Saturday, 11 October 2008

Martha Stewart Border Punches

I am hopeless when I look at punches and try to imagine what they will look like on paper, so in case there are many like me, I have punched out the (considerable number of) Martha Stewart punches I have, including four of the brand new ones. My advice, ignore the embossed snowflake one, I bought it and returned it, the snowflakes were just embossed blobs. It's the only MS punch I haven't loved.
The card is made with a house mouse stamp, MS border punch and a studio G sentiment. I put diamond glaze on the raindrops so they are nice and wet looking.
The caterpillar battle continues, this morning I found a big one crawling up the mesh on the inside of the lanai - yes, the inside. They are invading. The cheek of it. You would laugh if you saw me brandishing the spray gun like John Wayne in a western :) - I draw from the hip and I shoot to kill..................................


  1. Love look at all the punches, thanks for this.
    I really REALLY want the drippy goo punch but can't get it over here in the UK I don't think.
    You really do have the best of both worlds don't you :)

  2. Oh my! Now you have me coveting! I love all of those edges etc!

  3. I shouldn't have looked. I've stayed away, now I want them. Thanks for doing that, but my bank account is sticking it's tongue at you =).

  4. I have been using Fiskar border punches for awhile and like them but centering does take a bit getting used to when you want to do the entire length of the page. I didn't care for the Fiskar circle punch as it doesn't do card very well only the thinest paper.

    Enfys, I just laught everytime you discover a new "joy" of Florida living. Let's hear it for John Wayne and her trusty spray gun. Here! Here!


  5. Thanks for posting these Enfys...I just got three of the New MS punches today......I have so many now I think making a folder or book with the actual punch is a clever idea..TFS

  6. Oh WOW, there are sooooo many new ones...guess I "need" them....hee hee hee!!! I love your card sweet as usual!!!! Good luck with your bugs JW...LOL!!! HUGS!!!

  7. Thanks Enfys for all the looks of the different punches...I love the drippy goo!

    And the card is so cute! Love how you used the diamond glaze to make the raindrops wet.


  8. thanks for sharing this information. I only have the one Martha Stewart punch and am having such a hard time with it. the floral scallop one. It doesn't seem to punch all the way through all the time, and I am always messing up. Perhaps i have a defective one.

  9. Great info on all thos punches. good to know thanks.

    Great card

    Happy Sunday

  10. Wow! I love all those border punches! I am on a border punch kick right's all I want to buy! LOL. Would love to have some of these like you have too! I have all of the MS halloween punches and 2 fiskars, but that' sit. I want some more of the basic one's. Love that double scallop especially!!

  11. Very nice, Enfys!!! Thanks for doing this!!!
    Snowmanlover, Barb

  12. alex&tysmamaSunday, October 12, 2008

    Thanks for posting pictures of the punches. I'm going to go punch crazy now.

    Sorry that I've never heard of caterpillar away like the snake away.

  13. I cannot wait to get my punches!!

    You need to shout a suitable cowboy exclaimation when shooting!!! It will make it all more worthwhile!

  14. I am weeping with jealousy En xxxxx These are all fab xxxxxx

  15. OH the Drippy Goo one is FUN!! I had eyed it before, but after seeing the picture...It is now on my list!


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