Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A True Friend.............

No apologies for another fabric card today - this is another image from some of the new Loralie fabric I tracked down on Ebay. I turned it into an easel card, added lots of stitching and an Inkadinkadoo sentiment.

If this is your first visit to my blog and you haven't used fabric on cards, scroll down to labels and click on the tutorial.
Well you won't believe what happened yesterday, yes, at Dunkin Donuts. I was sitting in the sunshine, reading a magazine, two women were at the next table. Up drove a sheriff's car, I thought he had come for the free coffee that the cops are allegedly given. No, he was there by appointment with these two women, sat down and started interviewing them - in a loud voice and in full view of everyone, it was like an episode of Miami Vice. Apparently the husband of one of them had tried to strangle her with the car safety belt on saturday night. So there she was, weeping and showing her bruises (quite nasty they were, well, you didn't think I was going to carry on reading with all that drama going on did you? No, I was pretending to read, but behind my sunglasses my eyes were fixed on the wailing woman). I'm going off that place a bit, I seem to be the only normal person who goes there.
Today is our little Milo's first birthday. Happy birthday sweetheart. xxx


  1. Hi Enfys...first off, your rendition of the donut shop was hilarious...although somewhat sad too...Your card is ABSOLUTELY hilarious...love that image...You are too funny...Also...had to comment...Happy B'day to Milo...and the rest of your grandchildren are the most beautiful children ever...I know you must enjoy them :)

  2. Intersting image, lovely card, great sentiment. You seem to draw all these strange happenings, don't you? I don't believe that Dunkin' Donuts is the cause...

  3. What a funny story about the policeman interviewing the lady and your ease-dropping.

    Your card is just adorable!

    And, happy birthday to Milo!!!

  4. Good morning Enfys, wow you had a fascinating day yesterday! you never know you might be on crime watch! loving your cards since my last visit, they are all fabulous. The fabric cards are just great, might have a go at this myself, when i get a few minutes. Im behind with my blog hopping and my crafting at the moment. I need a few more hours in my day. Have enjoyed catching up with your makes, thank you for more inspiration! hugs Linda x

  5. Wow, the image is so cool and your card fabolous.

  6. Oh En, you have me laughing my socks off again with this story. I love the card, I am going to have to definitely bite the bullet and try one of these fabric cards.
    Max x

  7. oh enfs hun this is a gorjus easel card so love the image and the colurs you have used hugs cheryl xxxx

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILO. Ah 1 today imagine. My Milo will be 25 this year!! Crikey who said you were normal Enfys lol. Sounds like a great place to write a book! Loving this fabric card. I would love these in stamps, brilliant images. As they say in Hill Street Blues...be careful out there lol.

  9. Ohhh wowww Enfys,what a gorgeous card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  10. So funny. I can't decide if it would be a blast to follow you around all day or very scary! Hope this day is a great one.

  11. Wonderful card like always.
    You must return to the DD, with your hubby for protection of course. The stories are just to interesting. I hope the poor dear is OK and her hubby is... well what every you do to men that do that.

  12. I love this En. These new loralies are fabulous. I had a full day of mourning when the shopping ladies disappeared from ebay! Great find, great card. It would be awful to miss these hilarious stories from DD! Please hang in there at least for a bit longer. hugs, eileen

  13. Enfys,
    I love the card. Very, very cute!
    You crack me up.... You are very gifted both in crafting and writing. Like I said before, you should write an anecdotal book!

  14. Happy Birthday to Milo!!! Such a cute age :)

    Love the card, those ladies are adorable!!


  15. Wow En! Love your stitching on this one and all of the pink and black you've been using lately. Definitely a fave color combo of mine. I still have my Loralie fabric tucked away in the drawer that I bought because of all of your fabulous cards. Gotta pull it out and play. And that reminds me. I have yet to use any of her fabulous stamps I bought at CHA. Thanks for reminding me! Love this! xxD

  16. Fab fun card En,
    Fab fun post!

    Happy birthday to your little one!

    Keryn x

  17. OH Enfys..I don't know what to tell you about this Dunkin Donuts! LOL! I am almost afraid to go to a DD shop! The closest one is quite a ways away!

    Now your card is absolutely stunning!!!! I love the fabric images, and can't wait to make a card out of the ones you sent me!!! You rock Enfys!!!

    Happy Birthday MILO!!!!!!!!

    Donut Hugs!

    Lisa :)

  18. What a wonderful card! I feel sooo like one of those ladies!
    Normal huh? You really think you're normal? I'm told that those of us who think we're normal, are the ones who aren't so normal after all...What do you think?... Still normal huh... me too!
    Anyway, I have a quiet life unless my mother act's up. So maybe I should go spend some time a DD's to get a little liveliness! lol, at least you can just turn it off when you leave. As long as it doesn't follow me home I'm happy.
    Happy Birthday Milo!!!! I hope you have a great day!

  19. Love today's card. Yes, I would have to agree, it's time to find
    another place for your coffee fix.
    (That poor woman, I hope she gets
    away from the crazy boyfriend.)
    Happy Birthday to Milo!!!! :D

  20. oh my word enfys this is so darn cute...hugs

  21. Happy birthday Milo.. I love the card, love how you sewed around it and the sentiment is great.

  22. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [18 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  23. Great DD story.
    I love reading about your days.

    Happy Birthday to Milo.
    Grand babies are the best.

    You card is great.

  24. Oh En, how do these weird folk find you? I had a weird one today too. So, I'm driving home and this guy is in the middle of the street staring at the man-hole cover. As I negotiate my car around him, he yells at me! Gee, sorry to drive in the street when you're inspecting the man-hole cover. By the way, he was not a city employee or anything... I just love your Loralie card. Those gals look like they're having a great time. Happy, happy to Milo too. Thanks, Pam

  25. Oh how strange that you should put out this fabric card now...I just ordered some Lorelie fabric last week! I'm so excited to get it. Your donut story is hilarious. Your stories top anything on Laugh In!

  26. Another great card. Love that sentiment.
    You have the strangest things happen to you, never know when you will run into some odd situation or overhear something like that. Poor woman, hopefully she will leave that creep!

  27. Enfys,
    I am going to have to hunt down this fabric. I do so love these cards. Another great job. Happy birthday to the grandson. You are goint to have to find another place to hang out.

  28. That is the cutest card. They are such happy friends.

    I'm not sure how you seem to draw these 'unusual' people to you, but at least it gives you something to do in your spare time?

  29. Wow, I need to find a Dunkin' Donuts to hang out at! You have all the fun.

  30. beautiful card, love the image, so fun!"
    well, at least you know where to go for entertainment, better than tv!
    Happy Birthday Milo! hugs Debx

  31. Happy Birthday Milo! Love your story! Too too funny!! Love your card. The sentiment is just perfect! The friends are adorable!!! :)

  32. Drama ....Drama .....Drama - I bet it would be hard to carry on enjoying your coffee! Love the card - and love the sentiment especially! Cheers Claire x


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