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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fairy Flutterbys

These are the new stamps from Polkadoodles - Flutterby Fairies. Introducing you to Maggie.....
The great thing about these is that the wings are a separate stamp, so you get to stamp them as butterflies if you want. I stamped the butterfly onto vellum, added a bit of colour on the back and stuck them on to Maggie with a foam pad...

The sentiment and toadstools are part of the set as well

I did a sort of easel card................

With this one I found a concertina aperture card, and covered the inside pages with pattern paper. I wanted some hot pink lines, they were red on the paper, so I went over them with a pink marker and added some doodling. The flowers on the front are a stamp from the set

Introducing you to Gracie, perched on the edge of the aperture

and here's Maxine....

I added a couple of rows of heart punched paper to decorate the last page, and dotted a few more stamped flowers about

the second 'page' has a border of hot pink ladybirds, another stamp from the set

I hope you like them as much as I do, it's rather nice to see funky fairies I think
I heard from home, Max has chicken pox, my son emailed me to see if he had had it as a child. Do you know, I really couldn't remember. When your children are small, when you bring that tiny precious newborn home, you gaze at them and think 'I will remember every little thing that you do, always'
Then you have another one
and another
and it all sort of gets a bit blurred
So I told him that he had had it, well, he probably did, I do remember his younger sister getting it, so he had plenty of exposure. Time has erased the memory of sitting up all night with fretful sick children.
When James (my firstborn) arrived, I remember going to visit a friend who had just had her third child. We sat there, me looking adoringly at my new baby. She said 'won't it be lovely when they go to school'.
See you tomorrow


  1. These are some beautiful cards. I love the stamp sets :) TFS! Great job!

  2. Gorjus gorjus cards Enfys. All are lovely.

    Love Karen x

  3. Your cards are wonderful Enfys - I do love those fairies and can't wait to have a go. Madly been making samples for the show on Friday which haven't arrived - bah humbug!Had a good giggle at your story - I think one we can all sympathise with! Cheers Claire x

  4. You do make me smile Enfys! My daughter is only 2 1/2 and I cant wait for her to go to school ha ha! Nicky xxx

  5. Oh Enfys, you do make me smile!! My Daughter is 2 1/2 and I cant wait for her to go to school lol! I love your posts - Nicky xx

  6. lovely cards En Hope your weather is nice and hot

  7. Oh My!! I should keep up with you more often...Your card making skills have excelled to the nth degree Enfys!!! That easel card is absolutely darling girl and the fairy card...well you have won me over ten fold!!! Your talent here has really inspired me...gotta check on you more often girl!!

  8. Sorry to hear about Max. I had the
    chicken pox in the middle of summer and I was miserable! Then when I got over them andn my brothers both got it, mom and I left dad home with them for
    the weekend. Aveeno baths really helped.
    I loved your cards today, they're
    very cute!

  9. Fabulous cards, Enfys! Oh, I can here Polkadoodles calling my name. Hope Max recovers quickly and with minimal itching! hugs to you, eileen

  10. Your cards are beautiful, thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  11. Enfys,
    These card are so cute. I checked out the blog that you are going to guest on. So Neat. I love the story about Max. These stamps are really great. What was the cost of them and where do you get them. Keep up the cards and the great stories.

  12. Fabulous cards Enfys. That is such a cute set of stamps. Love both cards and how you decorated them.

  13. Beautiful cards! Love those flutterby fairies!! I do love hearing about your family & your adventures!! :)

  14. Your cards are so adorable!!! LOVE THEM!! Hope Max does ok...I know my daughter had the chicken pox the week during my finals when I was doing my pre-reqs for my Nursing degree, she got them from her cousins, so I made my SIL come over and watch her. I think I was a bit frantic, and mean at the time, but hey, she knowingly exposed my daughter!

    We did have some medication that the Pediatrician gave us, which stopped the spread for my daughter a bit, and then gave it my middle son, and he only had a few.

    Sorry I can't remember the name of the medication. I probably remember that due to the fact that I was so stressed because of finals LOL!

    crafty hugs!!

  15. Lol, I remember those days too! I remember the Chicken Pox though. My sons were always getting staph infections. So when they got a sore, I had to scrub it with this special soap and put ointment on it. So they were in the tub together and my youngest had ant bites all over him! (We had lots of ants in the back yard) So I scrubbed his spots clean and put ointment all over them. The next morning my older boy was covered in 'ant bites' too. So off to the doctor we went. The pediatrition laughed and laughed at me. Then he said "Well I usually always tell parents to expose the kids to everything before they get old enough for school. But I've never had a mom scrub chicken pox into a kid!" And he laughed a whole lot more!
    However, like you, I can't remember measles or mumps or anything else! lol
    I love the fairies too! Very cute

  16. Awww, I just love these non-traditional fairies. The one with the glasses is a kick, but I love them all. Thanks, Pam

  17. Great cards En and wonderful colours. I am definintely going to have to get these fairies now that Nikky has named one after me (lol). Poor little Max, I remember when Benn had them he was so miserable.
    Max x

  18. Very cute cards. I really like the colors you chose.

    Ahh chicken pox. Seems like my son and his cousins were always getting these great diseases on weekends when we were having family get togethers. Now they are healthy, but we can barely get the schedules to work out. It's always somethin' isn't it?


  19. I so understand, I don't know if my kids had them or not. lol. I see why they pay you the big bucks... the cards so just beautiful.

  20. Fabulous cards Enfys and I do like the fairies - Gracie's my favourite! Great story too!

    Love Lynda xxx

  21. Chicken pox...ugh. That sucks. I hope he feels better soon.

    I loved the conversation between you and your friend and the fairies are divine.

  22. Both of these cards are WONDERFUL!! Great job!:)

  23. Wow, Enfys, your new cards are so fantastic, the pictures are so cute.

  24. En you did a fabulous job with fairies. Love the different looks and card styles. Hugs...Kris

  25. Wow, I LOVE this! The images are sooo cute! Especially love the sweet one on the aperture. I always get a kick out of your family stories too! xxD


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x