Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Flutterby butterflies

The Polkadoodles fairies stamps come in a set, with the girl image, then a butterfly image that you stamp seperately and attach to the girl for her wings. Or you can use them as I have here..........just pretty butterflies

The paper is gorgeous, I printed it from All Around and Everywhere CD, and stamped the butterflies directly onto the paper, then again on white

Promarkers used: denim blue, powder blue and tea green
My passport needs renewing, so I had to go and sit in one of those photo booths to have a new photo taken. The booths have become quite sophisticated. In the past, you perched on the stool, put your money in, and just as you bent down to reach your lipstick out of your handbag.........FLASH, so the first photo is of the top of your head, the flash going off startles you, so you rear up..........FLASH, the second photo is of you looking like a startled rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. Eventually of course I got a photo I was reasonably happy with, the money I have wasted in those booths.
Anyway, the new ones are a lot more user friendly, there is a very bossy female voice telling you what to do. 'Are you ready?' she snaps 'Are you SURE you are ready?' - what is this, can she see that I haven't put fresh lipstick on in case that flash went off again........


  1. Those butterflies are beautiful!!!!
    As is the bg paper! Funny story! I'm still smiling and laughing!! :)

  2. I love those butterflies... they are so gorgeous. AND of course i love your story

  3. Gorgeous card Enfys. Love teh soft pale color and the little pearls. Passport photos and DMV photos...yuck!

  4. Love this beautiful card!! Those butterflies are super cute!!

  5. Very, very lovely card! I love the soft colours and the pattern.

    In Germany we have to look absolutely ernest on passport-photos, because they have to be biometric. Everyone lokks like a wanted bankrobber...

  6. Beautiful car Enfys, very elegant!

  7. gorgeous flutterby card en and hey snap need to renew passport before trip to NYC...I usually just go to Costco for my oh so not flattering pics...hugs kath xxx

  8. Wow, Enfys, such a great idea. This cards and the butterflies are sensationell.

  9. Enfys, this card is very pretty.
    I love the stories you tell.

  10. Stunning card En and just love the soothing colours you have used. Did giggle at your passport photo story as we have just renewed Aaron's and we also had the same bossy lady as you . . . Aaron kept saying "how rude" . . . !

    Hope your back is now on the mend.


  11. Oooooh Enfys really love the colours on this one and those butterflies are to die for. Your stories are always so funny, glad you had a good day and that you didn't get lost.

    Kaye x

  12. This is such a lovely card Enfys. I love the colors you selected and the pearls are the perfect adornment to those beautiful butterflies.


  13. Enfys,
    This card is STUNNING! Really beautiful. TFS
    Oh, and I always look forward to your stories, they make me laugh.
    Not only are you quite talented, you have a wonderful sense of humor.

  14. Oh this is so beautiful...I love the colors you chose..this is my fav color. I love blues. The butterflies are awesome. I also stopped by to say I left something on my blog for you. TFS

  15. Lol You do make me giggle! Thanks so much for sharing your great sense of humor with us.
    I love the card, great butterflies. And great coloring, they look like they were stamped that color! You always make things look so easy! Thanks again, Hugs, Jessica

  16. Beautiful Butterflie!
    I would like to give one of those photo booths a try. I had my photo done at the Post Office. And no the didn't hang it up in the most wanted section.

  17. Love this card, I know exactly what you mean about photo booths. I have a theory they are still filming Candid Camera and are saving all the silly antics we get up to for that:) xx

  18. Love the butterflies and the pearls on your card. Sweet! Your life sounds so much like mine. Everyday something odd happens that makes you wonder.

  19. Ohhhh wowww Enfys,What a WONDERFUL card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  20. This card is fantastic! I love all the pearls on those very pretty butterflies.

  21. Enfys, the butterflies and the card are gorgeous! Love how you add the tiny pearls!

  22. Beautiful!! I love the butterflies with pearls! Great new look on your blog!


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