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Friday, 17 February 2017

Geometric - for Daring Cardmakers

Once again I am being stretched by the Daring Cardmakers challenge, this week it was Leo daring us to make something geometric. Now since I am the very opposite of a maths genius, in fact, I am rather obtuse about angles, this took a bit of thinking about....

I started out with some black card, and added strips of masking tape in a pattern that looked sort of geometric...

 Then I used a Versamark pad to ink each little section individually, and sprinkled different coloured WOW embossing powder onto each section, heating each bit as I went along.....

When I peeled off the masking tape....ta da..it looks geometric to me. It looks a bit somber in the photo but is gorgeously gleaming in real life. This will definitely be a card for one of the guys. Do pop over to DCM see how the team tackled this weeks dare, and do try and join in - I dare you!

I recently found a white on clear tape for my Brother P touch label maker, and am in love with it - I can now type sentiments and put them onto black or dark cardstock and they really pop. I love this tool! 

The road repair guys sat and stared at the rushing water for a full day - well, it was raining, they probably didn't want to get wet. But before they went home, they set up temporary traffic lights right outside our house, and barriers around a bare patch of tarmac. Why? But next day, they had obviously had their porridge for breakfast and were full of energy, a large hole was dug, they shouted instructions to each other all day and seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of tea coming from somewhere - it certainly wasn't from me, my usual warmth and kindness towards my fellow humans had vanished as my exasperation grew the previous day. So all is well, the torrent has stopped, although the water seems to have made rather a large pothole in the road - shall I call the council? No, let's leave it for now.....I need time to get over the flood first 


  1. Great design Enfys, I'll definitely give this a go now that I've finished the card folder that you showed us a few days ago. Pat x

  2. What a lovely card, Enfys. I love that this design is generic enough to fit well for males and females equally. I'm afraid I would have been completely perplexed to come up with a geometric design, but your amazing creativity rises to the task once again. Bravo!

    I'm so glad the water issue in front of your home has been repaired. Please don't delay too long before notifying your Council about your resulting pot hole ... Those holes can grow quickly and what if one evening after dark, when you or Mike driving home and end up in that pot hole? It could cause injury and/or damage your vehicle. The sooner your street is properly repaired, the better. (pssst ... I'm not trying to be bossy and tell you what to do, I just want you to stay safe). HUGZ

  3. Very creative, love how you used the embossing powders and the label maker too!!! Pot holes can be dangerous, please take care!!

  4. Lovely card En! I got a chuckle at your being obtuse about geometric shapes.πŸ”·πŸ”ΊπŸ”³πŸ”΅❕ The card turned out great none the less. And the roadside saga continues. Hugs, Jess

  5. Great dramatic look here Enfys, love it!


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Enfys x