Monday, 19 November 2012

The winner is...............and a GREAT offer

Here's the post you have all been waiting for. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to leave your names, but using, the lucky winner is

TERRY MORROW (tmorrowstreasures blog)

Huge congrats Terry, email me with your details, I need full address and telephone number

Before the rest of you start sobbing into your coffee, Letraset have come up with a fantastic offer just for you. From today until the 25th november, they are giving you a coupon code giving you 50% off their range sets of Promarkers - that works out to an amazing $1.45 a pen AND you get free organizers with your set and free worldwide shipping

The sets are

The full set of 148 colours RRP $415.97 with coupon code $207.98

Promarker 92 colour set RRP $268.26 with coupon code $134.13

Promarker 56 colour set RRP $163.30 with coupon code $81.65

(I have put the dollar amounts in, as UK peeps will see the cost on the website)

Go HERE then click on Promarkers in the sidebar and scroll to range sets
The coupon will ONLY work for the range sets, not other products

Enter BLKFRI2012 in the coupon box at checkout 

You may want to take Santa over there with you....... and those of you in the USA who are waiting for Black Friday, well, this must be the best deal out there. Happy shopping!


  1. Congrats to Terry. Enjoy!
    Maybe Santa will send me a set, if I tell him about the discount LOL.
    Have a wonderful week Enfys.

  2. Congratulations Terry - what a prize! Excellent offer from Letraset Enfys - I'm sure Santa will have room on his sleigh for a set for me (fingers crossed). Pat x

  3. Congratulations Terry - WTG!

  4. Oh wow congrats to you Terry, what a fab early Christmas pressie..xx

  5. Many congratulaitons to Terry and thank you Enfys for the chance to take part x

  6. Congrats to the winner! I hope there are lots of people taking advantage of it. So...what are you doing for your birthday? I was going to send you a card, but I didn't know when you were traveling. So you'll just have to take a giant "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" instead. Big hugs, Jess

  7. OMG!!!! I screamed so loud at work my co-workers thought I was getting attacked. since they are not scrapbookers they could not understand why I was screaming, shaking and sweating all at the same time. What an honor to have won this set. Thank you so much Enfys and Letraset for the chance to enter this contest and then to win it. I as so, so excited......I will treasure every pen and I can't wait to get started coloring images with it. My birthday was on the 9th so this is a great gift and then Christmas is just around the corner...Thank you very much EXCITED!!!!
    TYLER, TEXAS 75708

  8. Congrats Terry!!! You're gonna love them.
    What a great deal Letraset is giving us. I have a friend that just asked about markers for Christmas, I'll have to tell her to stop by here!

  9. Massive congrats to the winner..lucky lucky girl :)

    I've tried to use the coupon code given but the site won't accept it :(

    Kerry x

  10. Congrats Terry!
    Thanks Enfys for the chance!
    Hugs fom Spain

  11. Congrats Terry, Enjoy them!!


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