Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another Grandma Card

Here's another grandma card, made for last month's edition of Papercraft Inspirations magazine
The stamp is by Lili of the Valley - coloured with promarkers, but made a while ago so I didn't make a note of the colours used, sorry. The lettering is black glitter letter stickers by Making Memories and the punch used is by Martha Stewart

I had a mini coffee shop experience yesterday. A man came to my table, pushing a woman in a wheelchair. He left her to go and get coffee. Engrossed in my paper, I looked up, caught her eye and smiled
'I can walk you know' she announced - well no, I didn't know since I had never seen her before in my life
'Oh.........................good' I replied (well, what else could I say?)
It turned out that she got 'very tired' shopping, so they always used her (late) mother's wheelchair, and she hopped in it, he pushed her around, he reckoned it kept him fit! I don't think it did much good for his wife's fitness levels though.
Can you credit it? God gave her two perfectly good legs and she prefers to sit in a wheelchair.
He came out with the coffee, I looked very carefully, but I didn't see any sign of a halo, mind you, I didn't see a tattoo saying 'stupid' on his forehead either.....
See you tomorrow


  1. What kind of shape was she in? LOL. Interesting experience. I love the card so much!! My mother is "Nana" and she would just melt at this.

  2. Such a cute cute card!! Love it and the story, too!! I laughed out loud!! The furbabies think I'm a little strange!! :)

  3. Hi Enfys
    some peeps amaze me, who would choose to sit in a wheelchair if they dont need to!!!

    Stunning card hun, super cute image, fabulous colouring as always,gorgeous creation, sue,x

  4. OMG, Dear Enfys,
    Your card is once again become beautiful, I love turquoise.

  5. Beautiful, lovely card. The colour is YUMMY! I had to laugh at your experience in the coffee shop, reminds me of my worries of being hit by younger than I women using the little motorized buggies at Wal-Mart.

    I get tired too, almost to the point of tears while shopping with my back, sometimes my hip freezes up...BUT my real reason for not using the motorized buggies....

    I can not drive the darn things!!! I had to use one during a Christmas shopping trip my neighbor talked me into right after knee surgery, I can't tell you how many times I almost ran a person over. Like Mother like Daughter I suppose. Towards the end of my Mom's ALS illness, she used one at Wal-Mart and knocked over a display of shirts. It was actually quite hilarious!


    Lisa :)

  6. Such a pretty card, Enfys! The image is precious and I love the boldness of the black letters.
    I think it's an insult to people who actually need to be in a wheelchair, and would most likely rather be WALKING! There's a lot of strange people out there!

  7. such a sweet nana card and crikey there is nothing as queer as folk...strange woman...hugs kath xxx

  8. Love the card...as always a wonderful job. I don't know where you meet these people...your stories are quite unique and hysterical. I love them!


  9. You're too funny! You really wonder about people don't you? I used to use a day of wheelchair orientation for my new hires (health care facility). Those that thought it was fun quickly changed their minds after 8 hours. I also had those who would refuse to sit in one because it was "bad luck"
    Your blogs is so much fun to follow. Thank you!

  10. Enfys,
    What a cute card. Have you seen my fish? Take a look. I love this color. When are you on you way back to the USA...........

  11. I love todays card! People never cease to amaze and astonish me. I have 2 bad knees and I don't get pushed in a wheelchair while shopping. (It would just hinder me in my element anyway)LOL.


  12. You're not only an inspiration when it comes to cards, but also when it comes to patronizing coffee shops! I think I need to add "visits to coffee shops" as a line item on my annual budget! LOL

  13. I love this card!!
    Could be because I am a Nana, but I don't think so :-)

    I love this stamp and the colors.
    I want to try those promarkers ...someday!!
    Great card Enfys!!

  14. Adorable card.

    I love reading about your outings Enfys. You are quite the magnet, aren't you?

  15. Hi Enfys, I did see it in the magazine and though its gorgeous, love the design and the colouring. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  16. I hear they are now tattooing it on the back of the neck, so the rest of the world can't see it!lol I can't imagine choosing to sit in a wheel chair. I hate having to be pushed around when we go places that would require me to walk a distance. I have to say I wish I could have her two good legs! Or a good back!:)
    Luvly card as always. Enfys. TFS

  17. So beautiful card Enfys,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  18. Really sweet card Enfy's and I'm glad you wrote another excerpt for your book (lol). I remember my MIL towards the end stopped doing things she could do and then she lost the ability to do them! She was 88 so we all cut her some slack, but the doctor told us to get tough! As the saying goes, use it or lose it! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  19. Hello there Enfys,
    My candy arrived today, Thank you so much, I'm just about to load it up on my comp, how exciting is that! I can't wait to see what's on it, I'll report back later:D

    Thinking about your coffee shop experience....I did have a guffaw and then thought about it and wondered what was going on in the woman's brain, I decided it was probably not a lot:}
    Your card is gorgeous I just can't resist the LOTV images they are so cute. You've used beautiful colours any Nana would love this:D xx

  20. As always your card is delightful and I especially like the coloring. Your stories are what I really come to visit for and seeing how popular the book S**t my dad say is in the US right now I think you might want to consider writing "Things I learned while sipping a cup." Please include all of the US stories as well.

  21. Your grandma card had me going "awwww"! I love the stamp and your coloring is beautiful. I hope to learn how to color like you do someday.
    Mary Ann


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