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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Odds and Ends

The last few photos of things that caught my eye  at the Frankfurt craft fair. This first little cupcake shaped box is one I decorated in a make and take - looks good enough to eat doesn't it? My mum used to put those silver ball things on trifles at Christmas, so I thought of her when I was making this.

 They had cake stands filled with non edible sweet treats.....
I loved the wedge shaped cake slice boxes with the chocolate sprinkles, imagine these filled with home made chocolate truffles for a gift...

 The rolled up paper on  this decorated bird house was a banknote. A little bird was holding it in it's beak. Cute!
 I have no idea how the flowers on this box card were made, I don't speak German, and they didn't speak English, but they were so pretty, they really gleamed, so I think they had covered each bloom in glossy accents

This is a poor photo, but I liked the idea, they were four tiny camera charms mounted onto the card with ribbons, the sentiment says Smile

A quilled butterfly..... and an origami frog
I love the blues on this card
and the next ones were all on the Copic stand The woman there was a bit brusque (especially when she heard I was a ProMarker fan), and didn't seem to like us taking a lot of photos, so they are a bit badly focused. Some of the images are digi images from Saturated Canary 

That's all the photos from the German show, I hope you've enjoyed seeing them. I am going to the big UK trade show in two weeks time, so will be able to bring you the latest and greatest from the UK. I have had a couple of comments from Australia, looking longingly at some of the new products I have posted. Good news for you. Mandy Hall of Scrappy-go-Lucky is bringing a lot of fabulous stuff over to Australia for the very first time, all expected in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on her site, because the stuff will fly out the door when it gets there

I'll have the names of the first challenge winners on Tuesday, and will be setting a new challenge with more exciting prizes from Letraset.  


  1. wow, they are all gorgeous aren't they En?! I have made one of those spiky flower ball thingies before and oh man does it take forever!!!
    awesome to see a tiddly ink and saturated canary on your travels too!!
    love the cake box!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. Gorgeous array of crafty goodness Enfys. I especially love the quilled flowers!!

  3. Thanks for showing all the great ideas from Germany. I made 75 cake slices for my Dad's 75th birthday party a couple of years ago. I can't wait to see what you show us from the UK show.


  4. Everything looked fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I can't believe how real those flowers looked in the box and the cupcakes...wow.


  5. At first glance I thought that was a real cupcake! Lots of lovely cards, thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for showing us these great projects from Germany. I can't wait to see the UK show ideas. TFS, Mary M

  7. I had completely forgotten about the challenge...lol I do that a lot. I loved those lavender flowers too! I might try to make some of them using my cricut. Thanks for showing all the pictures. Even the Copic ones. TFS my friend

  8. Hi Enfys, I've been doing these little origami frogs for years and years, however only with white paper. Never thought of using nice pinted paper!!!! PS. I love your oil painting and think you should hang it in your little craft space.

  9. They sure had some beautiful cards at the show. It looks like they had some dies I haven't seen before. So glad you had a great time.

  10. Wow...what a lot of amazing projects! :) I love the cards and I am glad to see she was using one of my images...how fun to know they made it to Germany. LOL

  11. Wow so much eye candy. I would need a week off in bed.just to get my mind to stop spinning with ideas. So much fun. The first few pictures sent me to the kitchen looking for something to eat.

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Enfys. Because I won some Promarkers on your site, then bought some more, I'm a real Promarker fan, too. Am now in the process of urging my sister to get them. She's coming for a visit soon (we live in different states) and I'm going to let her play with mine. Thanks again for your fantastic blog. It's one of the best!

  13. Thank you for sharing more pictures. The food ones do look good enough to eat. I love the colored digi image cards.

  14. Thanks for showing us all the great ideas from the show. You need to keep your prejudices to yourself a bit though, ha ha ;- ) Don't want to tick off the competition. You'd think she'd want to take on the competition. Looking forward to seeing what you find at the next show ;- )

  15. awesome pics!!!! everything is amazing..thanks for sharing..luv drooling over it all...LOL


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x