her right in the end. AND I can't believe that card is on the the Cricut cartridge Designers Calender. So adorable.

lisa said...

Hi En

Glad you have settled in quickly and got back into the swing of things. Fancy that girl remembering your order in DD.
I love your cards, especially the LOTV Wedding card, what a cute image. I've just ordered some of their stamps, I just adore them. Can't wait to get stamping!!
Love your Father's Day card and your Westie story, I had a wonderful vision of this poor dog wondering what on earth had happened to all her hair!!

Sue said...

Hi Enfys
gota have it when its a bargin, gorgeous card for a fella hun, looks brill, sue,x

kath said...

gorgeous card and loved your story about kirstie...remind me never to ask you for a trim...big hugs kath xxxx

Debra said...

I really enjoyed your story and your card. We've been the owners of two westies and have loved each of them. One passed away almost 2 years ago and her sister is having a multitude of old age problems. She's such a lovely pet; I hate to think of her leaving us.

Cheryl said...

oh what a great card hun love it love the stitching so effective hugs cheryl xxxx

DonnaMundinger said...

Great card, En, and a good heads up on the cuts on DC. Have had mine for months and haven't even cracked the packaging. (I'm a sucker for sales too. LOL) Funny story about the grooming. My DH often looks like that after he's asked me for a trim. xxD Oh and BTW, I happen to have a cat stroller (see first comment) and athough both Goliath AND Jezzie love to lay in it, they start to cry when I push it about.

flowerdisco said...

what a great card idea!


Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

This is such a cute and handsome card. So creative I love the shirt idea! Its so hard for me to come up with mens cards and you sure did a great job of that.


This is so darling and looks very fun to make!!

Rufus said...

Love both the card and the story! I'll be sure to never ask you to trim my hair! Poor pup, bet she was glad of the big yard, she would have been embarrassed to be seen! What a great story and memory.

Melodie said...

What a wonderfully beautiful cards. The idea I would surely take over again?

Linda L said...

Oh I love your cards today but your doggy story was priceless! Thanks for the smile!

Jessica said...

Hey En, I don't know how I missed this card??? But I found it today, I love this cartridge too, but I bought it for calendars. I make one at the beginning of each month to hang by my computer. I just want squares big enough to make notes for appts. for doc's etc. My neighbor saw mine and so loved it, that I made her one too. Each one is different. But I have learned one thing. Don't cut out the numbers and glue them.... After doing my calendar, my fingers were gummy. But after the second one...well you get the picture. Now I think I'll hand number them. It can't possibly take as long and I know it won't be sticky either :) Now that I've seen your cards, I'm going to give that cartridge another look.
Hugs, Jess

Kim. said...

Great card, perfect for a fathers day card. Lol I have visions of a very 'unusual' looking dog.
Kim xXx

Lori in SC said...

Great card, I was looking at that cart the other week & did not purchase it, thinking I would not use it, but now I may need to reconsider.

Anna Marie said...

Wonderful card for Father's Day!

AShu93 said...

I like this card, especially how you used the "Happy" label.

That was a hilarious story about the dog haircut and what a great memory for you.

Cris said...

I have often wondered about the designer calendar must have some redeeming qualities but I haven't seen them yet! But I do love your cherry/olive garnished martini!

I have purchased 3 carts just because they were ridiculous, baseball and basketball! I haven't used any of them yet! Why do I do that? I sure do want that new cart that has the motorcycle racers on it though!

mckinkle said...

Super card En, great font!

Oh I had watery eyes after reading about your little Kisty! Great hair trimming story though!

Keryn x