Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Not much crafting....

There hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on Chez Nous this week, but I can share with you this card from this month's Papercraft Inspirations Quick Cards magazine. My commission was to make four cards with a theme of 'drinks with friends' and this is one of them. The magazine has a lovely stamp set as the cover giveaway this month, look out for it on the newstands now........

and this is the reason for the lack of crafting, the whole house seems to be in uproar, but now that it's ongoing, I am rather enjoying it and keep stroking my new hob and worktops........

the only bit of colouring I have done is slapping some paint samples onto a wall, whoever thought of those little tester pots is a genius, the colours look so different on the wall compared to the colour charts, and different again when the paint has a couple of coats and is totally dry

Don't forget it's your last chance today to put your name down for the Polkadoodles CD, I will be drawing the winner tomorrow

Any of my UK blog friends going to the Hobbycraft show at the NEC later this week? I will be there on Friday.......  


  1. Just making sure that I put my name in, I can't recall if I did already. Those designs are awesome!
    Enfys, I know what you mean about paint and how the colors change when they dry etc. We even had an event at a local paint store last week where you could choose a free quart of paint in any color you wished. I told my husband to go down and get one as he was buying other hardware items. They were out of white, cream, ivory and black basically all the neutral colors. You know he had no idea which color to pick! Over the phone I said take a nice brown, he said "Honey, there's 500 shades of brown!" So funny, now I have a can of mystery brown paint to try.

  2. loving your fun card En...hey that could be us at The NEC...the kitchen is coming along nicely...see you Friday hugs kath xxx

  3. What a fun image Enfys - lovely card.

    Being in the middle of all that work can't be fun but just think how super it will all be when it's done.

    Toni xx

  4. Love the card Enfys - I'll have to look out for the magazine. Your kitchen is starting to look very smart - bet you can't wait to get it finished. When we had ours done I still had three teenagers at home, boxes of food and cooking utensils everywhere - it was a nightmare! Pat x

  5. Love your card! TFS.
    D- (AOL Email follower)

  6. That's a big project you've undertaken. Looks great. Anxious to see the finished project.

  7. Your card makes me smile. :-)

    Your kitchen makes me drool!!!

    Barbara in AZ

  8. Hey En, Kitchen is looking good! What color have you chosen? I'm pretty good at figuring out most british 'terms' Not sure though, does Hob mean a cook top?
    Hope Mikes back is better.
    Love the card. I really want some of those kinds of stamps. Well...someday. lol TFS and big hugs,Jess

  9. It looks like it will be such a nice and cheery space, once the dust clears and the fairys come and clean it all up, Enfys ;- ) Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Love your card. That line of stamps with the lady friends is just wonderful!
    Know what you mean about paint color. My hubby wants the livingroom to be green, I DO NOT! So we went to the store and picked a couple colors that I liked. When we got the swatches home, they were green! They sure looked different in the store. With a sofa we were looking at, I didn't want it because it was green. He got a sample of the fabric and it sure doesn't look green in our livingroom.
    Still haven't picked a paint color!

  11. Hehe great image Enfys! Reminds me of me and my girls! Love your colouring too :)
    Lizy xx

  12. Luv the images!!! Oh the fun of paint colors??? But it is WELL worth it in the end...really it is

  13. Such a fun card! Its fab! All your hard work will be worth it! Good luck choosing the paint! xx


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