Monday, 30 August 2010


A picture heavy post today - since I haven't been near my craft desk for over a week now, I am sharing some of the scrapbook pages from the book I made for my daughter Alexandra. I am not really a scrapbooker, but enjoy doing the odd project. These pages were done 18 months ago, the book was a surprise for Christmas, she loved it. Looking at the pages now, I would probably do them a bit differently, but all things considered, I was pleased with it.
Here's her page of her university graduation, I used her university colours, the font used was the Stamped cartridge, the small sentiments are rub-ons and the photo is a bit blurry for some reason........

this is her school days page, with those photos that kids have taken each year, the apples were cut from Doodlecharms, I chalked them in red and covered them in glossy accents....... the tiny photo inserted in the D of the word DAYS was taken on her first day at school. Another Cricut font, roly poly from Plantin Schoolbook this time.

This next one tells a story, she had a beloved koala bear toy called Bobby, that her dad brought back from Australia. My mum taught her to knit, and she made Bobby a little yellow scarf. At the end of our first transatlantic flight to Florida when she was just 5 years old, disaster struck and Bobby was lost. All she had left was the little yellow scarf.......the child was distraught. The next day we let her choose any toy she wanted, and she chose the penguin, which she called Ronald Regan (yes, she was only five!). Ronnie wore the scarf, but it wasn't Bobby...... The next time Mike went on a business trip to Australia, he bought back a replacement Bobby, but he just wasn't quite right, a bit too tall, not quite so fluffy......she still talks about her loss! So this page is all about that, I dug the two replacements out of the attic, and took a photo of them for the page. The koala was cut from either zooballoo or animal kingdom, the silhouette lettering is done with the George cartridge

And this page has a photo she took of herself with her mobile phone, when she was camping at Glastonbury (a music festival). I loved it, and had to use it in her book. The cork tiles list all her interests, I stuck them on in quite a random way, I didn't want them marching in a straight line across the page........

and here is Kiki on Saturday in her bridesmaids outfit - the tiny bridesmaids had flowers and butterfly trails in pink and silver painted on their faces, very different, and so pretty.......

Here is Max getting ready to help Daddy cook the barbecue lunch after his baby brother's Christening..... he is at the age when he gets his pronouns mixed up 'Me are very handsome today Ma' he said when dressed in his new clothes for the special occasion......

and here is baby Beatrix, isn't she adorable?

last, but definitely not least, here's the newly Christened little Milo, who was just faintly bemused by the whole thing

So a real family post today, I was so busy taking care of Monty that I didn't take a photo of that little chap, sorry Monty, but we did have fun didn't we?
Back to the craft desk now, see you tomorrow


  1. I love your layouts.. you are so darn talented.. so sad about Bobby. :-(

  2. Enfys, the layout pages are great and so are the pictures!!!

    What a wonderful thing to do a page in memory of Bobby!


  3. Lovely layouts with such sweet photographs of your daughter. All your family pics were beautiful. ~Diane

  4. What an awesome album! Can see why your DD loved it. Love the photos of the Grands. They are all soooo adorable!! :)

  5. Your layouts are wonderful.
    Thanks for the nice pictures.

  6. Hi Enfys, what wonderful layouts and priceless, beautiful memories, even the sad ones:} You have a lovely family Thank you so much for sharing:D xx

  7. I don't know exactly how I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago but I have to say...I love it. It is a wonderful mix of creativity and real life. I really enjoy it! Thank you so much for sharing and allowing us a peak into your life!

  8. Oh how fun to see the lovely pics of your family ... and what a beautiful family you have too. Your Grand Babies are so adorable and your daughter is a beautiful young lady as well. For a non-scrapbooker, you did a great job!


  9. Just lovely, Enfys! You have such a beautiful family!

  10. Oh what a beautiful family you have. I love the layouts.

  11. You have beautiful grandchildren. They should be models for catalogs.
    Mary Ann

  12. What a beautiful layouts Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  13. Thanks for such a wonderful family post. I love to read about folks real lives. Of course the real reason is the creativity, but I do love the pix of the kiddy's etc. Your daughter is lovely. I'm sure she loved the book. I think you did a great job with the pages. Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a fab post En, I so enjoyed that it was quite lovely!

    I bet Alex is really miffed her Mum posted photos of her in her school uniform on her blog??!! Mine would kill me! lol!

    Beatrix is just BEAUTIFUL!

    Keryn x

  15. Hi Hun
    aww fabulous layouts, gorgeous piccies, thank you so much i picked me glitters up yesterday, hopin to play 2moro, sue.xxxxx

  16. Wonderful LO's Enfys.

    Adorable pics of the kiddies. You have such a beautiful family!

  17. Thanks for this lovely 'family' post! The kids are all just adorable!


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