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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Paper Floristry...

My turn over on the Craftwork Cards blog again today, here's one of the cards I made for their recent launch of the Paper Floristry kit on Create and Craft TV. I love making flowerpot cards, and all the little blooms just cried out for one......

I just love this colourway, don't you?

I told you I had a few nice surprises, how clever of the postman to bring me these two cards all the way from Florida on the day of my birthday! From two of my craft group over there, Cheryl and Bev, I really appreciated them making me cards and sending them all the way across the Atlantic. Miss you both lots!

We live in a small gated development, so any deliveries have to be announced by the driver via our entry phone. The phone kept ringing! First of all was this gorgeous bouquet from my crafty partner in crime Kath, totally unexpected and quite delightful. Thank you Kath (the flowers have opened over the weekend, and are the perfect colour for my kitchen) 

and from friends Dick and Gilly.......

and from son Edward and Lidia. By this time the house resembled a florists shop and I was running out of vases.......

The bell rang again. More flowers? No, it was a man delivering a Stannah Stairlift. Now for those of you not from the UK, this is a company that makes motorized chairs that transport you upstairs. They advertise constantly on daytime TV, showing happy smiling (old) people sitting on their chair moving slowly and safely up the stairs. For a mad, panic-stricken moment I thought my children had bought me one for my birthday (they would think that was very funny), but no, the delivery man had the wrong address. Breathe.

See you tomorrow x


  1. How timely that the delivery man had the wrong address on your birthday! I can only imagine the thoughts that went through your mind at that moment. Bet this story gives your kids a laugh.

  2. Gorgeous flowers on your card and IRL too, lucky you. That made me laugh about the stairlift x

  3. Beautiful card Enfys and such a lovely lot of flowers for your birthday.

    Toni xx

  4. Beautiful card Enfys.
    Also beautiful flowers on your birthday.
    Lovely story abouth the stairlift.
    Have a great day,

  5. I do enjoy your posts, you just make me smile :) Glad you enjoyed your birthday and were spoilt - Debbie

  6. No stair lift for you Enfys - you're way too young!! Saw your cards on CC blog - they are gorgeous. Fabulous flowers for your birthday, your home will smell delightful. Pat x

  7. Happy Birthday Enfys. That story about the stairlift made me laugh. Love those paper flowers, especially the flowerpot card.

  8. Just wanted to wish you a Belated Happy Birthday from across the big Pond and the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains! MeFlick

  9. Lovely flowers! Chairlift... I don't even have any stairs! lol Hugs, jess

  10. Flowers are beautiful Enfys so pleased you had a lovely b'day beautiful cards too x

  11. All the flowers are beautiful. The bunch from your son Edward is stunning and very diff. The cards you made are lovely. Nice gifts for your birthday eh?

  12. OOOOOOOH!! luv luv your card!!! is the basket a die cut or from a cricut cut??? are the flowers made out of cardstock too?? will you do a tutorial on this??? I know! too many questions I laughed out loud when I read that story way too funny!!!
    you received a lot of beautiful flowers...you are a blessed woman and I'm happy to cyber know you

  13. A gorgeous card Enfys. Love the beautiful flowers on your card and you were a lucky lady with all the birthday flowers you received. Had to smile reading about the stair lift.

  14. Great, great story!! If the delivery would have come to my home, I would have accused my children of the same thing. They tease me all the time. Whew is right!

  15. What a lovely pot of flowers you made for that card. Beautiful! How beautiful and bright you home must be with all the beautiful flowers. Great cards you got from your friends here in the US, I'm sure they miss you a great deal. Happy day!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x