Thursday, 24 May 2012

Two for the men......

Here's a couple of men cards made with Kanban stamps and papers. I used spellbinders gears dies to make a border on the first one, covered with glossy accents, they were just right for the card

and for this one, just a simple stamped image coloured with Promarkers, a bit of stitching, and I made the sentiment look like a road sign.... 

I have been nursing a stubbed toe - who knew that tripping over my own flip flops would cause such agony! I spent yesterday evening with my foot buried in a bowl of ice, watching the very interesting colours of blue and purple appear. Random thoughts that occurred to me while I was bruise watching:

I wonder how birds sleep? If the nest is full of little birdies, where do mum and dad sleep, and if it's on a branch, why don't they fall off?

Why does anyone think that leggings are flattering? Can there possible be a more unflattering garment in the entire world than skin tight lycra which has gone baggy at the knees?

Am I the only person in the world who isn't interested in all the recipes on Pinterest?

Why do people post really personal stuff, like a message to a deceased relative on Facebook, I mean, who is going to read it? Not Auntie Mary that's for sure.....

You can see, the toe agony made me a bit grumpy...see you tomorrow x 



  1. OMG...just when I'm feeling tired & grumpy myself you always pick me up with your funny comments!! As far as the stubbed toe..OMG.. I can so sympathize with you. I did that same thing about 2 years toenail turned black and doubled in thickness, and the nail is still growing out in blackness. I have to polish it (and all the other nails) in a dark red or pink color so nobody gets grossed out about the blackness of the nail!! It's still black about half way up, so I guess it will take another 2 years before it's gone completely!!!

    Your ramdom thoughts were funny to me because I have always wondered what those birds are doing when they go to sleep after they have chirped all day, and then suddenly go silent!!

    Leggings? I'm not even going to address that issue.

    I cannot even entertain the idea of took me such a long time to entertain the idea of Facebook!!

    Hugs to you,

  2. Interesting thoughts Enfys - you really are so funny. After a rotten night and feeling pretty low you have really bucked me up. Thanks for sharing the mens' cards with us - they're great. I love the first one. Pat x

  3. Great cards...
    I love random thoughts... your wonderings made me smile... hope the toe is better!

  4. romfl!! oh en I love your 'grumpy' thoughts! they always make me smile.
    And the cards are fab hun!! I love the 2cv one, my old boss had one of them for years and I might have to go get that stamp for him!!!
    Hope your toe isn't too sore hun.
    Made a something with your challenge in mind but its a scheduled post so will linky it in when I get home from work tonight!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. oh Enfys, it sounds like your brain works very like mine lol
    you brought back some fun memories with your cards - I used to have a 2-tone grey Citroen 2CV, what a fun car, perfect for beautiful weather like this with the roof down :)

  6. So Sorry about your toe! I broke my big toe once and it hurt like crazy and took forever to heal. BTW I love leggings but that's because I have bird legs. Feel better soon.

  7. Hi Enfys, sorry to hear about your colorful toe! Maybe you should start a challenge about how we think birds sleep!!! Love your cards. Hope you feel better soon. Can't get enough of your sense of humour!

  8. Are you sure you didn't break your toe? A stubbed toe shouldn't bruise like that. There's nothing they can do for them except wrap it the the next toe. But it does help with the pain. Can you tell I've broken a toe before? I agree with you abt the leggings. They can be worn by little girls and skinny teens. After that, they should go in the bin, especially if the knees are baggy. Love the cards and I hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Jess

  9. Hi Enfys, sorry to hear about your toe. I am guilty of keeping my recipes on Pinterest. I must say I use it as my filing system. And I have never seen anyone wear tights well, ha ha. Thanks for the good cheer even if you are feeling not so cheerful.

  10. What a gorgeous cards Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  11. Awww, poor you - when you hurt a toe, boy does it hurt - hope it is easing up a bit.

    The cards are lovely

    Toni xx

  12. Thanks for these great "man card" ideas. They always stump me. I wouldn't have thought of using gingham papers but I love the look of it on these cards!

  13. Love the cards, Enfys - manly cards are the hardest to come up with for sure.

    Boy do I agree with many things you said - my gosh, they say if you saw it once, wore it when you your in your teen's or 20's, don't wear it again! My gosh, we wore leggings and lycra when we did Jazzersize - what - 30 years ago. Some of us looked good in it then - none do now as most have more weight then Jazzersize helped! But now it's a style? Like wearing PJ's to the store or butt cleavage to show off that butterfly tattoo that's shortly going to look like a bat!

    Guess I'm a bit old fashioned and don't mind saying so!

    Stubbed my toe last year, so I'm feeling your pain, dear one. Ice, ice, ice!


  14. Great cards! Sorry to hear about the toe, hope it is feeling better very soon.
    You do have some interesting questions and thoughts there.
    I do know a couple others that aren't into pinterest, but that wouldn't include me. I love it, but not so much for the recipes, but for crafting, card and scrapbooking ideas. There are a lot of great things out there.
    You should check it out, I'm sure you'll find some of your cards posted.

  15. Oh dear poor toe Enfys but you have given me a right laugh with your thoughts lol, all of which I agree with lol. Love your male cards, great image and love the stitching,.

  16. OUCH! I hope your toe stops hurting soonI always enjoy your posts!


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