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Friday, 3 March 2017

My turn to set the dare.....

It's my turn to set the dare over on Daring Cardmakers this week, and I chose this wonderfully calm and cool home decor photo - lots of elements to choose from here, the neutral tones, wood, those square window panes, the rectangle framed photo, stripes....what would you choose?

For my three elements, I chose the overlapping circles of the coffee tables, a geometric black and white, and that vase with a pop of the yellow colour

Working from this photo made me realize how much I love the clean and uncluttered look of today's home decor. Having lived through various home fashion eras - at one stage every room in my house had matching curtains and wallpaper, and a fair few Austrian blinds bunched up at the windows, I thought I was so trendy (well, I probably was back in the eighties!), not to mention an even earlier phase of dark brown walls and splashy Heals curtains with huge orange poppies - I now love clean and simple (within limits), the problem being that all those past trends means that you never quite start again with a clean slate, but have to adapt the STUFF you gather as you wander through life......so my house will never be quite as cool, calm and collected as the room in the photo, as all my treasures, gathered over the years (heavily edited now, but still loved) can't be shoved into a cupboard and forgotten. Like most things, it's all about finding a balance....


  1. I love your perspective on the clean and simple images in this photo. Your card is absolutely. For some reason, I would never have thought to use the coffee tables as an element for the card ... it's a wonderful effect, just not one that I would have thought of. I like clean and simple too, but also comfort. My home is such a distorted mess of various styles I've somehow acquired through the years. Sadly, I doubt that I will ever be able to scale it back to the true "clean and simple" look I truly love. Perhaps I should start with baby steps ... after all, there are definitely a few pieces that could (and should) be replaced.

    1. Whoops, I left out a very important word here ... I meant to say, "Your card is absolutely lovely."

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  3. Lovely card Enfys, I love the composition. Do you remember when stencilling was all the rage - walls, kitchen cupboards, anything that didn't move had a stencil slapped on! x

  4. Ooooh I love it En, so pretty and blooming clever xxxxx

  5. Love your interpretation, - you should keep all those furnishings, they will be back in fashion one day!!!!

  6. Love the card En.
    There were Austrian blinds in the bathroom of our last house - when the people before us bought it it was the showhouse, and some of the 80's showhouse fripperies were still there when we bought it years later! Austrian blinds HAD to be the worst though - just how much dust and grime could they collect?!

  7. Lovely use of patterns and the pop of yellow works beautifully, great card Enfys!

  8. Love your card and your commentary!


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Enfys x