Monday, 28 July 2014

More Candi Cards - and London......

I'm sharing a couple more of the card samples I made for Craftwork Cards TV show last week - I was pleased with this first one, I used a hydrangea stamp 
by Heartfelt Creations, but instead of colouring the blossom, I shaped pieces of card candi and stuck them in place, adding a tiny drop of liquid pearls to the centers....

I really liked this kraft and pink spotty paper, and came across this 'dotty about you' stamp in my stash which I though would make a fun card. I cut out the hearts with my Cricut. The narrow kraft strip on the left has a few stencilled dots done with white embossing paste, and I coated all the card candi with Wink of Stella clear glitter....

On to London - we had a fabulous couple of days. We stayed at the Hilton on Park Lane - up on the 20th floor, this was the view from our window, overlooking Hyde Park and the Serpentine - you would never think that this was in the heart of the city would you?

We were going to the theatre, but first we had a detour to meet up with son James, who is Sales Director at this place, which we had never visited....

Yes, M & M world in Leicester Square, four floors devoted to little chocolates, and it was heaving with tourists. I could get quite a lot of colour inspiration for crafting from the glass walls filled with sweets.....

and the London theme was clever - here's a take on the famous Beatles Abbey Road iconic photo......

Leicester Square must be one of the most crowded and hectic areas of London town..... 

the motionless statue people that were there last time I visited have been replaced by floating people - Here's Yoda, and yes, he appears to be floating a couple of feet off the ground, just holding on to the stick. Clever, I was awestruck until Mike worked out how it was done and spoilt the magic......

Then on to a rather civilized dinner at the Criterion restaurant, fabulous building, just look at all those gold mosaic tiles on the ceiling.....

and yummy food...

Followed by this show, it was great, very funny, very witty and very British, heaven knows if all of the many overseas visitors in the audience understood what was going on.......but we did, and loved it

 I hope I haven't bored you all with this photo heavy post, but I know a lot of you from overseas tell me how much you would love to visit the UK, so I thought it may be of interest.

Only one winner has come forward for the blending pens, let's see what tomorrow brings.....see you then x


  1. Very pretty cards Enfys.
    Sounds and looks like you had a great time.
    All those M&M's do look pretty and would make a pretty background paper.

  2. Ha! I love the Abbey Rd. M&M's!!

  3. Your hydrangea is lovely. Thanks for sharing the photos. I really enjoyed them!

  4. Sounds like a great trip. I loved The 39 Steps too, but I agree that a foreigner might find it hard to follow.

  5. Enfys, these cards are so creative. I especially like the floral card, it's beautiful and must have taken forever to get all those little flowers set just right. The "dotty about you" card is great too.

    Love all the photos ... it looks like you had an amazing and fun time while in London. Count me among those from overseas that would love the chance to visit the UK. I do hope that will be a reality one day.

  6. Love that hydrangea Enfys. I may just stamp mine up and get some candi out later. Delighted you had such a fabulous time in London. Pat x

  7. What a brilliant celebrate card.

  8. What a brilliant celebrate card.

  9. What a neat way to make a hydrangea! That is so clever and pretty. Loved seeing and hearing about your London visit. We have been there twice and enjoyed it very much both times. (Once we figured how to cross a street without serious injury, that is!) Please share more with us! BethAnn M.

  10. Loved your cards! I would love to climb into you head for one day, just to see how you come up with your amazing creations! I loved the hydrangea and in a million years would never have come up with your idea. Thank you for sharing your pictures of England, love the Abbey Road M & M's!

  11. The cards are so pretty. My favorite is the hydrangea, gorgeous.
    I for one love your great photos and stories to go with them.

  12. Wow, your cards are wonderful, especially the hydrangea card. That must have taken forever, what patience you must have!
    Thank you for the London pictures, my husband and I love London. We were there 2 years ago for Trooping of the Colours and are planning on going back this fall to see London in a different season. Are there cheaper trains to get from London to Edinburgh. Last time we had a quote of almost $200.
    I think we need to add a play to our itinerary, it should be fun even if we don't get all of it.
    Cheryl A

  13. I've seen The 39 Steps here in the U.S. and it is quite possibly mmy favorite play of all time! Very Funny!

  14. And you are right about the pix. Please don't tell me what the magic of Yoda is! lol Love the cards. I made a hydrangea yesterday using the smallest die from the Stampin'Up Flower Fair Framelits set. Now that I know how it looks, I'll make some for a card. Thanks again for the London pix. Hugs, Jess

  15. Maryellen WebberMonday, July 28, 2014

    Wow, that hydrangea card must have been very time consuming,it's beautiful. Love the spotty card too.
    Thanks for sharing your photos of London. I didn't know there is a store devoted to M&'s.

  16. Love the photos frm London. Beautiful place. Never been there, only through pictures.

    Love the hydrangia card. Very beautifulo.

    Dianne Bell -

  17. Great post. Love the candi hydrangea. You might have convinced me to give that a go. Looks like you had a great time in London

  18. Love your cards!
    Sticking on M&M's would give new meaning to "Candi cards"! You should make one for your son : )
    We went to London on our Honeymoon almost 18 years ago...this California girl loves to see your photos!

  19. First: Fabulous cards...I have a hydrangea stamp and luv what you did on your..Thanks 2:The M & M Shop fantastic, we have one in Vegas too and the colors are so cool ! 3. Luv the pics of London...our grandson is planning to go to school there this the it was good to see a little of where he's going and a little scary too.and lastly..where are these winner??? i desperately check everyday for my there still a chance there will be another waiting waiting and checking....

  20. Wow! Love both of the cards, that hydrangea one is just amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us. And thanks for the London pictures. We've been to England several times and have yet to go into London. We fly into Heathrow and get right out to some of the small towns. One day I think we'll have to visit London though, so much to see.

  21. Really pretty cards Enfys. Looks like you had a fab trip to London.

  22. Looks like a fun time. Love that hydrangea card very clever

  23. Beautiful cards! That hydrangea is amazing... love all that dimension!

  24. Beautiful cards Enfys - love the hydrangea.

    Fab photos - the M&M 'take' on the Beatles is super. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Toni xx

  25. Great cards and a fab London trip x

  26. Oh my, that hydrangea looks absolutely stunning! I had a peek at the video recording of the TV show and I loved those soft coloured candies.
    Sounds like a great trip. It's been many years since I last visited London, but I can still remember how awesome the musical Cats was. Even my husband, who was at the time not used to watch anything in English without subtitles, could follow the texts without any problem. Sheer perfection!

  27. Very pretty cards Enfys. Thank you that shared with us these magnificent photos. It is really gorgeous and interesting tour.
    hugs, Helena


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