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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Happy Valentines Day!

 Happy Valentines Day to all you romantics out there! Here's a card made with the Some Birdie Loves You stamp set by Clearly Besotted. I love those little toucans. The aperture was cut with a MFT die - I stamped some leaves on the 'waste' of the frame and slotted it onto the back

I guess that after playing around with techniques again, my go-to comfort zone is still clean and simple cards..........

 Following on from my musings about lockdown, have you noticed that our expectations when watching TV have totally altered - I am by no means a lockdown fanatic, but find myself tutting when people are interviewed without any social distancing. Nowhere is my newly conditioned mind more alert than when watching a soap - I admit to watching Coronation Street, the only soap I follow. Those poor script writers and actors! They try so hard to be current, but as the rules change frequently according to the spread of the virus, they now have children going to school, people going clothes shopping, on holiday........all things that were probably perfectly possible when they recorded the episode some weeks ago, but are now illegal. Actors who are living in the same house in the soap, now stand awkwardly at opposite ends of a room, even when one of them is in tears and clearly needs a hug.  It must take special acting skills to appear sympathetic at those times. Then there are the people who bump into neighbours on the street, you have a group of three holding a casual conversation standing in a sort of triangle miles away from each other. My advice to the script writers would be to avoid any budding romances for a few months - it's hard to convey pent up passion when the actors can't get within six feet of each other. 

In fact, screen writers really need to think ahead a little - one character in Corrie gave birth to quads last year, did nobody think of the problems this would cause in the future? Since their birth, only two babies have been filmed at a time, most of the time the actors playing the parents are seen dashing upstairs with armfuls of nappies to their invisible offspring. These kids must be about nine months old now, in real life you would have four little humans crawling around or tucking in to bowls of sieved veggies, but these babies are miracles, they have spent nine months confined to their cribs, and sleep all day. I can only imagine the conversations that must take place behind the scenes on the soap. 'Who had the crazy idea of FOUR babies? You're fired!' 

Now I am off to watch more TV and put on my pandemic critics hat.....see you tomorrow


  1. Cute card Enfys, I don't watch Coro any more, it sounds like a nightmare at the moment!

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  2. Your card is fab. I like your clean and simply style because you still add lots of interest--like the pattern on the off-cut from your circle. I find myself criticizing television programs now, too, and wonder when I will be able to let go of that.

  3. Love today's card! I have been binge watching shows that I never used to watch since the pandemic. Here in the US, Miss Scarlet and the Duke is on and I love the series. I just wish they made more shows. There are only 6 shows. I don't know if they will have a second season yet. I look forward to seeing more of your cards Enfys!

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