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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Oils R Us.........

There were a lot of artists materials at the show, so we booked an oil painting 'make and take' on the second day - I rather bullied the others into it, (come on, it will be fun). So here we are, very posey all ready to start. Diane in the aqua (luckily she wore lovely bright colours so that we could find her easily, Mandy and I kept losing her), me in the middle, and Mandy......... 

Now bear in mind that none of us had ever done any oil painting before, this is how we started - a splodge of murky paint trailing up the canvas..... 

and here we are, the class of 2012 with our almost identical masterpieces. No, it wasn't painting by numbers, he showed us what to do, and we did it. Impressed? We were!

Ta Da.......here is my work of art. Not bad for an hours work, and it was a lot of fun.  It will never make it onto the wall, but I still feel a sneaky sort of pride that I painted it

 We did consider offering them to the hotel - they had the most awful paintings on the walls of the lift lobby on each floor (we rode up and down in the lift especially to see them, and took photos of them).....I mean, look at the yellow one, Kiki would have done a better job, and she is only seven. Come to think of it, Monty and Milo could have done better and they are only two. Presumably the hotel paid good money for these - they should have gone to the show, they could have painted some for free......
I loved the look of these felt flowers, so I had to make one of those for myself.....

Here it is, I think it's really stylish, a bit big to wear on a sweater, but I think it would look great pinned to a belt....... 

Some of the stands were so prettily decorated.....these are tiny little felt hearts trailing from ribbons

Just look at this table setting made out of beads.....

and some very special Christmas baubles

These were nice, made from Nestabilities, they put large beads in between the layers to keep them apart, and threaded them onto wooden skewers. They would make a very pretty decoration for a party table I think 

and there were some people there who really could paint, an artist was painting this with watercolours, I loved it. Now I would hang that on my wall in a flash........

Back to the oil painting - they gave us a large artists box to carry them in, with the masterpiece carefully taped by them so that they wouldn't move around. So we lugged them home on the subway, had another mutual admiration session at the hotel, and when it was time for me to fly home, I just carried the box as hand luggage. Honestly, the Mona Lisa hasn't been as well treated as these blessed paintings. So there I was, just about to settle myself in the plane when I realised I had left the box at the gate. So I had to push past everyone trying to get on the plane - you know, that time when everyone is opening and shutting the overhead bins, then leaping to their feet when they realise they have forgotten to take out their book.... So there I was, going against the flow,  muttering 'excuse me, sorry....sorry.....excuse me.....terribly sorry......'
The flight attendants looked suspicious and asked where I was going 'terribly sorry, I left a valuable painting in a box by the gate'.
Where did I get that from? It was a free 'make and take' for heavens sake. Still I rescued it, and now that I have it home (I'm going to whisper this, so come close.....) I don't like it very much.

I still have photos of cards from the Copic stand, and a few others,  to show you tomorrow, so see you then


  1. Oh, Enfys, I love you! You make me laugh so hard sometimes and as you know, laughter is the best medicine for just about anything. You should charge for medical services! ;) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos from your trip! ~ Christy

  2. Enfys, your oil painting isn't bad at all! Pretty good actually. :) Looking forward to seeing more photos from your trip. Take care!


  3. You are so funny, Enfys! I LIKE your painting and I would gladly hang it on my wall. :)

  4. I love your stories Enfys! Looks like you Goils as Popeye would say had lots of fun!

  5. your oil painting is lovely and I do love your stories. I look forward to seeing your blog every morning.
    Stay healthy and much love to you.
    Bev V.

  6. I love your stories! You really make me laugh...thank you so much. I hope to meet you one day. I just think you are one terrific person with a fantastic personality with a lot of talent!
    Keep those stories and photos coming....

  7. Your sense of humor is wonderful, I see by reading all the comments people are leaving on your site you are keeping us laughing in the isles so to speak. Love the Nestie products.

  8. Very Nice work 4 "just 1 hr" as far as the art hangin' in the Hotel, well u know what they say,..."beauty
    is in the eye of the beholder" or else it's w.in the "ART" budget!
    By the way was that a key or a head on a stick? R U going 2 do a Tutorial for us on the "felt rose"?

  9. Oh Enfys, I have to say I get such a chuckle reading your blog...you've got such a wonderful sense of humor! I do have to say that I thought you all did an awesome job with your paintings! I love all the pictures, looks like an awesome show!

  10. I like your painting Enfys. We are
    our on worst critics!!! I loved your story of how you left it behind, your valuable painting!
    Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face.

  11. Wow,you did a great job on that painting. Who would ever guess you only had an hour lesson. I really love it. What a funny story.

  12. Well, I like your painting. I'd be proud to hang it on my wall! I can't imagine the going off a plane to get something you've left... I don't think they'd let us off over here... Maybe that's why you said it was valuable. lol Thanks for sharing all the pics. Hugs, Jess

  13. I don't know why you think your oil painting isn't good. I am impressed and wouldn't have guessed it was your first try. Thank you too for the Saturday morning laugh. Your stories are the best and I can just imagine what everyone was thinking when you were trying to retrieve your artwork. Thank you to for all the pictures from your trip.

  14. Lovely story Enfys, love the christmas decorations with the beads, and the nesty thingy. Can imagine the looks you were getting, thanks for the laugh.

  15. Lovely story Enfys, love the christmas decorations with the beads, and the nesty thingy. Can imagine the looks you were getting, thanks for the laugh.

  16. I think you did an admirable job on your painting. You sound like my Aunt who did painting for years and didn't think any of it was very good. They had one of her painting stollen from an exhibit at a local mall and she didn't think it was worth being reimbursed for, but they gave her $150 because they thought that was what it was worth. We have a few in our home too. I'm guessing it just isn't your color pallete, becuase it is done very well.

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures with us, I'm enjoying them!

  17. I think it looks pretty darn good especially as you had never painted in oil before, fancy leaving your valuable piece of art at the gate.....lol

  18. Enfys, I think you are just too close to your painting and too hard on yourself ;- ) Sooo, funny. I think that rose would look great on a hat too. I think you could make some money for those grandkids future education making hotel art though. You covered so much and with such humor. Loved it all. I bet Diane moves it our too!!!

  19. Hi Enfys!

    Actually you painting is wonderful! For a first piece, it really is quite good. If you plan to take on this medium, please save it and display it, and you will watch your progression and realize you did have a good eye for this kind of painting!

    While your stories are always entertaining, calling this a valuable piece of art was actually what it is for you!

    I hope you have tons of fun learning to paint!


  20. toooo funny...great pics and your painting is lovely....

  21. Good heavens, Enfys...if I'd done it it would look like the ones on the lift! I do love to come read your stories.. not to mention see all your creations! Thanks for the smiles,

  22. Ha, ha Enfys - sorry for howling with laughter at the end of your great post. I know the feeling of fighting against the flow to collect something you've forgotten - the last time I had to do this I put my hand over my mouth and kept muttering that I felt sick, the passengers parted like the Red Sea! But the punchline that you don't even like the painting now, after all that, totally creased me up! And I like the painting too - am with others on this one :) Di xx

  23. Oh girl...how lucky your family is to have you in their lives! I've got one of those valuable paintings in my attic that I did a few years back, but mine was of a farm scenery. You can feel proud of your accomplishment...I'm glad you retrieved it! Looks like you girls had fun...TFS!

    aka cyimbugbitten


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