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Tuesday 23 February 2021

Love was in the air!

Another Clearly Besotted little birdies card - I meant to post this before Valentines Day, but somehow it got lost!

I used a MFT die cut over a distress ink background. I do think these little birds are sweet

 It is 10 p.m as I write this, and I have just had an Ocado delivery - the only slot available this week. There is something rather bizarre about having a weeks groceries dumped on your doorstep by a masked man at 9.30 p.m. 

Ocado amuse me by giving me plenty of warning that the van arriving will be the raspberry/strawberry/cherry van (they 'wrap' their vans with images of fruit or vegetables). Presumably they give me plenty of notice so that I can peer out into the darkness and check that the van outside my door is indeed the long awaited raspberry van, instead of slumping back onto the sofa muttering 'no, it's the cherry van, not mine'.

I mean, how many fruit covered vans are likely to pull up at your door in one day? Still, it's nice of them to warn me to expect raspberries. Enough waffling......now I have to go and unload the stuff before bed    


  1. Your card is adorable! Those little birdies are the sweetest! Loved your story about the groceries, too. These are, indeed, strange times.

  2. Oh those little birdies are adorable. What a sweet little card of love. Whoa, waiting for groceries at 9:30 at night is a mighty long wait. Isn't it dark at that time? If so, how can you even tell what color that delivery van is. No matter, I would have already been visiting the sand man at that time. I have yet to have groceries delivered. I am still taking my chances at the super market, donning the full required attire (face masks and even gloves, with hand sanitizer in my purse if needed). What can I say ... I still prefer to select my own grocery items. I'm a bit picky I guess. Hugz to you Enfys ... I am glad to know you are well and in good spirits.

  3. This is very cute. I like the colours and the adorable birdies.

  4. Lovely card. Birds are super cute.

  5. Oh, the birds are adorable. I love the shading and coloring you did on them. Glad to see you making again. Yes I would say that time of night is a bit alarming, and especially if it is stuff that needs refridgerating that is a pain! Is everyone still in lockdown? Katie

    1. Yes we are Katie, but restrictions are being eased slowly over the next three months. Schools go back on the 8th March.

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