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Friday, 26 February 2021

Practicing with pencils.......

I have been enjoying colouring with Polychromos pencils this week, I especially liked the soft look of the pencils on kraft cardstock. You do have to be patient and build the layers up slowly, but at the moment it's my favourite relaxation. Do you use pencils? Because the Polychromos are oil based, you don't get that waxy finish that lots of pencils give. 

So my online grocery order was unpacked and put away, but not without a few surprises. Frankly, I am rubbish at grocery shopping online. In 'normal' times, I trot happily around a supermarket, rarely using a list, just picking stuff purely on appearance and impulse. The problem with an online shop is that you can't see the size of the item you are buying and I am a dinosaur when it comes to metric measurements! Having been schooled in imperial, I suppose I have been lazy and I still, 40 years after the UK became metric, mentally think in pounds and ounces! This does not work when you are buying a joint of meat online (or anything at all in fact).....so the hunk of beef that I confidently reckon will be big enough for at least three meals for the two of us, morphs into either a tiny little sliver of beef, or a chunk that would make an excellent display at a banquet. 

Then there is the sheer frustration of remembering just as you are about to checkout that you need furniture polish.....in real life you would just dash to the cleaning aisle and throw one in your basket. Now I have to navigate through about six different menus to find the stuff. The other thing that I miss is bumping into people you know and having a chat for ten minutes next to the cat food. Somehow an automated message chattily asking me if I have forgotten tea and coffee this week does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. So I am pretty sure that this online food thing is not going to become a regular part of my life - even though Brian in the mask in the raspberry van seemed like a very nice chap


  1. Your coloring is beautiful! I would like to try using some Polychromos. I didn't know what made them so different until I read your explanation. I think I'll go browsing online and see what I can find. Since last spring I have been getting all the supplies and recipes to make 3 meals every other week. It's a service called Hello Fresh. I get to pick which meals I want delivered from a good-sized selection. They've all been easy to prepare (20-45 min.) and quite tasty. I have really enjoyed trying new recipes, learning new cooking techniques and not having the burden of searching for all the supplies at the grocery store.

    1. My daughter has been using Hello Fresh, she really rates them as well. Maybe I need to give them a go

  2. Oh Enfys, that card is so lovely. It doesn't look like you've used pencil at all, but rather you've made a very a professional watercolor painting. Your coloring is that beautiful.

    As to ordering groceries online, I've pretty much given you my opinion on that ... and I hadn't even given any thought to navigating through multiple pages needed to make your selections. I am not trying to suggest that there is any thing wrong with that, but Nope, that would not work for me. I fear it would drive me batty. Besides, I know I am overly picky about my grocery selections ... I want to give the bread a little squeeze to check freshness and check expiration dates, and see the marbling and color of the meat I buy, etc., etc., etc. So I'll continue to grab my mask, gloves, and sanitizers, maintain the recommended social distance requirements, and carry on with my in-store shopping. I realize I am taking a bit of a chance, but at least now I have had my proper covid-19 vaccination. Stay safe and healthy my friend ... and keep on creating your beautiful cards, I do love seeing them ... you inspire me. HUGZ, Carolxx

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