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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Party Day Two: Promarker Day

Welcome back to day 2 of the party. Today is all about ProMarkers, those wonderful alcohol markers that offer top quality at an affordable price. The photo above shows the new packaging, a blister case which doubles as a storage case and carrying case. There are two sets currently offered in this way.
Set 1
Soft Peach
Arctic Blue
Cobalt Blue
Fuschia Pink
Pale Pink
Sunkissed Pink
and set 2
Bright Orange
Lime Green
Forest Green
Sky Blue
Indigo Blue
Rose Pink
Cool Grey 4
Blender Pen

Now the brilliant news is that I have two of each of these sets to give away, donated by Letraset, two sets of set 1 and two sets of set 2. So four of you will get a chance to add to your ProMarker collection.
So what do you have to do?
In the card below, I coloured the girl with ProMarkers, using some of my favourite colours.
I used 2 colours for her skin, 2 for her hair, 2 for her sweater, and two for her jeans
hint: the skin colours are those I use all the time, look at the whole range of colours not just the new sets. The colours on the chart are very accurate......

Use the colour chart below to take a guess at what eight colours I used - there are no tricks, just straightforward colouring. I used a white pen to add a few highlights to her hair

For a close up view of the colour chart, click HERE

I am going to keep the comments hidden until the end of the contest on Saturday 22nd January - crafty me - so none of you will know how many comments there are, or anybody else's answers. I'll show you all the guesses on Sunday 23rd when the winners will be announced.Take a guess, the winners will be drawn from the correct answers, or if nobody gets it right, those with just one wrong answer. After that it will be a random draw. Go on, do join in, it's a great prize
I'll be back tomorrow with lots more goodies to give away


  1. ok - i'ii give this a go but i'm probably way off!!!
    Skin - Blush and Saffron
    Hair - Tulip Yellow and Cananry
    Sweater - Brown and sandstone
    Jeans - Green and Apple


  2. Oh my. This is hard!! It's so difficult to guess from s picture :O I'd say pastel yellow and buttercup for the hair, caramel and cinnamon for the shirt, saffron and Blush for the skin and olive green & pear green for the jeans... I'm so not good at this, but... :D

  3. What a fun idea for a game! I recently started srapping, and do not have promarkers or any such thing (I color my images with watercolor pencils and watercolor paint). Thought I might give your game a try, since it sounded fun and I would really like to win some pro-markers so I can expand my coloring techniques.

    So, here is my guess:
    skin: Almond and Dusky Pink
    Hair: Soft lime and Tulip Yellow
    Jeans: Olive Green and Pear Green
    Sweater: Caramel and Sandstone.

    Hope I have some right :p

    Thanx for this opportunity!


  4. Oh, should these be from the new palets? Well, it won't matter. :)

  5. Pweh.... this is a difficult one!!! But very unique challenge!! :)

    So my guess : pear green-olive green-pastel pink-dusty pink-caramel-sandstone-pastel yellow-buttercup.

    If not correct... hey, it's a colour-combination to try out!!

    Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

  6. Oooh, this is hard Enfys.
    I have chosen
    Pastel yellow
    Lime Green
    Olive green
    Pastel Beige

    Good luck with the rest of the Party blog,

  7. Face: Dusky pink, Ivory
    Hair: Buttercup, Tulip yellow
    Sweater: carmel, cocoa
    Pants: Olive, moss

  8. hi great challenge and fab colouring,gosh i use promarkers all of the time but i really have found it quite difficult and i know i probably am wron but hey you gotta be init to winit right and i so love the new colours so here are my 8 choices of what i think you might have used on your card,PASTEL YELLOW,BUTTERCUP,DUSKY PINK,IVORY,PEAR GREEN,MARSH GREEN,TAN,SANDSTONE
    well i hope you will reveal the right ones when you have picked a winner as i would love to know how wrong i was lol thanks for the fab comp and chance of winning xx

  9. My guess on the colours used is for the hair: primrose and buttercup. The skin: ivory and blush. For the Sweater: tan and sandstone. For the jeans: pear green and marsh green.
    Hope i get lucky:-) Hugs...Mona

  10. Hello Enfys, oh my that is pretty difficult, more so than I thought it would be, but here goes:
    Skin: Ivory & Blush
    Sweater: Warm Grey 3 + 4
    Jeans: Marsh Green & Olive Green
    Hair: Pastel Yellow & Soft Lime
    Since I have no promarkers it is more difficult because I don't know whether the colour chart differs from the actual colours, but I'm REAL curious what colours you actually used. Hugs, Fea

  11. Enfys, This challenge was much harder than I thought it might be, so I have no idea how good my chances are! Please consider a random draw for all entries! The colors I choose guess are canary, sunflower, warm grey 4, warm grey 2, blush, ivory, marsh and apple! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  12. I love your coloring...I have to get some of these markers! Ok...here is my guess:

    Sweater - Khaki and Pastel Beige
    Pants - Pear Green and Olive Green
    Hair - Buttercup and Tulip Yellow
    Face - Blush and Soft Peach

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. Ok great idea! I think you used Carmel & Sandstone for her shirt, Ivory & Blush for her skin, Apple & Pear Green for her jeans, and Buttercup & Sandstone for her hair. Thanks for a chance to win. ;0)
    tabitha4cm at yahoo dot com

  14. Hi,

    ok my ideas on the colours are
    Pear green
    Marsh Green
    Pastel yellow
    Pastel Pink

    Many thanks

  15. This was harder than it looks! But here are my guesses:
    Skin - Ivory and Blush
    Hair - Primrose and Buttercup
    Sweater - Warm Grey 1 & Warm Grey 3
    Jeans - Lime Green and Marsh Green

    (With some white pen added to hair and cheeks)

  16. Oh, En, this is a wonderful idea! It is definitely a challenge to figure out the 8 markers you used :) Here is my best guess:
    Skin: Your favorites are Ivory and Blush
    Hair: I think the new Buttercup and Primrose
    Sweater: (Harder), Lavendar and shadowed with Warm Gray 2
    Pants: New Pear Green and shadowed with (hmmm?)Marsh Green

    thanks for the opportunity to win these markers... you started me on Copics at our crop, and it would be great to try Promarkers!
    Hope to see you in the spring.

  17. Since I don't have any ProMarkers but hope to get some very soon (I have a list made!) This is a total guess based on the chart:
    Ivory, Blush, Buttercup, Lemon, Sandstone, Caramel, Lime, Marsh Green

    I would love to win a set of ProMarkers! But this was fun just playing along

    Paula - ScrapAddictsAttic@gmail.com

  18. The two colors for the skin are Ivory and blush. Hair butter cup and ivory. Sweater Sandstone and Carmel, Jeans Green Apple and Pear Green.
    How did I do. This is fun. Thanks for inviting me to your party. I am happy I am on your email list.

  19. Here is my guess:
    lime green
    olive green
    pastel beige
    tulip yellow

    Thanks for the awesome give aways.

  20. Enfys -

    I'm loving your week of activities. It is clear you put a lot of thought into what you are doing. Thank you for that and for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. I'm getting ready to follow you down the ProMarker path. I finally have some confidence that I might be able to color inside most of the lines.

    I believe the colors are Ivory, Blush, Dusky Rose, Blossom, Buttercup, Sandstone, Forest Green and Lime Green. I must say, the hair and shirt were REALLY tough.

  21. Beautiful card Enfy my guess
    Hair, Buttercup and Sunflower
    Face Ivory and Satin
    Jumper Sandstone and Camel
    Trousers Lime Green and Olive Green.

    Hugs Linda

  22. Blush & Pastel Yellow Hair
    Pale Pink and Pind Carnation Face
    Umber & Sanstone Sweater
    Lime & Olive Pants
    Hope I win, I want to try these markers so bad, look at them all the time. Thank you for the chance to win. jman4@comcast.net

  23. Well I really only remember you using one or two colors often. So this is just a guess.
    Hair- Primrose
    Skin- blush & Dusty Rose
    pants- Lime and Marsh greens
    shirt & Shoes & Eye shadow- Sandstone.
    I'll be very curious to read the other posts. Are you going to keep them secret after the contest?
    Well it was fun trying to figure out how to get the images of her and the colors side by side. So I did learn something new!

  24. Okay, I'll give it a guess! I'm gonna say Lime Green & Marsh Green for her pants, Ivory & Blush for her skin, Primrose & Soft Lime for her hair, and for her sweater, I think, Caramel & Sandstone.

    How'd I do? Lol. The card is super cute, that little girl is adorable!

  25. Tough one Enfys. :)

    My guess is Buttercup & Pastel Yellow, Soft Peach & Plush, Caramel & Sandstone, &Pear Green & Marsh Green.

    Diane (MyTimeToCraft)

  26. Hi Enfys! I have been admiring your talent for months now. I have no promarkers, but come to your blog often to see the beautiful projects you do with them! I have been wanting to try these for so long. My guess would be:
    Pastel Pink
    Warm Grey 2
    Warm Grey 3
    Lime Green
    Forest Green

    Hope I am close hee! Have fun with your party and thanks for all you share with us!
    Kaytee L.

  27. My best guess is:

    Tulip Yellow
    Marsh Green
    Pear Green
    Warm Grey #4
    Warm Grey #5
    Pastel Pink

    Love the colors of these markers. Can you only order these online?

  28. I have never used promarkers before so I am a little embarrased to even guess..but here is my guess. tulip yellow, ivory, baby pink, pale pink, warm grey 4, pear green, olive, tan.. Please remember this is only a guess... LOL

  29. OMG ... Enfys, guessing these colors is really hard! Knowing that they may be subjective, depending on how the colors appear on our computer screens ... I am still going to give this a try.

    Hair: Pastel Yellow and Buttercup
    Face: Ivory and Dusky Pink
    Sweater: Warm Gray2 and Warm Gray3
    Jeans: Pear Green and Gray Green

    And the white highlighter, which you already mentioned. BTW, your hint for the face colors really threw my off of my original guess, now I am just not sure any more.

    Ok, these are my guesses, and I am going to stick with them ... if I stare at those colors anymore, I am going to go BONKERS! LOL

    Good Luck to Everyone!

  30. Ok, here goes. I don't have any of these, I really want some, but don't have the money right now, so we'll see how well I did. Hair:Tulip Yellow and Soft Lime, Face:Blush and Ivory, Shirt:Caramel and Sandstone, Pants:Pear Green and Marsh Green. Thanks for letting me play along.

  31. Blush, Satin,Pastel Yellow,mustard,warm grey2&3, pear green, olive green

  32. Okay Enfys, here are my guesses:
    Pear Green
    Marsh Green

    I would love to win a set of these Promarkers. I have been following your blog since November and am so impressed with your beautiful use of them. My birthday is next month; maybe I'll be able to get a few! Thanks for the great opportunity to win some!
    barbferris at rochester dot rr dot com

  33. This was difficult.. I have never tried Promarkers.. And I really just found 6 colours... In my wild guess!!! But here are my Lucky Guess: Marsh Green, Pear Green, Putty, Sunkissed Pink, Caramel, White, Buttercup, Blender.

  34. So here is my guess.....
    Hair...Primrose and Pastel Yellow
    Skin Blush and Soft peach
    Top Sandstone and Carmel
    Pants Moss and Pear Green

    Fingers crossed!

  35. Hi! Oh.. that is so difficult. But I am going to try because I just Love promarkers. I just started with them, so I don't have so many colours. My geuss would be: Skin: Pastel pink, baby pink. Hair: Pastel Yellow, Blush. Sweater: Warm Grey 3, warm grey 4. Jeans: Olive green, Pear green. I hope I did okay :) You've coloured it really pretty. X Anita

  36. OOOh, how fun. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed...skin-ivory and blush, hair-buttercup and sunflower, sweater-caramel and sandstone, jeans-bright green and denim blue

    bhoward at kci dot net

  37. This is just a quess. I went by all of the markers, not just the new sets. I hope that is what I was suppose to do. Thank you for the oppertunity to win the awesome markers. I have never used them before but looking at them a lot for this challenge, I am beginning to really love the colors. So here goes:

    Skin: Blush & Soft Peach
    Hair: Mustard & Soft Lime
    Sweater: Khaki & Warm Grey 2
    Jeans: Pear Green & Khaki

    I hope I did well. Thanks Again!

    Shannon H.

  38. 1. Sandstone
    2. Pear Green
    3. Moss
    4. Blush
    5. Soft Peach
    6. Buttercup
    7. Sunkissed Peach
    8. Caramel

    Wow that was hard. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  39. OK- here is my wild guess- saffron and vanilla for hair, lilac and orchid for sweater, and pine and forest green for pants. Just a wild guess I am sure it is wrong but oh well!
    carriedan1 at live dot com

  40. Hi Enfys! Let's hope I'm right, cause I gotta have these new colors with cases! How exciting! I am loving my Promarkers, which was a Christmas gift from my hubby!
    Skin- Ivory and Blush
    Hair- Lemon and Primrose
    Sweater- Khaki and Pastel Beige
    Jeans- Lime Green and Forrest Green
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  41. My guesses are lime green and pear green, lemon and yellow, cool gray 1 and 2, and Satin and Ivory. jls@eplus.net

  42. Oh my - I was so torn on this and I really want to try these markers, can't find them here anywhere!

    So here are my guesses:

    Satin and Soft Peach

    Canary and Ivory

    Lime greeen and Gray

    Warm Grey 1 and Warm Grey 4

    I'm not sure my colors are just right on my computer but maybe I'm close! LOL!

    Thanks for such a great give away!

  43. Hi!
    Your coloring is beautiful!!!
    What difficult to guess... I hope to do it right...
    I think the colors you used are: ivory - blush - tulip yellow - buttercup - lime green - marsh green - sandstone - tan

    Thanks for celebrating with all of us and for the chance to win some yummy supplies!!!


  44. OK, my guesses are
    Buttercup & Blush
    Tulip & Lemon
    Carmel & Sand
    Apple & Bright Green

    Just Amazing you are!!

  45. Enfys,

    Here are my guesses of the colors used.
    Hair-- buttercup and mustard
    Skin-- torn between blush and soft peach or ivory and blush. Will go with Ivory and blush
    Shirt --Tan and caramel
    Pants - pear green and marsh green

    Now I hope you are not laughing too loud. I am probably off by a mile but I thought I would try.

    Thanks for offering this,

  46. My quesses:
    Putty and Pastel Beige
    Tulip Yellow, Soft Lime
    Orchid and Lavender
    Pear Green and Grey Green

  47. Here are my guesses:
    skin - almond, putty
    jeans - leaf green, pear green
    hair - buttercup, soft lime
    sweater - warm grey 2 and 3

    PJ(Jessie Adams)baseballclayfun@yahoo.com

  48. Ok - I'm going to go with:

    Buttercup and Tulip Yellow
    Sandstone and Carmel
    Pear and Leaf

  49. THese are my guesses: soft lime, tulip yellow, caramel, sandstone, soft peach, ivory, marsh green, pear green I think it would have been easier if I had used Promarkers before. I would have a better guess of what some of the colors are... but who knows, maybe I'll win some *wink, wink*

  50. That's a nice card and you did a great job with coloring! Well done!

    So, here are my guesses ...
    pear green
    olive green
    tulip yellow
    soft lime
    pastel beige

    I've probably got most of them wrong, but at least I tried. lol It's a fun game. :D Thank you for doing this!


  51. Wow Enfys thats such a lovely card I love that image shes so cute. With love and hug Shirleyxxx

  52. Here is my guess at the markers you used:
    Pear Green, Marsh Green, Warm Grey 3, Lavendar, Soft Peach, Blush, Tulip Yellow and Sandstone.

    This was pretty difficult!! I don't expect I'll win but it was fun trying.

  53. Hi Enfy:

    Here are my guesses on the markers you used for you very cute girl:

    Skin: blush, dusty pink
    Hair: tulip yellow, soft lime
    Sweater: camel, cocoa
    jeans: pear green, olive green

    Thanks for these awesome giveaways, I have been dying to try these markers.
    Sandy aka: craftycreations on cricut

  54. I loved this challenge Enfys :)


    tulip yellow

    pear green


    **crosses fingers**

    Kat xx

  55. I know I am completly off but here goes:
    Lime Green
    Olive Green
    Blue Pearl
    Rose Pink
    Baby Pink

  56. What a wonderful contest!!!
    I think that you use the following colors:
    blush/ soft peach
    pastel yellow/ soft lime
    warm grey 3/ warm grey 4
    lime green/ olive
    brigitteetleschats at hotmail dot com

  57. Well I will take my best guess at the markers used-lime zest, forest green, Caramel, sandstone, buttercup, soft lime, satin, and ivory. I love reading your blog. Your sense of humor makes me smile everyday!

  58. What a fun contest. Man I wish I had a larger screen on my tiny computer. Ok, here are my guesses:
    skin: Ivory and Blush
    Hair: Buttercup and Soft Lime
    Sweater: Lavender and Orchid
    Jeans: Pear Green and Marsh Green

    Good luck to everyone :)

  59. I would love to win a set of the promarkers, Amber uses them in her GCSE work and it would be so nice to expand our collection.
    Our guess of colours are:-
    Ivory and Blush
    Pastel Yellow and Soft Lime
    Moss and Forest Green
    Sandstone and Caramel
    Fingers crossed we can win.

  60. Hi Enfys I have spent all evening changing my mind about which colours you have used - anyway here is my guess:-
    Skin - Ivory and Blush
    Hair - Primrose and Buttercup
    Jumper - Sandstone and Caramel
    Trousers = Pear Green and Lime Green

    Thanks for keeping me entertained all evening lol


  61. Hi I think you have used Ivory, Blush,Primrose, Pastel Yellow , Pastel beige, Sandstone, Pear green, olive green. Thanks for a chance to win. Hugs x Chris B

  62. Well, i didn't think it would be so hard to pick out the colors....ahhhhhh. Here is my best guess..
    face - blush and pastel pink
    Hair - buttercup and mustard
    sweater - tan and cinnamon
    jeans - line green and marsh
    I'm so hoping to add to my collection thanks for the opportunity. www.canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com


  63. This is definatly a tester.... I do have several promarkers & am building up slowly..... here is my colours:
    Skin: Ivory & Blush

    Jumper & Shoes: Pastel Beige & Caramel

    Hair: Vanilla & Pastel Yellow

    Trousers: Pear Green & Moss

    hugs sally x

  64. Wow! That was a toughie! Here are my guesses:

    Hair-Buttercup, Primrose
    Shirt-Sandstone, Caramel
    Pants-Lime Green, Marsh Green
    Skin-Blush, Soft Peach

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. My guesses for the promarkers used are:
    Blush and Soft Peach for the skin, Buttercup and Sandstone for the hair,
    Lavender and Lilac for the Sweater,
    Pear Green and Grey Green for the jeans.
    Thanks for the chance to win some promarkers.

  66. Enfys you are tricky but I'm going to give it a try. Hair-Canary/Buttercup, Skin-Satin/Ivory, Sweater-Orchid/Warm Grey1 and Pants-Pear Green/Lime Green. Hope I'm somewhat close.I would love to have some Pro Markers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Well, I think it's soft peach and ivory for the skin, buttercup and soft lime for the hair, caramel and sandstone for the top and marsh green and bright green for the trousers.

  68. Have already given my answers. Thank you for the chance to win. I don't have any marker pens yet, so it would be a wonderful prize for me. Just starting to stamp and have some essentials, but not these...

  69. Okay, this is a tough one. Don't know if my screen is calibrated the right way, but I figure if one picture is wrong color, the other is too. So, I'm taking a stab at it, here are the 8 colors I think you used.
    pastel pink
    pale pink
    warm grey 3
    warm grey 4
    leaf green and
    Don't know if I'm even close, but at least I tried, right?
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Oh this is exciting. It's hard to see colors on the computer, but I'll give it a shot. I would love to win these markers.

    hair: Tulip yellow soft lime

    skin: Dusky pink pastel pink

    sweater: Lavender Lilac

    jeans: pear green marsh green

  71. Oh this is exciting. It's hard to see colors on the computer, but I'll give it a shot. I would love to win these markers.

    hair: Tulip yellow soft lime

    skin: Dusky pink pastel pink

    sweater: Lavender Lilac

    jeans: pear green marsh green

  72. Wow what a fab challenge for your delicious candy -my answers are-

    hair - buttercup and primrose
    face - ivory and blush
    jumper - pastel beige and khaki
    jeans - lime green and marsh

    fingers crossed x

  73. These are just guesses.
    Here goes:
    hair - Ivory and Blush
    Jeans - pear green and olive
    hair - buttercup and canary
    sweater - lavender and warm grey

  74. Love your coloring, as usual. I'm gonna try choose the colors you used. I've never used these, so here goes: Skin - blush and soft peach; Hair - pastel yellow and primrose; Sweater - warm greys 2 and 3; Jeans - pear green and marsh green. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed to be one of the lucky winners. TFS!
    aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  75. Debbie K (from N.B.,CanadaFriday, January 14, 2011

    Hi Enfys, I check your blog regularly (love your work!) and you have such great give-aways! I thought I would submit a guess so I choose Ivory, Soft Peach, Tulip Yellow,Buttercup,Caramel,Walnut,Pear Green and Moss. I have never used these markers or even seen them used other than on someone's blog so I am definitely guessing. When you said there may be a random draw I thought why not. Thanks again for the chance.

  76. OK, Enfys, I wasn't even going to try this one since my color differentiator doesn't work very well. I may think a color is blue, but everyone else sees green! But, i kept coming back to it (plus my laundry needs extra long drying time which keeps me here till it's done), so here are my guesses:
    skin - blush and ivory
    hair - primrose and pastel yellow
    sweater - khari and tan
    jeans - pear green and gray green
    its only day two, so i'll keep trying!
    thanks for the fun way you are sharing your wonderful prizes!
    Xfingers for Promarkers!!

  77. My guess is:

    Sweater - Sandstone & Caramel
    Pants - Pear Green & Olive Green
    Hair - Tulip Yellow & Buttercup
    Skin - Blush & Soft Peach

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Michelle R.

  78. I need those markers in real to guess the colors - lol. Here are my guesses-
    lime green and marsh green
    sandstone and caramel
    ivory and blush
    buttercup and mustard


  79. tulip yellow & primrose for hair
    satin & soft peach for skin
    caramel & sandstone for sweater
    olive green & pear green for jeans

  80. My guess is as follows: Hair is Pastel Yellow and Ivory; Skin is Almond and Dusky Pink; Sweater is Warm grey 2 and warm grey 3; Jeans colored with Pear Green and Lush Green. She is VERY cute!

  81. pants....lime zest and pear green
    face....blush and satin
    hair....tulip yellow and buttercup
    sweater....tan and caramel
    I hope that I am right or really close.
    Thanks Enfys!!

  82. I am just stabbing in the dark as I don't have any of the markers but I have been watching all the videos on coloring, especially yours. I am guessing - Pastel Yellow/Pastel Beige
    Blush/Soft Peach
    Warm Grey 3/Kakhi
    Pear Green/Forest Green
    syoung6987 at aol dot com

  83. hiya sweetie
    to anser your question ;
    tulip yellow / buttercup
    moss / olive green
    warm 2 / 4
    blush / satin
    your card is just so cute, the image is so adorable
    hugs angelique

  84. promarker colors used: pants, marsh green/olive green; face, blush/soft peach; hair,sandstone/camel; shirt,lilac/lavender; shoes, warm grey 2&3
    Love the blending of colors, would certainly like to try these markers, thanks for the opportunity

  85. I am going to give this a try, I love my promarkers and would love to win some more.

    Hair: Saffron & Gold
    Skin: Blush & Soft Peach
    Jumper: Cinnamon & Caramel
    Jean: Pear Green & Olive Green


  86. I love your coloring and after watching your tutorials as much as I have I should be able to pick the colors right away. This is a tuff one though. My guess:
    Skin: Blush and soft peach
    Hair: Primrose and Buttercup
    Shirt: Cinnamon and Umber
    Pants: Pear Green and Marsh Green

    Thanks again for your awesome blog and sharing your creativity. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize too.

  87. What a cute card. Crossing my fingers that I am right, here are the colors I think you used: Khaki, Pastel Beige, Buttercup, Tulip Yellow, Pear Green, Marsh Green, Ivory, Pastel Pink

  88. Oops, forgot to say with my entry, if I was lucky enough to win, I would really prefer Set 1.
    This is very kind of you...

  89. OHhhhhh!!! I so hope I'm right!!!

    Ivory, Blush, soft lime, primrose, caramel, sandstone, olive green, and pear green!

    Thanks! I hope I win- I've been dying to try out these markers!!!

  90. First off Enfys, She is so cute!! I am not really good a guessing but I will give it my best! The pants, Leafgreen and pine, The hair, tulip yellow and Primrose. the sweater, warm gret3 and warm grey4 and the skin putty and almond. This is alot of fun and look forward to the next mini compition!


  91. Well, I have NEVER used or seen a Promarker in real life so I am relying solely on the chart online so I hope I come close! My guess is... Lime green, Marsh green, Buttercup, Tulip yellow, Blush, Soft Peach, Sandstone, and Caramel!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  92. i would love to win i look all over for those crayons i watch carefully all your wonderful project you are my inspirationon lots of my cards thank you for sharing and i love to celebrate with you your little look like me when i was younger but i have dark brown hair haha!

  93. Wow this was hard. But here are my guesses
    Skin - Blush and soft peach
    Trousers - Lime green and pear green
    Jumper - Putty
    Hair - Soft Lime and buttercup

    Hope at least some of them are right!
    Dawn x

  94. I will have to take myself out of this one, it would not be fair LOL, although if I was to win I would pay them forward.
    Enjoying mine tremendously

  95. Oh, great challenge! I think you used: buttercup, tulip yellow, pastel beige, khaki, blush, ivory, pear green and tea green.

    It is an adorable card!

  96. Okay...I'm sure I will stink at this, but here goes my guesses!

    1. soft lime
    2. tulip yellow
    3. black
    4. caramel
    5. blush
    6. sunkissed pink
    7. pear green
    8. lime green

    Did I get any right? lol


  97. Oh this is a hard one but I'm going to go for tan and caramel for the jumper,pear and moss for her trousers, buttercup and lemon for her hair and dusky pink and blossom for her skin.thanks for the chance to win.

  98. Hey Enfys, What a fun way to win a prize!! My guesses are: hair: tulip yellow and buttercup, eyes: lime green, top: caramel and tan , pants: pear green and marsh green, shoes: umber and sandstone. Will be interesting to see how right (or wrong) I am lol Having fun!!

  99. Ok so I am really pants with my promarker coours en! i just colur away and then write down the pile of pens I used!!! so here is my little list of what think En used!!
    Skin-Ivory and blush
    Hair- Buttercup and Primrose
    Top- Tan and Sandstone
    Trousers- Lime green and Pear green.
    hugs Lou xxx

  100. Okay, here's my guess:

    Skin - blush/soft peach
    Hair - pastel yellow/buttercup
    Sweater - Khaki/Umber
    Jeans - lime green/olive green

    This was fun ... harder than I first thought, but fun.


    Jo xx

  101. Phew, not having seen Pro-Markers before it was a hard guess. Hair-ivory and pastel yellow
    Face-pale pink and rose pink
    Sweater-warm grey 1, 3
    Pants-olive and pear

  102. sweater: caramel and sandstone
    hair: soft lime and lemon
    pants: forest green and pear green
    face: ivory and blush

    I would so love to win these. I have some stamped images that need colored but no markers. I will need to save up for some if I don't win.
    amywooten2010 at gmail dot com

  103. I don't have any Promarkers..so I'm sure I'm going to be completely wrong here...but here goes!

    Pants: pear green & marsh green
    Hair: Pastel Beige & Soft Lime
    Sweater: Warm Grey 2 & Warm Grey 3
    Skin: Pink Carnation & Pale Pink

    Would love to win some of these markers! Thanks for the chance, I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  104. hair, pastel yellow and soft lime
    skin, blush and ivory
    sweater, sandstone, caramel
    jeans, pear green and marsh green

  105. oh crikey this is a hard one! I'll take a guess at Vanilla, Tan, Buttercup, Tulip Yellow, Warm grey 4, warm grey 5, pear green & Olive green. How did I do???? lol

  106. Ivory & blush, sandstone & carmel, pear green & marsh green, primrose & buttercup.

  107. Skin: ivory & blush

    Hair: soft lime & canary

    sweater: lilac & lavendar

    jeans: lime green & marsh green

    Thanks! What a great prize! ☺
    reneeleeak at yahoo dot com

  108. I like this challenge, though it was a little difficult! My guesses are:

    soft lime and sandstone
    ivory and blush
    pear green and marsh green
    warm grey 1 and warm grey 2

  109. Mmmmm I do like a challenge! Found this quite hard Enfys! But I am going to go for
    hair - Tulip Yellow and Buttercup
    skin- Ivory and blush
    top - warm grey 1 and 3
    trousers - forest and leaf Green......as I can't stare at the screen any longer...lol spots are appearing infront of my eyes! Cheers Claire x

  110. Wow! Not sure how well I did but here are my guesses,
    blush and soft peach
    moss and pear green
    Tulip yellow and Buttercup
    Carmel and Sandstone

    I really love this card that you did! Wonderful giveaway!!

  111. OK...here's my guesses:

    Hair - pastel beige & buttercup
    Skin - blush & soft peach
    Sweater - Warm Grey 2 & Warm Grey 3
    Jeans - Pear Green & Grey Green

    I live in the States in case you need to know that.

  112. Hello,

    I don't really think that my computers really show the true colors, but here is my best shot: skin: ivory, blush
    hair: buttercup, primrose
    sweater: sandstone, caramel
    jeans: limegreen, grey green

    Love all the inspiration you give on how to color with Promarkers. Hugs, Debra

  113. this was tough. my guess is:

    Hair: Ice grey 2 and pastel yellow
    Skin: Ivory, Pastel Pink
    Sweater: Lavender, Ice Grey 5
    Jeans: Lime Green and Pear Greennd


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x