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Monday, 15 June 2015

Beautiful Barcelona.....

No visit to Barcelona would be complete without a bit of Gaudi - the architect whose influence is seen all over the city, but never more than in the unfinished Sagrada Familia church - building started in 1882, and completion is estimated in 2026. Now I have no idea if this man was eccentric, a visionary, or just plain bonkers, but his work is like a Gothic fantasy..... 

One facade of the church is based on the story of the nativity, as well as the usual chorus of angels, there are unexpected carvings of geese and hens pecking their way around the columns, and a canopy of metal ivy winds around the doors.....

complete with ladybirds.....

 and a few spiders.......

Inside the church, apparently Gaudi wanted the columns to represent a forest.....

and the light from the stained glass windows really is extraordinary.....

another facade represents the passion of Christ

on this side, the carvings are much less joyous than on the nativity side, the columns represent bones - all in all, a most wonderful building.....

After this we took a long walk through the city, of course I spotted a few things that could be useful inspiration for crafting in this shop selling baby and Christening favours.....

and at every crossroads you wind your way around elaborate monuments - not sure who the guy is on top of this one - he has a fine view of the city though!

Those of you who are longtime readers of this blog will know my addiction to Dunkin Donuts coffee - if it can make it's way over the Atlantic to Spain, why on earth can't I have one in my town?

But as it's in a market, I was able to admire all the produce - these adorable marzipan sweets....

and the real fruit....

and watch the action at the butcher's stall.....

So there you have it - a potted version of my holiday, I hope you enjoyed it. Now back to some crafting, see you tomorrow x


  1. Really enjoyed these photos. Spain is on my bucket list.

  2. Love your travelogue, thanks for sharing! I love marzipan! My mother used to bring me all those different shapes from a little German shop in Chicago. I sure miss that.

  3. Loved your tour - I had to miss seeing the church on our tour as my legs had got too tired!! so lovely to see your pics

  4. All your photos are beautiful!!! thank you for sharing your holiday with us...

  5. happy memories of Barcelona...the beautiful city of the trees xxx

  6. It looks beautiful - Barcelona's one of the cities on my travel wish-list. Looking at the photos, I bet you came away with all kinds of crafting inspiration. Those ivy leaves! The stained glass! The wonderful colours of the fruits and sweets!

  7. Thanks for sharing your trip Enfys Barcelona is an amazing city. We've just got home from Sicily. Looking forward to seeing your crafty inspiration from your holiday x

  8. Wonderful photos Enfys. The outside of the church is such a contrast to the smooth elegance of the inside - lovely pictures.
    Toni xx

  9. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures, looks like such a wonderful trip! Welcome back!

  10. What a wonderful pictorial ... you've seen so many amazing things while on Holiday, And it looks like the weather was fabulous as well. The photos are amazing ... it's given me the chance to see places I would otherwise never see. Thanx for sharing it all with us.

  11. Wow, looks like an amazing trip! My mum was convinced that Gaudi must've been bonkers, but definitely in a funny entertaining way! You snapped some amazing pictures, looks amazing, and just looking at that detail, I bet there's years worth of things to see! And apparently no pictures ever do it justice, right?

  12. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures of your trip Enfys. The marzipans look awesome & tempting.

  13. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures of your trip Enfys. The marzipans look awesome & tempting.

  14. Greta photos, thanks for showing them to us. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  15. Wow, who would have thought it could take over 140 years to build a church! Well a cathedral really.
    I hope DD figures out how important it is to get you a coffee shop in your town. 😭
    Maybe I should write them a couple of letters. Lol. How has the moving gone? Did you at least get all the boxes unpacked? Well, looking forward to some crafty goodness. Hugs, Jess

  16. Love Barcelona Enfys , haven't been there for around two years so loved seeing your photos. Your guy at the end of Las Ramblas is Columbus pointing out to the New World. Looks like you got the the Boqueria market too.. Amazing place Rhian

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us. Out of all the wonderful photos you posted, it was those marzipan goodies that had me drooling :-)
    ♥ Lena
    Lena’s Creations


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