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Friday, 12 August 2011

Good Luck for Polkadoodles

Our task this week was to make a good luck card. I used the adorable owls from Back to Nature CD rom, and papers from the Sundae of seasons CD. Be sure to check out all the creations on the Polkadoodles challenge blog
I cut a slit in this little owl's wing, so that he looks as if he is holding the sentiment, which I printed from my computer. The 'brads' are Card Candi
We are off to London this weekend, to babysit Max and Milo, and take them to their cousin Kiki's birthday party on Sunday. I offered to buy Kiki her birthday cake, we went to M & S to choose one. She chose a fairy sitting on a toadstool, but announced that a butterfly would do if I couldn't get the fairy, or even the Hello Kitty cake "but you bought me that one last year" - what a change from when my kids were small, and I struggled with icing bags and smarties, trying to make something that resembled a train/caterpillar/fairy etc etc. I was never very successful, my kids used to come home from parties saying in awestruck voices 'Davids mum made a train cake, and it looked just like a train'. I really disliked Davids mum, she was the type of person who could whip up a fantastic fancy dress costume out of a couple of black sacks and a roll of kitchen foil. Hey presto, and David looked like Darth Vader, whereas my kids looked like boys dressed up in rubbish sacks. She probably never, ever gave her kids fish fingers for tea and they always had clean shirts and ironed underwear. Funnily enough, I didn't become friendly with Davids mum and her cronies (there's a surprise), so I have no idea what they are doing now - probably knitting intricate cashmere shawls for their grandchildren and making Hello Kitty birthday cakes. No, I 'm not going to think about that. Parent guilt is enough to deal with without starting on the granny guilt
See you tomorrow


  1. OMG! Such a great design! I always love the owl designs, but this one is really clever! Love the play on words!!!

  2. Guilt, shmilt! What do you have to feel guilty for?? Did have a good chuckle over David's mum...don't we all have at least one of those in our life? Cute Owl card!

  3. Love the owls. Have fun with the little ones. I am sure David's Mum doesn't have a fun blog with lots of followers. Have a great weekend.

  4. What a lovely cute card.

    Toni xx

  5. great card, I haven't got time to make cakes and my excuse is if anyone gets ill I can blame someone else.....lol

  6. I ♥ this card....the owls are just too cute!!

  7. Oh this is fabulous and love those owls

  8. So cute, love your soft pastel colours.

  9. Just for therecord i was knitting a cake as I red this...love the card

  10. Oh Enfys, you are going to hate me ... but I was a "David's Mum" kind of Mother too. When my children were young, I made most of their clothes, and all of their costumes (they never had one of those store bought kind), made their cakes, decorated for their parties, helped with their homework, was the Room Mother for both of their classes (my son and daughter) and worked full time too.

    HOWEVER ... now that I am no longer working, and my children are grown and gone ... I can't even seem to manage keeping my house clean and in order. Where did I go so wrong??? (I think I shall blame it on my Cricut *wink*)

    Have a lovely week-end ... enjoy your trip to London and the visit with your grandchildren.


  11. Maryellen WebberFriday, August 12, 2011

    I love your owl card! As for David's mom, just how much quality
    time did she spend with her kids?
    I bet your kids have lots of great
    memories of times you spent with
    them instead of baking and sewing.

  12. Hi Enfys I hope you have a wonderful time will all your grandchildren and Kiki has a fabulous party.
    Love your owl card its so cute. hugs Shirleyxx

  13. Lovely card! I bet David's Mum can't make a single card and has no idea what a Cricut is or what to do with an ink pad! So there!!!

  14. This card is so cute! Great idea to tuck the sentiment in like that. I bet Davids Mum can't make fabulous cards and boast all the followers you have. For all you know David may not even be speaking to his Mum any more, lol. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the kids.

  15. Gorgeous card En and I so love all those cute owls.
    Your bit about the Smarties etc struck a chord here as I remember making a fish tank, a stable and a fairy doll in my day! The things we do for love!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  16. Oooh this is really cute Enfys, love those craftwork card new colours too, hugs,

  17. This is such a lovely happy looking card, Enfys! Your story about David's Mum has really made me laugh - there's always one, isn't there?!
    Diane x

  18. oh enfys you do make me smile ~there are still mums like david`s..always smiling and being perfect ~like the mum who lives next door in "OUT NUMBERED" (bbc programme)... while we are like the other family!!!
    love the fun owl card ~enoy your time in london!!
    vanessa xx

  19. Your card is gorgeous love the soft colours too! l don't see a lot of owl designs but these are stunning :) Sandra H

  20. These owl images are soooo cute!!! And the card is just adorable!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x