Monday, 27 February 2012

Wood and a Spring wreath....

 I have been getting my hands inky, playing around with alcohol inks, glossy paper, all sorts of stuff. I had a few people wanting to see the Memory Box Grapevine Wreath die again, so this time, I cut it three times in white, and stacked the cuts on top of each other, to make a nice bushy realistic looking wreath. The flowers are a mix of Martha Stewart, and Memory Box Primula, all cut out in white and coloured with Promarkers.

I really wanted a dark dramatic background for my little white wreath.....

Here's what you will need. Run a piece of glossy photo paper through an embossing machine using a woodgrain folder - this one is by Sissix. Gather up all your brown and tan alcohol markers, and some blending solution with a blending tool......

Start by scribbling various coloured Promarker browns in a very random way over the embossing.....Don't be afraid to add some black, that sort of settles in the creases and looks like weathered wood.....

Wipe the whole lot over very lightly with a dry blending tool (with felt pad, not foam), and then put just a tiny tiny tiny spot of blending solution onto the pad and dab it as though you are afraid a snake may pop out of the wood and bite you.....just here and there, you can see the effect on the left of the photo below

The end result is quite nice I think - it would be good for a fence as well

 Have you all discovered Pinterest? I have seen a few familiar names on there. What is it? A totally addictive waste of time, way of 'pinning' all sorts of things that catch your eye to your own pinboards, that you can share with friends. So if you see a fabulous card/tutorial/project/anything,  and want to save it for future reference, instead of saving to a folder, pop it on your pinboard (and of course, you get to see all the fabulous cards and projects that other people have found as well, so it turns into a sort of giant pinboard, whether you are looking for new kitchen ideas, tasty dinner ideas or want to know how to make a tissue paper flower......) So my boards are all things that I have admired elsewhere, although some people do seem to put their own stuff on there as well. It's actually a lot of fun to see what other people like. So my boards are 
Craft Ideas, Yummy stuff, For the Home, Printables, Quotes. and so on.........the thing I can't work out is how the site owners make their money? There doesn't seem to be any advertising on there - yet

Another 'Maxism' today - that child is coming out with the one-liners so quickly he will fill a book soon. He will be five in May, and is clearly thinking ahead...

Daddy, I would like a jet pack for my birthday please..

I think that may be rather expensive Max, only the army and astronauts use them...

I'm going to join the army!

Are you?

Yes, when I am 61

Why 61?

Well, when you get to be a hundred, you are supposed to be dead

See you tomorrow


  1. Amazing background Enfys! Love it with the whiteness of the wreath. Lol at that kid. I am trying to stay away from Pinter as I have not got enough hours in the day as it is lol

  2. Those Maxism's are hilarious!! And I had to ask my daughter the other day what Pinterest was!! I believe I have enough craziness in my life without starting another thing!! And I have to tell you that when I pulled your blog up, and saw your wreath, before I read your comments, I thought that was actually a real piece of wood! Great job!!!


  3. oh enfys...what a fabulous transformation. tfs.

  4. Great look. I had to leave your blog to go find you on pinterest and look at the cards you pinned and repinned afew. I love pinterest. It is wonderful tool for saving and finding ideas.
    Judy form Wisconsin

  5. I'm scared to try pinterest...I don't have enough hours in the day as it is!! Great card, love the wood background and the triple layered wreath. I sure hope you are writing all the wisdom from the Grandkids down someplace!!!!

  6. OMG this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and you did as fabulous job!!!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, am going to have a go.Just discovered Memory box dies, so the wreath will go on my list now.
    Max is too smart. LOL

  8. oh en, oh my golly goshness!! that is just absolutely awesome hun, I am going to have a go with that...if i ever get some crafty time this week! my week is being sucked up and I haven't really achieved one thing yet!! lol!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  9. Fabulous background effect - the wood looks amazing. Great card.

    Toni xx

  10. OOOOOh my goodness!!!! your Max is to die daughter and I are on Pinterest all the time...
    fabulous card...the wood look is great!!!!

  11. OMGosh what an adorable child! Such a joy to be around.
    Love this card Enfys. I'd have never thought that making cardstock muddy would look so good! Great idea. And I just love those little flowers. TFS

  12. Enfys, your card turned out beautiful. All of that coloring made that glossy paper look like real wood!!! An amazing job!
    Love those Maxisms!!!!

  13. Really beautiful. I have yet to invest in Copic markers, but this might put me over the edge!

  14. Max has his Grandmothers sense. So cute!
    I love this card and thanks for sharing the technique. I am on Pinterest but I wasn't sure how to explain it. You made it easy to understand. It is a lot of fun. I would like to pin the technique you showed today but I am not sure how to do that.

  15. This is such a beautiful card. Received my grapevine wreath in the post yesterday. After many attempts, I finally happened on the right build for my Cuttle Bug. I love the way the vine looks in white. Will have to try it out when I return from my appt. at the VA.

    Have a great day.

    Hugs, CyndiU
    cureta2 at yahoo dot com

  16. So beautiful Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  17. Such an interesting card. I learn something new every day from you Enfys and also from Max! I glance at Pinterest once in a while but I already am lacking in exercise, so I don't need more things to occupy my sitting time.

  18. Wonderful wood technique, Enfys. The card turned out lovely too. and of course Max is precious as ever ; - )

  19. I waste a great deal of my evenings on Pinterest. Guess I better look for you so I can see what you are looking at. I love this wood grain idea and the wreath is so pretty. We have snow right now (more to come tonight too) so I would love a card like that to brighten the day.
    Tell Max to keep the conversations coming. It lightens my day.

  20. Wow, wow, wow - that background is brilliant. Dare not try Pinterest. Too much time on the computer plays havock with my M.E. so will just stick to the blogs I can manage. Thanks though xx

  21. Awesome background! Thanks for showing how you made it look like weathered wood.

  22. Wow! This is stunning! That looks like real wood! And it makes your wreath pop! What a neat technique! Very inspirational! ~Vanessa


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