Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Photos - oh my!

No card from me today, and here's why.........................

I had the bright idea of printing out the photos that my sons had put on Facebook over the past year, and making them a diary book of the past twelve months,  with photos of the children throughout the year. Good idea? I thought so, until I started importing the photos that I had captured on my iPad. 
Well, what a palaver. I needed them on my laptop, so managed to do that. Long boring story, let's just say that four hours later I realised that the reason I couldn't send them to Walmart for printing was because they were png files and I needed jpeg. 
Eventually, after  a whole day of struggling, I got to Walmart to pick them up, and they had lost them! It could only happen to me. 
Before I send everyone to sleep, all is well now!
I'll be back tomorrow with a mega huge fantastic giveaway. Be sure to drop by x


  1. Oh no Enfys, I struggle with technology alot but so glad all is well for you, pics look great, fab idea! By the way the cd is here,can't wait to play. Many thanks. Ruby x

  2. Loads of photos and can't wait to see the albums that you are going to make. TFS

  3. Ohhh I can't wait to see the album you put those beautiful pictures in - girl, you are going to be busy!

  4. Great idea, and I know how frustrating the whole files thing can be!

  5. What a fantastic idea! Can only imagine the frustration get a giant gold star just for persevering! But I'm betting you get an even bigger one for the finished project,bound to be a major hit.

  6. It could only happen to you Enfys! Pleased all is well now. Pat x

  7. Oh dear lol. Glad you got it all sorted in the end. Will be well worth the bother when you get them finished.

  8. Oh boy...not a bothering moment is there...can't wait for tomorrow..LOL

  9. Enfys,
    I visited the Promarkers blog and this is so great. I would love to win these. I have a link on my blog back to yours. I hope that is what you ment. Good Luck to everyone! What a way to start of Christmas....


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