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Friday, 29 November 2013

Winner of Limited Edition ProMarkers

No card today, I seem to have been busy doing not a lot. My friend Anne bought me a fabulous birthday present - we went to see the Royal Ballet production of The Nutcracker. It was totally magical, the sets were wonderful, and of course the dancing was perfect..... 


I must admit to sitting there watching and marvelling at the way the sugar plum fairies sank gracefully to the floor, then after watching a solo, they spring equally gracefully and elegantly to their feet to start dancing again - could I ever do that, even when I was young? Have I ever been able to unfurl my limbs and rise to my feet without an inelegant stumble?- How do those male dancers do all those twirly things, jumping about three feet in the air, turning a complete circle, landing then doing it again - about ten times in a row. How come they don't fall over all giddy and disorientated like normal people? That jump thing they do looks a bit impressive as well - you know, the one where they leap in the air, then sort of twiddle their toes together very quickly before hitting the ground again. Sigh, I blame my parents for never sending me to ballet lessons, they were fixated on the piano, if they had, I could have worn a little frilly tutu and twiddled my toes, and maybe, just maybe, even now, I would be able to get up from the floor without some assistance.......

Enough. On to the winner of the Letraset Autumn/Winter ProMarkers. The name that Mr Random chose this time is


nnalorac said...

Great tip when you have a card to make in a hurry Enfys. Love the soft effect, never seem to achieve it using too many colours. Love the sprinkling of Frantage, finishes it off beautifully. Gorgeous card and thank you for a chance of the new colours. Carolxx
Congrats Carol, email me with your address and I will get them in the post to beat the Christmas rush!
Finally, http://papercraftinspirations.themakingspot.com/ are having a big blog party this weekend. Keep popping over, there will be lots of givaways all weekend, lots of projects to look at, free downloads, and altogether a jolly time to be had. You need to keep checking, there will be posts made throughout the three days, including one by me on Sunday that I am rather proud of - I will give you another reminder then! It really is worth going over, there are great giveaways, a Wild Rose studio prize has only three entries at the moment. Open to UK and US residents. Good luck!


  1. Well done to Carol and thanks again Enfys.

  2. WOW, going to have fun I see. Thanks so much Enfys. Loved the tip. Carolxx

  3. Well, my two youngest daughters did ballet when they were little but obviously the elegant posture and moves wears off over time . . . Pat x

  4. Sounds like a lovely night out. Thanks for the link - unfortunately the contests are not open for rest of the world - only UK and US

  5. What a fabulous birthday present, I love the Nutcracker and have watched it several times on Sky Arts 2

    I was lucky enough to go to dancing classes and I had two pretty tutus that my Mum made me - but for all that, I still find it difficult to get up when I crouch down to look at something in a shop LOL

    Toni xx

  6. Wow, sounds like a wonderful experience. It's been way too long since I've been to the ballet. I took ballet for a couple of years and tap. Now, if I were to lift my foot off the floor....I'd fall down! lol it's all about practice.
    hugs, Jess (oh and have you gotten your card yet? That would be a no. As I found it in my car this morning! Sorry I forgot all about it:()


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Enfys x