Thursday, 8 November 2012


I thought I would share this today, for those of you who think that cardmaking comes easily to is the finished card, Stamp by Art Impressions borrowed from my friend Mary (thanks Mary), coloured with ProMarkers, sentiment computer generated. But before I got to this........................... 

I chose pink and green, carefully stitched around, and tried this sentiment, which didn't work at all...................

the sentiment that came with the stamp is this.................

which I found rather strange, and couldn't imagine sending to a friend. 'Here's your card, I haven't given you a present for your birthday because, as the man says, what greater gift than the love of a cat'

So back to the dratted card. I had to cover up the sentiment I didn't like so cut some rather strange corners to cover it up, the more I did, the worse it looked................. 

there really was nothing for it, the coloured image was removed to be used on the card at the top of this post, and the disaster card went where it belonged - in the trash. A couple of hours of my life that I will never get back. Hey ho..

Ah well, we all have our off days... See you tomorrow


  1. Great card Enfys!!

    Sometimes we just have to start over....LOL
    I usually just get up and walk away, butI have had a lot of the off days!!

  2. Fabulous card Enfys I know the feeling mine usually go in the bin aswell. Caroline xxx

  3. Hi Enfys, the end result is wonderful but there's sometimes a bit of indecisiveness on my part too. Great post, thanks for sharing! Ruby x

  4. The end result is fabulous Enfys - the white is perfect as the main backdrop to the colours you have chosen.

    Toni xx

  5. Well, you persevered and the end result was worth it.

  6. I know that feeling so well Enfys.
    It was worth persevering though coz the finished card is fab. Pat x

  7. I often loose a couple of hours !!!! so know that feeling well.. love the finished card.. thanks for sharing a Mistake
    CLaire x

  8. Ahhhh, Enfys you are definitely not alone. Admittedly a number of my own creations, even after a few hours of effort, have found a more fitting home in the "oval" file container as well.

    They say there are no mistakes, only opportunities. OK, I will agree to that, but only if you allow me the grace to say that what I learned was what NOT to do again! *wink*

    BTW, the end result turned out lovely!


  9. Hi Enfys, l can relate to this the last card l coloured took 6 attemps as some of the above have mentioned we all have our off days but it can be so annoying sometimes but we do get there in the end and your end product is lovely you should be proud xx

  10. Well, Enfy, glad to see that you makes mistakes, too. Thought I was the only one who spends hours thinking this is real cute and when it is done, its a zero. Your cards are always beautiful and nicely designed.

    Dianne Bell -

  11. The pink was just to PINK! lol I've tossed my fair share of things I couldn't save. As for the sentiment. I love my 2 cats.(Although there are some days I could...) But the sentiment would work for me. lol Big hugs, Jess

  12. Absolutely love the revised card. It's nice to know that I'm not alone with having to start over.

    Hugs, CyndiU

    PS Got the 4 cards finally posted on my blog. They are still a project in progress. :)

  13. Enfys,
    I love this .... I so have done the same and removed the digi to be used another day........Take care and remember tomorrow is another day.

  14. It is a great card Enfys and yep we all have days like that.

  15. If at first you don't succeed... try try again. Sounds like the story of my life. By the way I am a cat person.

  16. Your post made me giggle...I thought I was the only one who had brilliant ideas in her head that looked nothing like planned when put to paper! I have dunped many a card in the bin! Love your final draft!
    Hugs, Renee


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Enfys x