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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

CHSI Trade Show.......

It's been a busy few days, time for the big UK trade craft show. I wasn't working, just a visitor, wandering around making a nuisance of myself and catching up with friends in the craft industry. I got a gift - Diane from my Fiskarettes design team made me my own little pincushion, like a little voodoo doll monster. I guess when I am tearing my hair out over a project that is going a bit haywire, I can take my frustrations out on my new desk buddy!

 I did go along to help set up the Fiskars stand. It looked pretty good when we stepped back to admire it.....
 Me with my Fiskarettes team mate Diane Williams, who is a permanent member of the team and a huge support to me, I haven't got a photo of Keren Baker, also on the team who was demoing the sewing tools on the stand - it was great to meet up in person at last with these two, who keep me sane when the going gets tough! Here is Diane again with my BFF Kath Stewart, longtime member of the Fiskars family......................

 This was a stunning applique piece

 Fancy knitting a tree anyone? Yes, the whole of
this display was knitted!

The quilts on display were stunning

and as always, the Paper Artsy
card displays were very inspiring.....


  1. Beautiful pictures Enfys. The Fiskars stand looks so bright and colourful too. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Oh how fun. It looks like you had a wonderful time catching up with your fellow crafting friends, and also seeing the latest and greatest craft items and displays. I love hearing your story and having a visual from your awesome photos (BTW, you are looking fabulous). I have to say that the knitted tree is incredible, I've never seen anything like it. I cannot imagine the hours that went into creating that enormous and complex display.

  3. It was a fun day Enfys, but so much hard work for you guys !! Just keep sticking those pins in .....

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Love the pictures from the trade show! So much creative inspiration!!!

  5. Did you know Fiskars is a Finnish brand? I am half-Finnish and am proud to say we make top quality products. Fiskars are sharp and cut really good. Oh, and the display you made looks really nice and organized! I didn't know that display tree was knitted, it looks so good, props to the artist. What a trade show!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x