Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In an English Country Garden....

No card from me today so if you came over for inspiration, click away now.... but a picture heavy post as I am sharing photos of our trip to Le Manoir in Oxfordshire, I thought that those of you overseas would enjoy the ride!

Owned by Raymond Blanc, this Michelin starred hotel and restaurant is perfection. An ancient old manor house at the top of a long drive......

passing little scenes like this, just look at the apples trained to grow around the arch........

and a sculpture of a ball boy, holding the mallets on the croquet lawn.....

Inside was just as elegant, we sat in this room for drinks before lunch

I loved this flower arrangement, so elegant, just lilies wound around the base of a big round bowl....

I could sit at this window seat for ever, just daydreaming and looking at the view....

They bought us a few nibbles to eat with our drinks...

and the food was, well sublime.........

(I forgot to take a photo of the fish course which arrived after the Gazpacho, you'll just have to imagine smoked salmon on a bed of horseradish mousse...)

and here's the lady of the manor waiting for coffee (not really, it's me...)

and just in case seven courses had left us a bit peckish, out came some sweet nibbles with the coffee....

Then we wandered around the grounds....

 There were sculptures everywhere, in quite unexpected places, like these sweet children playing in a little woodland clearing......

and this elegant bronze scarecrow standing guard in the extensive vegetable garden...

and here's that lady of the manor again, mimicking the pose of the lady of the manor!

I hope you've enjoyed your little tour. We certainly enjoyed our day, one to remember

I'll be back in crafty mode tomorrow with my Letraset post, and you know what that means...see you then x


  1. It looks absolutely wonderful - the food, the grounds, everything! It's somewhere I've always dreamed of going and you've made me want it even more now! I'd better start saving....

  2. Oh my!!!!! the tour was exquisite ....I luv the scenic view of England the wonderful structures...My grandson will be attending the University of Kent ??? hope that is correct and he is excited...Thank you so much for responding to my Dil's email...I tried sooo many combos of your email addy, I even did a copy and paste off your blog and no luck...I'm not sure what went wrong???

  3. I can understand why you didn't want to miss this. It all looks fabulous TFS.

    Toni xx

  4. Wow Enfys, absolutely stunning place. Unfortunately we don't live near enough to be able to visit so very lucky you. Take care. Sue x

  5. What a fabulous setting for a restaurant. The food looks sensational but not sure if my Slimming World consultant would approve of me going there! I would LOVE some of those statues, especially the little boy and girl playing. So pleased you had a wonderful day. Pat x

  6. Looks like you had the perfect weather for your perfect day! Thank you for sharing photos from across the pond, I loved every photo!

  7. Enfys, I was thinking just yesterday that I would love to have a lux lunch or dinner at a great place. I am so tired of my own cooking. Then in the afternon, I stamped a scarcrow on one of my cards for Halloween. Co-incidence, I don't know, but I must have been thinking of you in some way. That was the most beautiful place I have ever seen for a meal. And the grounds were beautiful. And, yes, I agree, you were stunning as the lady of the manor. Looked like you belonged there. I could imagine your craft room behind you, too!

    Dianne Bell -

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. I love being able to ride in the pocket of a traveler who is able to go to places that I will probably never see. Such a beautiful place! Imagine a family living there. Thanks again, En. Hugs Jess

  9. Your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing them. Hope your back did not trouble you.

  10. Thank you so much for all the photos ! I've loved seeing them. It reminds me of my childhood days when we lived in London and would go sight seeing around at some of the beautiful countryside. Thank you !
    Anna N.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! So pretty!

  12. This looks lke a fabulous place. I do miss visiting all those wonderful houses and gardens. I used to do that quite a lot when I was in the UK. National Trust membership and a trip at the weekend that always included lunch and/or cream tea. The food looked amazing and such beautiful gardens. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. Hugs

  13. Wow beautiful place, you fit right in my lady.

  14. Thank you for sharing the awesome pictures of your trip. It looks like the best time ever. You were definitely the lady of the manor!

  15. Gorgeous photos! The food looks so elegent and delicious. This is what I dream of when I imagine an English country manor.

  16. Gorgeous photos! The food looks so elegent and delicious. This is what I dream of when I imagine an English country manor.

  17. Lucky you getting a chance to visit such a wonderful place. It looks awesome!

  18. WOW ... what a delightful picture journey through a lovely (make that "stunning") English Country Garden. From drinks to coffee, and the various delectable lunch courses and nibbles in between, it looks like you had an amazing feast ... in fact, it looks like the entire day was enchanting. Thanx for sharing a small part of your trip to Le Manor in Oxfordshire ... I completely enjoyed the ride.

  19. OMG - what an amazing place! Please, God, let me go there just once before I die...


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