Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Say thank you with chocolate.......

Here are some magazine cards that I can share with you now that they have been published. I was asked to make some 'Thank You' cards with a chocolate theme. They were for the Quick Cards section of Papercraft Inspirations magazine, so had to be quick and easy for the readers to reproduce. Here's what I came up with

The foil wrapper on this one is from a real chocolate bar that I had to eat in the pursuit of authenticity.....the sentiment says 'good friends and chocolate make everything brighter'

and the swirls and squiggles on this one were made with fabric paint

While driving yesterday, I passed a couple of polling stations. Each one had a forest of election banners and signs, and, placed strategically far apart from each other, a bunch of Republican volunteers, and a bunch of Democrats. I felt quite sorry for them, sitting there all day on camping chairs, waving flags and banners at every car. So I waved back to the Republicans, who visibly perked up and waved back giving me a thumbs up......then I waved to the Democrats, who also got a bit excited thinking they had got another vote in the bag. Nobody can say that I wasn't impartial! Whatever the result, I send the new President of the USA
congratulations, and hope that he can lead wisely and peacefully

There is a community garage sale here on Saturday, and we are joining in. How can it be possible that nine years ago we bought a house in Florida without owning so much as a teaspoon, and now we have enough stuff for a garage sale!
Quite a lot of it is craft stuff, which, when I bought it all, probably sent the manager of the local Michaels on a nice holiday in the Bahamas over the years! 

See you tomorrow


  1. Fantastic card's Enfys. LOve the colours. Caroline xxx

  2. Cute cards Enfys - love the sentiment on your 'box of chocs'.

    Toni xx

  3. Wish I could be there for that sale Enfys. Today's cards are great & your commitment to your craft is amazing - eating all that chocolate in order to make a card!! Pat x

  4. Delicous looking cards. They look good enough to eat :)
    I'd love to be on this sale :)

  5. What fun, and delicous looking cards. I have to say that this post gave me quite the chuckle. First the thought that you actually had to consume a chocolate bar in the "pursuit of authenticity" ... OMG, the horror! And secondly, at the thrill you gave our political party volunteers. I can clearly picture you doing that and having a nice laugh over it too!

    GOOD LUCK with your Garage sale ... I do hope you make enough to take a trip to the Bahamas yourself! *wink*


  6. Loverly cards En. Thanks for perking up the poor poll sitters on that long day. I sure am glad it's over! Tired of all the Blah Blah Blah everywhere! Good luck with the sale! You know you could have sent all the stuff to your crafty friends??? lol TFS Hugs, Jess

  7. I love Papercraft Inspirations - didn't realise you designed for them, will have to pay more attention in future! Well done on the sacrifice of eating chocolate in a good cause LOL!

  8. Darling cards!!!! I'm always looking for unusual "Thank you" cards and these are great. TFS.

    Finally got off my bum last night and made some really simple Christmas cards. Will try to get them up on my blog later. Haven't figured out what I'm going to do on the inside yet. Also think they need something more. Oh well, at least I think the creative juices are again flowing. :)
    Hugs, CyndiU
    cureta2 at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Enfys - three yummy looking cards - they are fabulous. I love to hear how you gave those politicians false hope LOL! Have a great rest of the week.

  10. Your cards are so cute. I know my husband would have gladly sacificed his body to provide you with authentic chocolate wrappers. Wish I lived near you to attend your garage sale.

  11. Brilliant cards Enfys, great ideas. I love your waving can please all the people sometime then lol. Good luck with your sale, wish I could go:)

  12. Wowwww:)) Yummy cards, very very beautiful:)
    Some inspiration for me:)

  13. If you were out driving you must be feeling better. Good for you. I wish I lived in Florida so I could come grab some of your sale stuff. I love today's cards. How nice that you ate the chocolate in order to make the card.

  14. Great cards Enfys. Love the one with the real candy foil. Good thing you had one around to eat so you could make that wonderful card! :)
    Also love the ice cream one, Great!

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