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Friday 4 March 2022

Elemental Inspiration for DCM

I seem to have been targeted by hackers who have put NO WAR banners in the Ukrainian colours on here. I have no idea how to get rid of this - working on it. Going Buggy is not, and never will be a place to advertise politically, however just their cause is.  

Another Friday, another challenge....... I found this one hard! The inspiration collage is above, and below is what I came up with. A very loose interpretation this time. The background stamp, sponged with distress inks is called French Script - that takes care of Paris then! I found a circle and some greenery there as well.......it turned into a clean and simple card that I am a bit obsessed with at the moment. The heart stems and that stitched circle are by Memory Box

The light was fading fast on a miserably grey day by the time it was ready to photograph, so this was the best I could do before I popped it in an envelope to fly down to Surrey for daughter in law Lidia's birthday

 Not much in the way of cheerful news this week, like the rest of the world I am fixated with watching in horror the news channels. I did meet up with two friends for lunch yesterday, we went to a Carvery (which is a bit of a depressing experience these days as the whole place on weekday lunchtimes is crammed with some very ancient looking pensioners.......until the realisation dawns that actually you are in the company of your peer group). From every group of tables, snatches of conversations drifted over....over and over again the words Ukraine, Russia and Putin drifted around the room. The world is weeping


  1. Oh my, I would have found that inspirational collage a bit challenging as well ... that is quite a collection of images, isn't it? However, I believe your interpretation is very creative and the end results inspiring. I love your finished card. You've managed to grab just enough inspiration from those rather random images to create a very lovely and appealing card that could be used for a number of different occasions by simply changing the sentiment.

    As you mentioned, we have also been fixated with the news channels lately. Watching in a dazed horror and filled with a nervous anticipation that this is not going to end well for ANYONE! Personally, I am feeling a horrid mix of emotions (shock, anger, hurt, grief, worry, fear, disbelief, sadness, etc), none of which are good and it leaves a very nasty feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. I'm sorry, I didn't intend to end this comment on such a negative note, but I guess hiding my head in the sand isn't very productive either. So I am going to end here with wishes for happiness to you and your family. Stay safe and well my sweet friend! Hugz, xx Carol

    1. Sending prayers for the entire world that Russia and Ukraine can somehow work this out in a peaceful way ... and soon.


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