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Friday 18 March 2022

Spring has Sprung.......

Today on Daring Cardmakers, the theme is Spring - perfect for making on a day which is grey, rainy and overcast here in the UK. I went simple on this, the flower stamp I have had for ages, fresh yellows and greens always look springlike, and I used dies to emboss a frame - instructions below.

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 I created this embossed frame to frame my flower stamp........

I used the Sissix foldaway, but whatever machine you have, use your normal sandwich for thin dies (minus any thin die shims). Here I have base plate, cutting mat, rubber mat, card, die (cutting edge down), cutting plate

The important thing is the rubbber mat - put

your die cutting edge down onto this, you get 

a beautifully embossed outline. Try it with intricate

dies too - a good way of stretching your supplies

Following on from my musings about my hacked blog, it reminded me of a Dunkin Donuts story that I told you before, years ago, but is relevant again now. I was sitting in the Florida sunshine enjoying my iced coffee when two cops came in and asked if they could join me. When they heard my accent they asked where I was from. 'UK' I replied.

Well one guy started talking quite randomly about Russia, he knew a heck of a lot, talked about the Tsar being assassinated, red army etc etc. His partner was open mouthed with admiration about his grasp of the subject. 'Hey Brad, you sure know a lot about this stuff......'

'yeah, it's kinda a hobby of mine'..... so we chatted for a while, they got up to go and Brad said 'It's been great to meet you, never met anyone from the Ukraine before'

Well, what could I say? If I had corrected him he would have felt a real idiot in front of his buddy, so I nodded, smiled and said goodbye. But now I wonder if there is a cop in the USA who is telling everyone 'I met a woman from the Ukraine once, spoke really good English. Hope she's okay........'


  1. Beautiful card, and thank you for reminding us about using dies for embossing. I'm definitely going to use that technique on some cards this weekend. Loved your story about that silly cop who thought you were from Ukraine.

  2. Gorgeous card Enfys, think I'm going to try this technique it looks really good...
    Ps ... great story...

  3. Hilarious story - only you En! Lovely card xx


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Enfys x