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Friday, 12 March 2010

Chocaholic Card

I made my first version of this card about three years ago, and to my chagrin saw an almost identical version appear in a magazine some months later. Hey ho, there is nothing original under the sun..............
I simply cut out a rectangle and some squares from brown cardstock, and rounded the corners of the squares. The squiggles are done with pebeo fabric paint, liquid pearls would do just as well.

Scallop card base, background paper and sentiment all from Craftwork Cards
Squiggles on chocolate - Pebeo fabric paint
Script paper for chocolate wrapper - DCWV
Well, we are home from London. Alex's flat is gleaming and freshly painted, we are freshly exhausted. Does anybody have a good tip for removing oil based brilliant white paint from
a. hair
b. eyebrows
c. fingernails
d. elbows
e. toenails - how did that happen? I was wearing boots!
Don't bother with tips for getting the paint from clothes, I threw those away!


  1. Not sure about the paint removing tips but I fancy a chocolate now!!! xxx

  2. Did you try finger nail polish remover? Or maybe alcohol..love the card such a cute idea..plus I love chocolate! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fab card En, what a brilliant idea!

    As for the paint - sorry, not a clue but what a good excuse for buying new clothes!

  4. your making me hungry! :o) as for the paint - my understanding is that you want to use something with and oil base, to remove something with oil base. example...undo. however, i've never tried it.

    to get paint off of your hands the easiest way is to wash your hair...your hair acts as a scrubber with the shampoo! ;o)

  5. Great card... I am still trying to find that material close by. I can find the downloads and stamps but not the fabric. Take care and as usual a good job. I will contact you when you get back to Fla. and order a few of the cards.

  6. OH, I love it Enfys!

  7. LOL. Enys.. you are so cute and I love the card . What a great sentiment..

  8. Great card, I like the sentiment..LOL

  9. try mineral spirts that has worked in the past for me. you can buy is a hardware store. Your card is so yummy. Very cute.
    Have a creative day!

  10. I saw this on the cricut board, I love it!!

  11. I saw this on the cricut board, L love it!

  12. Too funny and perfect timing En! I was just thinking how HUNGRY I was and then I go and see this. YUMMY! xxD

  13. What a 'sweet' card! I love it and I love the sentiment too.

  14. Evening En.

    I've just been having a catch up with your fantastic creations, can't believe I haven't visited in days, not sure how that happened as I always look forward to visiting, I always leave with a smile at your antics.
    Sounds like you've been busy, don't envy you painting, I always leave the glossing to the man of the house!!!!
    Love your set of drawers, what a bargain and they work brilliantly don't they.
    Your cards are all fab. The peacock one is amazing and I'm in love with your owl.
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend, sounds like you deserve it.


  15. very cute! fingernail polish remover....that should work

  16. Oh my, got the toes too? Well, at least you've done a good job of it! Somebody mentioned alcohol ~ not sure if it will do anything for oil based paint, but if you use the "medicinal" kind internally at least you won't care! That's my best advice. Hot tub of bubbles, favorite libation in hand, good book, climb in and soak out all those aches. And probably some of the paint too!

  17. mmmmmm yummy card en!! nice hot bath with bath oil and then pickle the paint off!! hugs lou xxx

  18. Fab card Enfys - calorie free chocolate , can't get any better than that! As for paint - sure it just makes you look all the more 'arty'!lol Cheers Claire x

  19. Love it Enfys. Looks like a real bar of chocolate. I have heard cheap hairspray is good for this but not tried it.

  20. yum yum i am craving for chocolate! very fun card!

  21. Wow, that looks fantastic.

  22. Hi Enfys, wow it nearly looks real, but its a fabulous diet card at least I wont put any weight on. With love and hugs Shirleyxx

  23. Super card En. As for the paint I use a pumice stone. :)xx

  24. ah yum- now I need chocolate
    Did you try turps or maybe a wire brush and rub till red raw!Good luck with the paint removal

  25. Ummmmmm....YUMMY!!!!!! Love the card...as for the paint...hmmm I think some have good ideas, but as for the hair..maybe dye the white pink and go punk?????? :} Seriously if I find out something else, I will let you know...thanks again for your comments on my blog, I love hearing from you! Oh I forgot to add, the dress she had..still had the tags on it. I will have to post other photos that show what her friends did to her hair..it was so pretty!

    Sorry..get a bit carried away when it comes to my daughter. I need to post photos on my blogs of my sons too, and Grand kidlets :)

    Have a great weekend En!!!!!

  26. I second that sentiment! Love the layout En. As for the paint, I suggest a haircut and a manicure! I also want to say that we're very slow in getting your magazines over here and your quick & easy cards in the January issue of Papercraft Inspirations were just super. Hugs...Kris

  27. Great card. About the paint, on your toes, really, that's so funny!! You brighten my morning everyday day when I visit your blog. The creative inspiration and the bright outlook on life that you have is great. Keep it up. Thanks for the laughs.
    Milly D. USA

  28. I love chocolate.
    It fixes everything.

    HEY! It may even fix your
    paint problem. :D

    I've switched to Latex (waterbase)
    paint for all my indoor painting.

  29. Oh and....how did you get paint on your toe nail??????

  30. Hey sweetie, I have 3 words for you...terpentine, terpentine, terpentine! lol I'm sure you've probably found someting to do the trick by now. I don't know what it is about some of us that can paint or create with out getting their hands dirty! Not me! I always come away covered in what ever I'm creating with! Have a good rest, and some chocolates, and it'll be all better!

  31. Enfys, I LOVE the card, your work is always so creative and professional looking! AND your posts always male me smile and laugh out loud!

  32. This is so cleaver. I love the candy. I know someone I might have to make this card for.
    The paint will wear off in time, but a message by a profession might speed it up. And goodness you do deserve it.

  33. Such a fabulous card Enfys and I totally agree with that sentiment!
    So glad you are home safe and well and what a mystery with those toenails lol!
    Happy Mothers day!
    kim x

  34. What a yummy and cute card! Luv the sentiment.


  35. hello Enfys
    your card looks yummy scrumptious
    looks almost edible.
    thanks for popping by my blog
    c x

  36. Oh my gosh....you threw me when I was reading your bio. I live in Hudson, Florida....That is too wild. I have never met someone from good ole' Hudson in the blog world. So neat that you have the best of both worlds. How nice is that! So glad you popped over to my blog. I had my show at my hubbys business off of US19 in Hudson. Smiles...Tammy

  37. Oh Enfys...your card is just...well, I want to take a bite...realistic chocolates girl...sorry I don't know anything about getting rid of paint...maybe fingernail polish...

  38. your card looks SOOO YUMMY!! Once again, you created another Beautiful piece of work!:)
    Thank you for visiting my blog & for you SWEET comment, I really APPRECIATED it!
    Big Hugs,

  39. fabulous card, as a chocoholic I love the idea, no clue about the paint, sorry, hope you are having a great weekend, hugs debx

  40. What a yummy card, En...I LOVE chocolate!
    I love your work and think your blog is awesome so I left you some awards on my blog :)

    Hope you had luck with the paint :)

  41. I'm right with you on the sentiment Enfys ! Love the card, thanks for your comment on my mine , I love this area and used to live in Hawarden myself ! Have a great day !

  42. Love the card and especially the sentiment, not to mention chocolate! :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Vanessa x

  43. I've a top tip for paint removal En. Get a parrot they'll happily preen all the paint from you! Want to borrow a birdie?

    I'm hoping we're off to FL - I mean I'm dropping tons of hints. Love cabbage soup me.... prefer your chocs though!

  44. Oh this is a cool idea lol, and I love the sentiment!!! and take my word for it, apparently I either have senior moments or they are blonde ones!!! and i'm a brunette!!! lol x

  45. I love your chocolate card. Have
    you tired nail polish (varnish)
    remover for your nails? It sounds
    like you both worked very hard and
    now you need a nice long relaxing
    Hugs to you,

  46. Yummy! How can you think of removing paint when you can have chocolates? Great card!

  47. Great card Enfys, I love the torn edge, it adds so much. As far as the paint, I believe cooking oil mixed with Dawn dishwashing detergent, just put the oil on first,work it in, then add Dawn to wash off the oil. Good luck, I am sure it was worth it. And thanks so much for visiting my blog. Take care, ~Diane

  48. oh this is fab hun,not sure about the paint either but love this fab design hugs cheryl xxxx


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Enfys x