Friday, 31 October 2008

List of Wild Card and Envelope Sizes

The following is a list of the MAXIMUM size you can cut the card to get the matching envelope to fit using the Cricut Expression. Some of the cards can be cut bigger of course, but you will not get the envelope to fit. Of course, you can cut any of the cards at a smaller size and still get a matching envelope. Original Cricut (Baby Bug) users will be able to cut all the cards, but will not get a matching envelope unless the card is quite small. ALL THE CUTS WERE MADE WITH THE FIT TO PAGE OPTION
1. Scallop 3 3/4" page 32
2. Argyle 6" page 33
3 Square 4 1/2" page 34
4. Stitched 6 1/4" page 35
5. Trifold 6 3/4" page 36
6. Invite 6 1/2" page 37
7. Booklet 6 3/4" page 38
8. Oval 6 1/4" page 39
9. Birthday 6 3/4" page 40
10. Joy 5 3/4" page 41
11. Swoop 4" page 42
12. Leaf 6 1/4" page 43
13. Tied Up 4" page 44 For some reason this card will only cut at 2 3/4"
14. Triangle 6 1/4" page 45
15. All in One 6 1/2" page 46
16. Tweety 5" page 47
17. Circle 4" page 48
18. Thanks 6 1/4" page 49
19. Wave 6 3/4" page 50
20. Pinwheel 6 1/2" page 51
21. Doily 5" page 52
22. Quotes 7" page 53
23. Thinking 6" page 54
24. Porthole 5 1/2" page 55
25. Flower 4 3/4" page 56
26. Branch 7" page 57
27. Hello 5 1/4" page 58
29. Star 5 1/2" page 59
30. Wow 4 1/2" page 60
31. Cupcake 5 1/4" page 61
32. Present 7 1/2" page 62
33. Cake 5 1/4" page 63
34. Safety Pin 5" page 64
35. Bandaid 6 1/4" page 65
36. Father 4 1/2" page 66
37. Heart 4 3/4" page 67
38. Pumpkin 3 3/4" page 68
39. #One 6 1/2" page 69
40. Giftcard 7 1/4" page 70
41. Monster 5" page 71
42. Owl 5 1/4" page 72
43. Graduate 7 1/2" page 73
44. Ornament 5" page 74
45. House 7 3/4" page 75
46. Carriage 6" page 76
47. Hannukah (candles) 5 1/4" page 77
48. Celebrate 5 1/2" page 78
49. Shower 8" page 79
50. Gift box 7" (makes a box 4 1/2" square)
51. Gift box shift 5 3/4"
Stock up on double sided paper, a lot of the cards can be made easily using this.


  1. WOW!! Thanks for taking the time to make a list. This will come in really handy and save me a lot of time!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I can't wait to get this cartridge.

  3. Thanks so much for this list....

  4. Enfys, you are wonderful for this information. I have done about 4 cards and I was writing the max on the page of the manual so I would remember. This info you have given is just fantastic. Thank you thank you.

  5. Enfys - thanks so much for this list. What a sweetheart you are to do this. Still only the baby bug for now but I'm "assured" of a "big" Christmas.

  6. How sweet of you to do all of this! I don't have the cart yet but plan to borrow it in the near future. This will come in so handy. TFS Donna

  7. thank you SO much for posting this!! I learned this the hard way, now I know to cut my envelopes first if I want to see how big I can cut them!

  8. Ok so now I am excited to get to making some cards!! Thanks for this helpful list.

  9. this will save me so much frustration! Thank you, thank you!

  10. Enfys you always take the time to share things like this which saves us so much time.
    Lana x

  11. Wow! Enfys, this is so great of you to post a list like this! Now all I need is my hubby to buy this cart for me for Christmas!!

  12. What size mat did you use for the expression to get these sizes. I just opened the cart last night to try it out and I couldn't seem to get the size you did. I was using a 12x12 mat.

  13. Thank you so much for doing this! I was thinking they should have made a list when they made the cart. This is awesome

  14. Thanks Enfys this is a great help. I love stopping by your blog to check out what is new.


  15. WOW!!! Thank you so much for all this information!!! Now I can't wait to get this cart...with hopefuuly a good deal! :O)
    Thanks again!

  16. Thanks so much for this info. I ran out and bought this cartridge after I saw what you did. Amazing work.

  17. I appreciate your taking the time to do this.

  18. Thanks so much for the info on the Wild Card envelopes - you have just saved me a ton of time and I appreciate it so much.

    Donna goCricutgo

  19. Thanks for all the work you put into this! Can't wait to play with this cart!

  20. I jut got my wild card cart, this will come in very handy! Thank you for your hard work


  21. Thank you for the list of sizes - that was so very nice of you to share with all of us. I truly appreciate it.

  22. Thanks so much for this list. I have just started to make cards and as Wild Card is not available where I live I will now be looking online to purchase this cart.

  23. Thank you Enfys! I am expecting this cart in the mail this week and with your list I will hit the ground running :). Can't wait for the cart to get here.

  24. thanks for the sizes enfys.

    another way to tell what size envie that would fit on a 12 x 12 would be to into design studio and put the size you would like, then you would be able to tell if it would fit on a 12 x 12 or if you need to size the envie down or use a larger sheet of paper/card.

  25. That does it! Now I'm opening the WC cart I bought myself for Mother's Day!

    Thanks for the list! It'll save a lot of time! Especially since I'm going to have to rewrap that cart! LOL!


  26. i seriously enjoy your own writing taste, very useful,
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  27. I know this list will be very helpful, this cartridge has so much to offer. I am confused about how to read the list. Does the inches number indicate the finished size of the envelope? I need to cut a finished 6x6, any suggestions? TFS

  28. Just came over from and "Okie" site to visit your site. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  29. How you take the time and make the list..I will keep it in mind while treating with Gift Card envelopes.

  30. Very helpful but i think you should add screenshot for every category...


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