Thursday, 13 May 2010

Apple of my eye, and a sneak peek

Just a quick post today, I am busy working on stuff that I can't share just yet, but I have just received the Preserves cartridge, and this is it's first 'outing'. I found the apple lace background in a pack of papers from Tuesday Morning, the apple was cut at 3", and I added some rather random stitching. You would think a cartridge with just fruit on it would be quite limiting, but I have loads of ideas how I can use this space. Mind you, they do have some rather odd fruits that I have never heard of on there. Of course, I could always start making homemade preserves and give them away, beautifully packaged. No, thought about that for a split second, think I'll pass on that idea....
Here's a peek at a card made with Storybook and the Cri-kit pens which will be on the Scrappy-go-Lucky blog today. Now I haven't a clue what time that will appear as the blog is on Australia time. The best I can say is 'thursday'.
It's my craft day today, all packed up and ready to go... see you tomorrow


  1. You have so great ideas, all is so fantastic.

  2. Hi En, just popped over for a visit and have been giggling like mad over your last post.
    Just wait until you see yesterday's news conference in the no 10 rose garden. David and Nick looked like they'd been best friends for life and when they left, I swear it looked like they wanted to hold hands and skip off they were so excited! I'm sure it won't take long for cloud 9 to wear off!!!
    Fabulous cards by the way.

  3. yummy delicious...have a lovely crafty day out...big hugs kath xxx

  4. What a gorgeous card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Ens,

    Your sneaky peak is gorgeous, can't wait to see the entire card. I love the apple card! This is definitely one of the carts I have on my wish list, I don't know why..I like fruity cards..LOL Maybe I'm a bit fruity myself? The paper behind it is so pretty, and you did stitching on the apple? Too cute!!

    Have an awesome day today my friend!!!!

    Apple Dumpling Gang Hugs!
    Lisa :)

  6. Hi Enfys thank you for your lovely comments yesterday, I appreciate that very much.
    Your first card is beautiful simple but stunning and the second has got fabulous colouring to. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  7. Hey Enfys, thanks for stopping bye. I'm doing well. I've been catching up on my Cricut Card Fairy missions. We go for days without one and then all of a sudden there are a bunch! But I love doing it. So I just muddle through. I love your card with the purple... I think I'll have to check on the pens. I haven't got any of them, so I guess it's time I did... I'm always late with trends :) Have a great day!

  8. Efys,
    I love this purple card. Believe it or not I have this cartridge and also this paper. I love the paper. I have printed the instructions and do intend to do this card. I will make it. Love, Love, Love, it. Thanks for the comment on the blog.

  9. I've been a little leary of this cart...but everyones cards are so cute! Including yours! I love the added stitching...great idea!

  10. Hi Enfys
    Thankyou for the lovely message you left on my blog.I love the card you have made with your new cart and look forward to seeing all your ideas with it.
    I have a favour to ask do you know of anyone in the U.S.A that will post Su products to the uk.
    I cant believe how much your grand children have grown up they are so cute :)

    Take care hope you are having lots of great weather.
    Michelle xx

  11. Love your apple card and can't wait to see the rest of the pretty
    lavender one. Have you purchased
    Create A Critter yet? That is on
    my must have list when I can find
    a more reasonable price for it. :D
    Thanks for the inspiration Enfys.

  12. Brilliant card En.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I will keep a space free for that cake anytime, you never know when she might just surprise you!!
    Enjoy your craft day.

  13. Love the apple! I have that cart but haven't used it yet. Hope you have a great scrap day!! :)

  14. Love the apple Enfys - its fabulous! Preserved fruit - why ever not? I am sure you have plenty of free time on your Cheers Claire x

  15. that is uch a great card en, love the stitching on the apple and the cri-kits pens look really pretty on the flower card. hope you hae a fab crafty day hun xxxxxxx

  16. Love your cards En. That sneak peek looks like it's going to be gorgeous. I've made preserves and I can highly recommend not bothering. If we were meant to do that we wouldn't have so many fabulous brands on the market.

    Thanks so much for the lovely note and the plug for my blog. I've added 4 new followers. hugs, eileen

  17. So, I can scratch "Getting homemade jam from Enfys" off my list. Sigh.

    Darling card, I can't wait to see what else you do with the cart. I have been thinking about it as well and I 'spect you will help me make the final decision on purchasing this one! lol


  18. lovin' the sneaky peekys! so super cute! can't wait to see them! hugs!

  19. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog, Enfys. Been checking out your cards - they are gorgeous!
    Debbie x

  20. This is super cute!! love that idea..thanks

  21. I need to stop coming here because you always make me want to buy another cart. Great card.

  22. Great job Enfys! Now what kinds of fruit do they have on that cartridge that you have never heard of? I haven't actually seen that one, will have to look it up.
    Love the card on Scrappy-Go-Lucky too.

  23. oh this is just fab hun,such great idea hugs cheryl xx

  24. I already like the "sneak peaks", so I can't wait to see the rest of the cards!!! And, I absolutely love those cricut pens!!! I'll definitely be ordering more.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I was so excited to see you had come. I hope from time-to-time when you have time you'll drop in again! You're always welcome, at any time!!!


  25. BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE your cards!!


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Enfys x