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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Autumn Colours.....

It's nice to play around with Autumn colours for a change. I cut around Tilda, but couldn't faff around cutting out her skipping rope, so I made sure she was standing against a white background, so it didn't show too much

I found the beaded buttons in Hobbycraft, and I really like the look of sanded embossing on white core cardstock
She was coloured with Promarkers
Skin: blush and soft peach
Hair: sandstone, tan and vanilla
Clothes: mango, mandarin and orange
Tan, caramel and sandstone

Random musings for today:

Why do people say short hair is easy? Have they never woken up looking like a demented hedgehog?
Why does it always rain within 30 minutes of watering the garden?
How can a suitcase that went easily up through the hatch into the attic, suddenly grow whilst up there and refuse to come back down?
Why, when I hang up a brand new pair of black trousers (pants if you are in the USA!), do I then find that my trousers have been breeding over the summer and I now have five identical black pairs? And why do I make this discovery immediately after tearing off all the tags so that I can't return them?
Why do I own four red sweaters when I know that I look like a overgrown tomato in red?
How do these things happen?
See you tomorrow


  1. Lovely cutie of a card.

    Your musings made me smile as there were some there that I could have come up with LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Oh Enfys.. you are such a character... lol... and a very talented one too. hugs

  3. LOL That should go on a list of Life's Frequently Asked Questions. hee hee Cute card! Have you ever thought about using a thin hemp twine or floss instead of the printed rope and then just cutting around the rest of the image? =)

  4. Fabulous Card!! how about long curly hair :0
    LUV IT!!!!!!

  5. Love the colors of your card. Also I like to ponder who buys all the nasty food in my house. I mean where did we get those canned little weiners? I know I didnt buy them.

  6. I love your card and always get so many ideas from them. Fun musings - love the one about red sweaters (same problem but still love them!).

    Janette S.

  7. You sure make me smile with those musings. Didn't know these things happen to others as well....LOL Your card is great.

  8. it really is beautiful...
    i have the promarkers too...but i can't create that effect!!! have to work more with them!!!!!

  9. Very cute card.
    These things happen because you have a very creative mine. It is always looking to the future not behind. If it did it would tell you that you had black pants. LOL I say don't worry about it and head to the second hand shop with it. You might even find a few things there to take home that you already have two of three of. Believe me I know. I do it two or three times a month. LOL
    Have a great day you silly girl.

  10. Love your card. I know what you mean about the short hair thing. In the morning, Ilook as though I have slept with my finger firmly lodged in an electrical socket all night! I need someone to video me while I'm sleeping so I can see how in the world that happens!!!

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  12. Super cute card! I like that beaded button. I've never seen anything like that here in San Diego. I often ask myself questions. One that recurs often is why do smokers leave their cigarette butts in the streets instead of in an ashtray.

  13. Cute little card - thank you for sharing!

    Love the musings! Needed a giggle this morning!

    Many blessings,

  14. Thes statement are the story of my life.

  15. Adorable card. I love the fall colours.

  16. Very cute card! I'm thinking most of your negative musings for the day happen because you are too freakin busy crafting & keeping your website up. And the fact that you have too many black pants or red sweaters just doesn't mean near as much to you as your crafting!!!

    And truth be known, in the end, even though you try to keep up with both....you really wouldn't care if your short hair stood straight up in spikes and you wore totally mismatched clothes, because in the end...it's just not that important!!!

    Have a good tomorrow!!

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  18. The mysteries of life, lol. Really cute card, love the brads.

  19. Love your card! You always do the amazing cards -- love all your card creations!!! You have amazing talent, my friend!

    I may go awol but I never forget you, and just like I always find my way back -- I'll be back!

    Again, hugs, my friend!


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Enfys x