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Monday, 20 February 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that.....

Here is one of the sample cards I made for the TV launch of a limited edition Candy Doodles CD from Polkadoodles, those of you in the USA who don't have Create and Craft TV may find it fun to watch part of the programme and see Nikky and all the lovely DT samples HERE when you get to the page, click on watch video...if you fall in love with the CD, remember that Nikky offers free worldwide shipping

When I was tidying up my computer files, I found this quick little photo tutorial on making a bow that I made ages ago but forgot to put on here until now. I find it really useful for those wide ribbons, that make very impressive bows, but can be very bulky on a card....

First of all, cut a length of ribbon (obviously depending how big a bow you want, probably about 9") and open the prongs of a brad.....

Fold your ribbon into a sort of shawl shape like this......

and taking no notice of my inky fingers, scrunch up the ribbon at the centre point like this.....

you can adjust the way the bow is looking a bit at this stage, 

Then still holding the scrunched up middle, lay the ribbon down on the opened brad....

and close the prongs of the brad tightly at the back of the bow...voila! I first saw this bow being made on a craft TV show, and have used it a lot ever since

A few of you were rather taken with the twiggy wreath I used the other day, I called it a twig wreath and I think a few people have been driven crazy doing internet searches...oops, I looked again and it is called Grapevine wreath, made by Memory Box which is a USA company, which is where I bought all my Memory Box dies, but they are available in the UK as well

I spent a lot of time yesterday curled up in a ball at the side of a bed, hiding behind doors, crouching behind chairs - yes, Max has discovered Hide and Seek. 
Go and hide please Ma...
Okay Max, count to twenty....
I can only count to fourteen ......
Okay Max, count to fourteen then come and look for me..

so there I was lying on the floor at the side of his parents bed when the small  tyrant  person found me
You are ridiculous Ma (the latest big word he has learnt, and he loves to use it) lying there, and you shouldn't be wearing your shoes in Mummy's bedroom

Small people are adorable when they are being bossy! 

I am spending the next two days at the Stitches show at the NEC in Birmingham, looking at the latest and greatest in the Crafting industry, I see Tim Holtz has already jetted in, together with various other famous names from the USA, I only have a ten minute car  ride and I will be there.....and I will be sure to take the camera and report back to you


  1. Fabulous creations and what an amazing tutorial with your bow making you make it look so easy and what a great idea using brads l have trouble with bow's can't really do them very well but having seen it l'm sure it's a better and easier way for me to try thanks, enjoy your shows:)Sandra H

  2. Your card is beautiful and thank you for the bow tutorial! I think I will use that alot!

  3. beautiful card. Love the twiggy thing and I think it is awesome you were playing hide and seek.

  4. 1. Adorable card.
    2. Thanks for the link to the tv spot, I'll have to check that out.
    3. Thanks also for the bow tutorial, what a quick and easy way to make a bow, I am definately going to be using that technique.
    4. Max sounds like such a cutie. I love when little ones learn big words.
    5. I was wondering if you would be seeing Tim Holtz at the show. I see he is also going to be on QVC UK also, or maybe by now he already has been.
    6. Can't wait to see all the pics from the trade show.

    That was quite the info packed post!

  5. ooooh en!! that is one yummy card!!!
    romfl at max!! he's sooo cute!!
    and thank youo's for the die info and the bow tutorial is fabby!!
    have a good shop hun:) hope the show is fab and feel free to hugs lord tim for me!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  6. Your card is so fantastic.
    Thank you for the tip with the bow.

  7. Gorgeous yummy card Enfys! Saw some of the shows yesterday. I love that bow tutorial and will definitely be using it. Hehe I love Max. One of my boys went through a hide and seek stage, he was brilliant at hiding. Once he was in the hot press, the next time he was in the tumble dryer!! Why didn't I think of those places lol.

  8. Gorgeous card.

    Thanks for the bow tute, I'm lazy these days and use my Bowdabra :/

    Awww enjoy your games of H&S, just don't forget to take your shoes off!!

    Claire x

  9. A very yummy card! Thank you for the bow tutorial, its brilliant! Have fun at the show, am looking forward to the pics. No playing hide and seek with Timmy now!! xx

  10. Thanks for the tutorial Enfys, am going to try it. Love your card and enjoy the show.

  11. Hi Enfys fabulous tutorial with the ribbon, its looks gorgeous as does your card, love the strawberries and the beautiful colour combo. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  12. Your strawberries look so delicious. Our little ones are so funny sometimes aren't they. When my oldest grandson learned the word ridiculous he pronounced it redickulareus. Thanks for the bow tips too

  13. Hi Enfys, love the card and the bow. I can't wait to have grand children. Have fun at the craft show and can't wait to see your pics.

  14. OH you do know how to have fun. Hide and seek and Tim Holtz all in one week. Cold life get better?
    Thanks for the bow tutorial.
    Have fun and I can't wait to see the videos.

  15. Thanks for that tutorial on bows. I am always amazed at how many different takes there are on simple bows. I like a lot of others, have difficutly making mine look nice and loopy...if you know what I mean. I'm gonna try this. I have lots of old satin ribbon that my mother had in her sewing room. So this will be good for them. I have visions of you, lying flat, waiting to be found. lol I can't wait till Mason is old enough to play like that. (He just went into his regular crib yesterday, so I've got quite a wait!)Love the card too. TFS, Hugs Jess

  16. Love your card and the bow tutorial, TFS ,
    have a lovely day!

  17. Love your card Enfys. I am sure you really enjoyed the time with your grandson. I figured out this Bow-making technique years ago --it is so nice of you to share it on your blog. Sometimes, instead of a brad, I may cinch the middle with another piece of coordinating ribbon and hot glue gun the middle. Then you get a two-toned bow which is quite lovely. Enjoy the craft show!

  18. What a great way to do a bow - TFS.

    Have a wonderful time at 'Stitches'.

    Toni xx

  19. What a pretty card. It's plain, simple and elegant. Thank you for the bow tutorial. I have some big ribbon I don't use because the bow is so bulky. Now I can stop looking for a twiggy wreath, thank you for the info! Have fun at the show and take lots of photos. Aren't grandchildren precious? They sure humble you.

  20. Love the strawberry card and thank you for sharing how you made the beautiful bow! I enjoyed Max's escapades too! Have fun.

  21. Love your strawberry card Enfys - really fresh looking. Thanks for the instructions on making the bow, it looks so simple that even I may manage it :) Pat x

  22. Adorable card. Love the idea of using brads to make a bow.

  23. Thanks for the bow tutorial - I needed that LOL!

  24. Gorgeous card, those strawberries look fab and the sentiment is great, thanks for sharing the little bow tutorial as well, a really clever idea
    Lindsay xx

  25. such a sweet card and thanks for sharing the bow tutorial...I am lovin those dies I seen more than one I HAVE to have!
    there is a toy out where they hide the carrot I think it is and the bunny finds it

  26. Your card is lovely! Thank you for the fantastic bow tutorial! I think I will use that alot!
    Blessings Bernie


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Enfys x