Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Cropstop October Kit Cards

I am on the design team for Cropstop this month, and they sent me the October kit to play with. I made LOADS of cards from the kit, so will be posting some more over the next few days. You can see them all over on the gallery at So all of these cards were made from the kit, which is on sale now, I loved the paper choice and there were all sorts of things like dewdrops, chipboard swirls and flowers to play with as well.
I had a fun time last night sorting my ribbons (fun said sardonically, with a groan). I am a bit of a ribbon freak and can't resist adding to them. A while ago I bought one of those pull-eze things, that look like a washbag with holes punched into the sides. I had it filled, it worked fine, then last night I decided that all the ribbons would look better/be easier to find if I colour coordinated them. So out they all came, a veritable ribbon mountain, and I happily started sorting them into reds, get the picture. One hour later I was still, (not quite so happily), sorting the blues, yellows..................two hours from the marathon start time I was, not very happy at all and starting to cram the orange stuff into their little holes. Then I found that what had fitted into the holder before, just would not cram in this time. How could that be? It was the same bag/same ribbon? Honestly, the job took me 3 1/2 not very happy hours. People have run a marathon in less, heck, people have climbed Mount Everest in less time.


  1. Wow that looks a fabby kit Enfys and great cards....laughed at your ribbon tidy time....I do exactly the same and end up hours and sometimes days later...why can't we just leave well alone

  2. Lovely cards! And the whole ribbon stash is something that continues to bother me seems as though I can't find the perfect organizer for me!!

  3. Beautiful cards, I love the shades of brown you have used and the papers on the other card are fab

  4. The 'ribbon tale' is very familiar :) and your cards are just fab, as always!

  5. These cards are beautiful!! I too love all those yummy papers - they coordinate so perfect. Congrats on being a designer this month. Lots of hugs always, T

  6. Looks like this is a must have kit, Enfys! I love everything you have made with it. Would you like to come and organise my ribbons now you are so in training? LOL!

  7. These cards look great. What a beautiful kit. LOL at your ribbon sorting. I think we all have been there and then of course the more we use them the more of a mess it becomes. I have some ribbon sorted in a cropper hopper organizer thingy and others stashed in a fabric drawer (out of site
    out of mind, right)......
    Thanks for your comments about my dominoes and ATCs....if you start on them you will become addicted....I am blaming another bloggin' friend for my new addiction;)

  8. What lovely cards, Enfys. I love your designs. Had to laugh at the ribbon encounter. We've all been there. I finally took 2 big plastic bins and the ribbons sit on their sides and I can pull them out and see everything The BIG problem, of course, is keeping the loose end from traveling all over the bin. I try to pin the end but that doesn't always happen and then just like clockwork, I have the usual mess. BAH.

  9. Hehehe! I have all my ribbons in clear seal bags so I try and keep all the reds together etc.... and then find I have 3 bags of red....

    Beautiful cards - the colours are stunning!

  10. Wow, what fun it must have been to use those awesome papers! I love all your cards Enfys!

  11. Wonderful cards, En, as usual. :o)

    Chris xx


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