Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Kindness - For Penny Black Challenge

I am trying to join in a few challenges this week, I seem to be so busy a lot of the time, and just can't fit them in, when I do, it's very therapeutic, and fun. This week on Penny Black it's a sketch, of course I forgot to copy the sketch, but that gives you a good excuse to pop over there and join in the fun.
I inked up a set called Flowers and Wishes, that I bought at the craft show at the NEC. Papers are by Heidi Grace, and the sentiment is Stampin Up. I left the background plain apart from a bit of inking, as the fresh colours really popped against the white.

I stamped the images twice, once onto white, then on to the red, and paper pieced the flowers.
Now I make a point of not talking politics on here, this is where I have fun with paper after all, but I must share this with you all..........................

Yesterday afternoon we had a text from one of our kids 'Watch the news'. So we switched on the TV (we are well-brought up parents, who always do what our children tell us).
So we were just in time to see an aerial view of David Cameron's car making it's way from Buckingham Palace to Downing Street. There were two commentators on this event, an excited American male, and a posh English bloke.
Excited American male 'are they there? The cars have stopped'
Posh English bloke 'ermm, no, they have stopped at some traffic lights'
Excited American male 'WHAAAT, you make your new president, I mean Prime Minister stop at lights?'
Posh English bloke 'that's the way we do it over there, no cavalcades or anything like that'
Excited American male 'so while we are waiting, let me see if I have this straight. You have this guy who came in THIRD (insert incredulous voice here), and is a LIBERAL (he sort of spat that word out) call the shots?'
Posh English bloke 'It certainly looks that way'
So the cars eventually negotiated London traffic and arrived at Downing Street, David Cameron got out and made a nice little speech.................................
Posh English bloke 'so the new Prime Minister and his wife enter their new home.........'
'Wait a minute' said excited American male 'isn't that Gordon Brown's home?'
'Was' replied posh English bloke succinctly
'You mean the guy lost his job and his house all in one day?' said excited American male 'he has to get out NOW? Gee, where will he sleep tonight?'
'arrangements will have been made' replied posh English bloke, sounding as if he couldn't care less if GB slept in a cardboard box 'brutal isn't it?' I swear he smirked.
Priceless, I wouldn't have missed that little bit of TV history for the world

See you tomorrow


  1. gorgeous card as always En and you did make me laugh with your running commentary of our farcical british political system...thanks for joining in the blog hop at Penny Black Saturday..big hugs kath xxx

  2. What a beautiful card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  3. What a pretty card. I really like the detail it brings. thanks for sharing.

  4. how can we not talk politics??? what a week!!!
    any way back to the craft ~gorgeous card love the flowers and that wording is just perfect!!
    vanessa xx

  5. Love, this card and the flowers and colors. As usual a "SMASHING GOOD JOB". I don't have a very good accent. I love your cards and humor. Keep up the great work.

  6. Such a pretty card. Love your version of politics!

  7. Hi En

    What a stunning card. I love those circles.
    I love the commentory you got, it sounds far more exciting than ours, Dear D Dimbley commented that the traffic lights were like the colour of our parties, not sure where green comes into it, I think he opened his mouth before he engaged his brain!!


  8. Lovely take on the sketch, you always send me off chuckling, thanks. ~Diane

  9. ROFL.. love your commentary... you are such a delight, I love your stories. AND I so love your awesome cards.. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. Hi ya En!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been around much for the last few days, been dealing with pain from an epidural shot done a week ago, I tell ya..this is more trouble than it's worth. I'm thinking I'm getting off of these patches, and just going to live with the pain..I missed helping my daughter get ready for toga day at school. I know she was absolutely frustrated, but I could not wake up.

    See..I'm rambling again..goodness.. Love Love your last 3 cards, especially the last one (today's). It is adorable, love the texture, and the layering..gorgeous!!!!!

    Now for your "political" commentary. You absolutely crack me up! I love the nonchalant, where we Americans freak about everything, it seems like!!! Now..I know it will be a different story when Prince William marries. Or maybe not. If he marries the gal he has been with forever.

    Considering all the hype from the 70's & 80's and Charles' steady stream of possible chicks. (almost wish he would have just married Camilla to begin with *sigh*).

    Don't know if this is correct, but it's my childhood memories I'm going on, with the exception of Charles & Diana, and her pregnancy as I was a young (17) pregnant girl at the same time (me, her, and Joan Lunden. LOL). Matt was born on June 12th, full name Matthew Joseph Christian Sargent. My Mom said "Well you did name him first, so no one can accuse you of trying to be like Princess Diana", She was so goofy, my Mom.

    Anyways...another can you stand it Enfys!!!! You are so awesome, I love your talent, but you already know that :).

    Lisa :)

  11. I so enjoy your stories! This one was just wonderful!! Wish I had of seen that news clip. Your card is just beautiful! The flowers are awesome! :)

  12. What a beauty!!! I love comeing to your site every day, you usually entertain me quite well! TFS

  13. Hi Enfys typical American announcers Im not surprised they dont understand the way things happen over here, their presidents dont get into government for months after being elected.
    I love your card its gorgeous, those flowers are really pretty. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  14. I love this card Enfys.
    Very pretty!!

  15. We were just talking about how well the English handled all of this at work today. Funny that you should post about it.

    Love the card too...but I really love your stories.

  16. OMGoodness, doesn't the American guy remember that when we get a new president, the old one has to move out of the White House? Sometimes I wonder where people come from!

    As for this card, that is one STUNNING, absolutely stunning card. I love it!

  17. what a gorgeous, gorgeous card! i love it.

    even the politicians in america stink lately and should all be fired - in my opinion! what is going on?????

    but that was a cute story!

  18. Hey Enfys,

    thanks so much for stopping by the blog, and thank you for the well wishes! I so appreciate your concern!

    Love & Hugs

  19. Your comments usually makes me laugh, but I got a real kick out of today's. Wish I'd seen it! I can just picture it reading your post. LOL!

  20. your card is sooooo PRETTY!!

  21. beautiful card! love the colors and the embossing is perfect! hugs!

  22. Oh En, what a fab story that is - I'm still chuckling!

  23. Isn't it fun to do challenges just for the heck of it? I'm enjoying that myself and you're right, it IS therapeutic. This is beautiful, En. Love the sketch. xxD


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